51 Foods That Start With A

Continuing with our recent spate of articles on foods, today we will be looking at foods that start with the alphabet A. I have to warn you, most of these foods are foods that you have never heard of in your life but with a little prep, you can learn all about them and even start cooking them if you are a food connoisseur like me.

Without further ado, we will dive into a brief explanation of these types of food most of which I know you might have no clue about. You are about to go on a journey to discovering dishes from different traditions and continents so put your shoes on and let’s go.


51 Foods That Start With A


Who hasn’t had apples? Definitely, not you, I hope. Apples are the poster boy of fruits and coupled with the fact that they are grown worldwide, it will be hard to find someone who hasn’t eaten them before. Apples have green skin and white innards and are very rich in minerals and antioxidants.

Apple Dumplings

To make this, you take an apple, then you peel its skin off and remove the insides; you fill these insides with sugar, cinnamons and raisins and then you wrap up everything in dough and bake. Tastes delicious in case you were wondering.

Apple Pie

This refers to pies where the main ingredient is an apple. To make this, you plaster the apple with a mixture of sugar and flour and mix it into the crust of the pie. This is a very popular food in much of the West.


This fruit which so much looks like a pear is differentiated by its rough skin. It can be eaten raw or used to bake delicious pies and used in cooking other meals. It is also high in potassium which reduces and regulated blood pressure.


Known to help with weight loss and diabetes-prevention, this nut is packed to the brim with antioxidants and vitamin E which are good for the health. The U.S.A is the largest producer of this fruit.

Asian Noodles

Known in china as mein, this refers to all types of noodles prepared the Asian way. There are different varieties of this and they are widely popular in Asia.

Alfalfa Sprouts

This refers to the yet immature shoots of the Alfalfa plant (the mature plant’s leaves are bitter so they are not eaten). They are very popular in India and have been proven to relieve menopause symptoms and reduce blood cholesterol.

Agave Syrup

This is a sweetener produced from a specie of agave and unlike sugar or other sweeteners, agave contains fructose in much higher quantities and can cause fatty liver disease if used for a long time.


This refers to vegetable shoots of a lily plant native to Southern Africa and Siberia but now grown all over the world. They are usually fried or cooked and served with other meals.


This is a species of fish commonly found in saltwater habitats and with slender body size. Anchovies are used for many things: pizza toppings, Caesar salad and as ingredients in other meals due to their strong saltiness.

Alfredo Pizza

This is a type of pizza that is made from the Chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach and other toppings. They are sold in various locations across the world so odds are that you have already had a helping of this particular pizza.


This is a type of vegetable, its shape mimics that of the pineapple but without the same size and thorny nature. When cooked, artichokes smell just like boiled potatoes but taste like asparagus.

Acorn Squash

From the same family as pumpkins, the acorn squash is distinguished by its red innards and its black exterior, and is rich in minerals and can help lower the risks of heart disease. Yes, you can eat the skin too.


This is definitely the first drink we are talking about and what an uncommon drink it is! It is made from powder made from unripe, dried green mangoes; yes, you read that right. It tastes surprisingly good. The dried version is used as a food seasoner or thickener.


To prepare this food, all you have to do is make a clear jelly with gelatin and stock, then pour in different types of meat into the jelly and seal.


This is a type of tuber that is very similar to cassava and prepared the same way too. The popular version of this is the powder (Arrowroot powder) which is a great substitute for cornstarch. The powder is also used for baking and frying.


Another type of green vegetable, Arugula is a very edible vegetable that you might have encountered as it is commonly used in salads. They are peppery and taste a little bitter.


Also called eggplant, this fruit is purple, and has a shape similar to a pear’s. It is used to make stews, salads, and curries where they are used as vegetables.


This is a fruit commonly encountered and grown in South America. They have yellow skin with a big white seed inside occupying most of the space. They are eaten by first scoring the skin with a knife and eating the inner parts.


This is a food commonly eaten in West Africa. It is made by grating cassava roots, then washing them; the dried product is then mixed with palm oil and other seasonings and then eaten.


This is a green leafy Nigerian Vegetable soup made from the afang vegetable. This is a very popular food in the southern part of Nigeria where it originated from.


Another dish from West Africa, the Attieke is made from fermented and grated cassava and you can eat them with a garnish of onions and tomatoes.


Also known as Achee, this fruit is grown in Jamaica and West Africa, You can recognize it by its pear-like shape and its 3 lobes. They can be fried in butter or may be added to stew; be careful, though if improperly prepared, the Ackee can be toxic.

Arroz con Maiz

Ever eaten Rice and Corn in one serving? Well, that’s what the Arroz Con Maiz is all about. To prepare it, you add rice first, then the corn later to a pot containing oil, water and salt. Its name literally translates to “Rice and Maize”.


This is a Georgian national food made by blending chili and dried herbs. You can add spices like coriander and walnut to the mix too.


This dish has so much in common with the Ajika as they are both made from blended peppers, Ajvar differs, however, by integrating eggplants into the mix. It is commonly eaten in Southeastern Europe.


These Italian snacks originated from Sicily. They are deep-fried snacks made from rice with a coat of bread. Pea can be used as a filling for this snack.

Ahi Tuna

This meal made from yellowfin tuna is certainly very delicious especially after it has been fried and sprinkled with a serving of onions green vegetables. Ahi is the Hawaiian name or yellowfin tuna, in case you were wondering.


You might know this with its English name of Red Bean Paste but it originated from Japan where it is a popular paste for confectionaries.  It is made from dried red beans, white sugar and water.


Another recipe from Japan, Arame is made from cooked seaweed and is typically served with brown rice, sweet potatoes and used for making salads.


This is a Turkish appetizer made from Pepper paste, tomato paste, walnuts, garlic and white bread. It has quite a nice scent and tastes awesome too.


Also known as Noah’s Ark pudding, Ashura is a dessert made from pelted wheat, sugar, milk and flavoring. They are mostly eaten in the Middle East.


This is a type of white cheese where the main ingredients are milk and salt. This milk can be either cow or goat milk. They are popular in Saudi Arabia and parts of the UK.

Avgolemono Soup

Made from chicken, lemon and broth, this is the Greek version of the popular Chicken soup. It is rich in protein and low in unhealthy fats.

Apple Fritters

Odds are that you know about these delicious mouthfuls unless you have been living under a rock. These are made from apples, flour, milk, eggs, salt and sugar.

Arborio Rice

This refers to Italian short-grain rice. It is creamier and chewier when compared to other types of rice.

American cheese

Another popular American meal, American cheese needs no introduction as it is widely popular in North America and Europe. It is made from cheddar mixed with beef. It is usually yellow or white in color.


These are a type of leaf vegetable whose roots and leaves are quite edible and can be cooked with walnuts and honey to give it a very colorful taste. They are also very nutritious.

Adzuki Beans

This bean has got to be the smallest type of bean I have ever seen; they are quite smaller than other varieties of beans. They are mostly red but white and gray varieties do exist too. They are very rich in fiber and complex carbs.


This delicacy of Nigerian origin is also known as bean cake; it is made from ground beans mixed with pepper, onions and seasonings to give it a very rich taste.


This delicacy is made by barbecuing the lining of an animal’s stomach. It is popular in North Africa.


Another delicacy from North Africa, this is made of cooked flour mixed with butter or honey.


In case you have been eating sausage made with mutton all your life, the Andouille sausage will be a great experience for you. It is made of pork and it is heavily spiced to give it a distinct flavor.

Apple Sausage Plait

This sausage is guaranteed to be an instant hit because of its sweet and savory taste. It is made from sausage meat, apples and puff pastry.

Aiolla Sauce

This is a type of sauce made from emulsified raw eggs and lemon juice. They are similar to mayonnaise but differ in the ingredients used to make them.


This fruit is very high in vitamins and apart from being sweet, they are known to help in hair growth, acne and anemia.

Asian Greens

Asian greens can be thought of as the Asian version of cabbage. They are known to be delicious as well as being beneficial to eye health.

Almond Joys

This refers to a candy sold and marketed by the Hershey Company. They are made of almonds, shredded coconut and chocolate. The almonds and shredded coconuts are used to fill inside the chocolate.


This is a delicacy that originated from South-Western Nigeria. It is made from dried yam flour and eaten with soup. It has very high calorific contents and is distinguished by its brown color.


This is a Cameroonian dish similar to Amala but instead of yam flour, it is made with pounded cocoyam. It is typically eaten with yellow soup.


This is a plant commonly grown in the Caribbean. It is green but turns red when ripe and can be eaten raw. They contain vitamin C and can be used to treat the common cold.

Wrap Up

That’s all. Looking at the list, it seems that Europeans and Americans do not have many foods beginning with the letter A as the list is dominated by foods from Asia and Africa. Luckily, the recipes for each of these foods can easily be found online, so who’s to say you can’t prepare them at home?

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