Costco Food Court Menu Prices

Costco Food Court is a popular restaurant chain in the US that serves burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken, and gelato. The chain is known for its tastiest hotdogs.

People want to be here because Costco Food Court offers delectable but low-priced snacks. Most guests ask for hot dogs paired with berry smoothie or mocha/latte freeze.

Main Menu
Chicken Cesar SaladWith croutons
BBQ Beef BrisketSandwich about to go down where it belongs
Hot Dog or Polish Sausage and 20 oz. Soda1/4 pound kosher all beef with refill$1.50
Carne Asada Bake$3.79
Turkey Wrap$3.99


Price Club teamed up with Costco to start Costco Food Court in 1993. Price Club was a restaurant chain founded by Sol Price.

Costco has more than 500 locations, and most of them have a food court, which can be outdoors or indoors. However, the menu is the same in all locations.


Costco Food Court has a good casual ambiance. There’s no TV but outdoor seats are available, so you can take your food out to enjoy the scenery while eating.

I love Costco food. You can have the big beef hotdog sandwich for less than $2! This fabulous place lets you have the best dining experience on a budget.

The truth is, each item in the menu is a best-seller. Most guests talk about the chicken bake, combo pizza, hotdog, and the creamy gelato.

I like the service too. The servers are helpful and kind to each customer. This restaurant will let you experience a one-of-a-kind customer service without having to spend more.

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