17 Easy Broccoli Appetizers

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Broccoli is one of the most versatile vegetables. It can be baked, steamed, sauteed, covered in cheese, or put in a salad. The possibilities are boundless!

Broccoli is normally served with dinner, but this handy vegetable can be a side dish or an appetizer too. In this article we’ll focus on appetizers.

You don’t have to stick with the same boring broccoli recipe. There are tons of different ways to prepare a broccoli appetizer to make your next dinner night delicious.


17 Easy Broccoli Appetizers

Here you’ll find 17 of the easiest broccoli appetizers and their recipes.

1. Broccoli Cheese Soup

Even people who don’t like broccoli would probably try it if it were smothered in delicious cheese. This soup is creamy, cheesy, and served hot.

Broccoli cheese soup does take some time to make, but the directions and ingredients are easy to follow. You can find an easy recipe here.

2. Cheese Baked Broccoli

Broccoli baked in the oven can sometimes turn out soggy or less than appetizing, but these cheese baked broccoli florets come out nice and crispy.

The ingredients are short and simple, and once in the oven the broccoli only takes about 20-25 minutes to cook. Try this simple recipe at home.

3. Broccoli Bacon Ranch Tots

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to loaded potato tots, these easy broccoli bacon ranch tots are the way to go and just as delicious.

You can add spices to taste, but the best spices are parsley and salt. These are baked, and come out crispy and ready to eat. Here’s the recipe.

4. Mini Broccoli Quiche

Try these easy mini quiches to serve as appetizers with your next dinner. They’re the perfect bite-sized appetizer that is sure to be a hit.

You can make your own pie crust for these quiches, but to save time and keep this recipe simple, try using store bought pie crust. Find the recipe here.

5. Broccoli Pesto

This recipe isn’t technically a real pesto, as the broccoli replaces the typical nut ingredient. However, it can still be used just like a regular pesto.

It comes together with just a few ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to make. This recipe is great when it’s tossed with pasta.

6. Roasted Broccoli

Roasted broccoli can be prepared in a variety of different ways. Although this is typically served with dinner, you can serve it as an appetizer too.

Adding some lemon sauce and almonds will give your broccoli extra flavor and texture to really set it apart from other broccoli appetizers. Here’s the recipe.

7. Broccoli Fritters

Broccoli fritters can be baked or fried. Whichever way you decide to cook them, they’ll come out delicious. They’re a great bite-sized appetizer and easy to make.

Frying will give your fritters a crispier texture. They’re best served warm with sour cream, ranch, or even yogurt! You can find the recipe here.

8. Broccoli Cheese Balls

These delicious appetizers are great to make for holiday meals or for your favorite sports event. They are easy to make and tasty to eat.

For this recipe, you’ll have to refrigerate the prepared balls for a half hour, so make sure you give yourself enough time to make them.

9. Garlic Parmesan Broccoli

Even when baked, broccoli can be made in so many different ways. This garlic parmesan broccoli is another fantastic appetizer to try for your next meal.

Using olive oil and parmesan, this recipe has tons of delicious flavor. You can also make a large batch and serve this as a dinner. Here’s the recipe.

10. Buffalo Broccoli Wings

Looking for a vegetarian alternative to buffalo wings? Try these tasty broccoli buffalo wings. They pack all the savory flavor you love, and are completely vegetarian.

Buffalo broccoli wings can be made side by side with cauliflower buffalo wings. Toss them together for the perfect pre-game snack. You can find the recipe here.

11. Broccoli Cheddar Bites

Broccoli cheddar bites are the perfect appetizer for picky eaters. If you have family members who aren’t very excited about eating vegetables, try this recipe.

It combines broccoli, cheese, and bread all into a single appetizer. They’re bite sized and pair great with soups or sandwiches. Try this recipe for easy broccoli cheddar bites.

12. Broccoli Crescent Braid

This appetizer is made with broccoli, crescent roll dough, cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese. You can also add bell peppers and onion for extra flavor.

It comes out as more of a braid, and can be cut into appetizer sized pieces. It’s best served with meats and pastas. Here’s the recipe.

13. Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad is the perfect summertime appetizer dish. It goes great with summer barbeques, chickens, hamburgers, hot dogs, and pork, just to name a few.

Combining broccoli, cranberries, bacon, sunflower seeds, onion, and a delicious vinegar, sugar, and mayonnaise dressing, this broccoli salad recipe is sure to be a hit.

14. Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pie

These wholesome appetizers might just become the main dish at your next meal. They are packed full of flavor and impossible to eat only one.

It’s best to use chicken breast for the recipe, and to cut the stems off your broccoli so only the florets are used. Here’s an easy recipe.

15. Broccoli Stem Salad

If you’re looking for a way to use up your broccoli stems, this is an appetizer that will keep you from wasting half your broccoli.

With just a few simple ingredients, this broccoli stem salad appetizer comes together in a jiff. It’s light, healthy, and easy to make. Here’s the recipe.

16. Broccoli Slaw

Broccoli slaw is another great choice for an easy, light, and healthy appetizer. It won’t fill you up like bread or chips, leaving you room for your main course.

It doesn’t take much to make this appetizer: broccoli, bacon, cabbage, and a few other summertime ingredients. Here’s the recipe to an easy summertime broccoli slaw.

17. Bang Bang Broccoli

Based on the well-known Asian classic, bang bang broccoli is both sweet and spicy. It can be baked or fried, or even made in your air fryer.

You can use bang bang sauce, or make your own sauce to soak into this delicious appetizer. It’s best served with Asian cuisine. Here’s the recipe.

Wrap Up

Broccoli doesn’t have to be restricted to the dinner table only. Who knew there were so many different ways to use broccoli for an appetizer?

No matter if you want to bake, fry, or steam your broccoli, there’s an easy appetizer recipe available. Try something new with your next meal.

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