7 Vegetables That Start With U

There are so many amazing veggies that start with the letter U, it’s hard to figure out where to even begin! We could talk about umeboshi plums or uni. But those are too easy.

How about ube? It’s a type of yam that is popular in Filipino cuisine. There’s also urad dal – a type of lentil that is popular in Indian cuisine. Whatever is your reason to go looking for a list of vegetables that start with U, you have come to the right place. Ready to go explore?


Upland Cress

Upland cress, also known as “Peppergrass”, is a healthy herb that has a peppery taste and crunchy texture. It is actually in the mustard family.

Upland cress is an easy to grow and an even easier to harvest herb. It can be found in most supermarkets year-round. To pick up, simply pinch the top of the plant. It can be used in soups, salads, sandwiches, and dips. It is commonly used as a garnish, but it is also great on salads.

Umatilla Russet Potato

red and brown oval fruits on ground


Umatilla Russet Potatoes are grown throughout Oregon. They are a great tasting potatoes.These potatoes have a reddish-purple skin with creamy white flesh.

Umatilla Russets also have a desirable creamy consistency when cooked. They are often baked, boiled, and mashed or made into French fries and potato chips. It is also a good addition to soups, salads, and casseroles.

Urad Bean

Urad beans are usually processed into dried beans and consumed as a protein supplement.They also make a great addition to soups and salads. The dried bean is popular in Asian dishes. Urad beans can be found in most Indian markets and supermarkets. When you buy urad beans look for those that are small, flat, and oval with a creamy white color.

I use it as a side dish.

To cook Urad Beans, use three parts water to one part beans. Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes; then add salt to taste and cook for another 10 minutes or until the beans are soft. Urad Beans are often substituted with Mung Beans.

Ubebrown bread on black metal rack


Ube is a purple yam, one of which can be purchased in local supermarkets. There is no huge difference between the different types; all are delicious. It can be used in dessert or savory dishes.

It is popular in many Filipino dishes such as Pancit. It is a versatile ingredient, so I use it often. It can be used for fried rice, in smoothies and ice cream, in cakes and various other desserts.


Ulluco gets its name from the Quechua word “(ulluquta)”, which means “those which huddle together”, because they do this while in their pods. Ulluco is a small tuber that tastes similar to sweet potatoes.

It can be used as an ingredient in stews, soups, and casseroles. It’s also delicious roasted or sautéed with carrots and onions.

Ulster Emblem Potato


The Ulster Emblem Potato is one of the newest varieties of potato on the market. They are small in size and have unique skin that resembles an Ulster flag.

The Ulster Emblems are also sweet and delicious. They can be eaten fresh, roasted, or boiled. If they’re not cooked, they will turn green from the chlorophyll in their skins. They are very popular in Ireland because of their hardiness and flavor, but it can be difficult to find them in stores around the world.

Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant

Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant is a popular vegetable from Southern India. Udupi is a town and part of the Udupi District of the Indian state of Karnataka. Mattu Gulla Eggplant gets its name from the fact that it is grown in this region.

It has an acidic taste that makes it good at mixing in with curries and other dishes. It’s also delicious steamed or grilled. This eggplant is a great addition to vegetable stews and salads. It can also be used as a healthy meat substitute.


This was our comprehensive list for Vegetables That Start With U. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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