Taco Cabana Menu Prices


Taco Cabana is a casual fast food restaurant that serves a variety of Mexican cuisine. The restaurant has nearly two hundred locations throughout only three states: New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. The company headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant is currently a division of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.

Although this eatery is more focused on the dine-in experience, nearly every location has a drive thru, many of which are open twenty four hours a day. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unlike many fast food establishments, they also serve alcoholic beverages and specialize in margaritas.


Bowls & Burritos

Choice of Crispy Shell or 12" Tortilla
Steak Fajita$5.49
Chicken Fajita$5.09
Beef or Chicken$4.39


Steak FajitaPersonal$4.79
Steak FajitaLarge$6.89
Chicken FajitaPersonal$4.49
Chicken FajitaLarge$6.59
Bean & CheesePersonal$3.09
Bean & CheeseLarge$4.89
Super NachosPersonal$4.49
Super NachosLarge$6.59
Chips & Queso or GuacamolePersonal$2.19
Chips & Queso or GuacamoleLarge$3.99


Steak FajitaPersonal$5.19
Steak FajitaLarge$7.09
Chicken FajitaPersonal$4.99
Chicken FajitaLarge$6.89

Cabana Plates

Plate Includes 2 Tacos, Rice, Beans, Guacamole & 2 Flour Tortillas
Steak Fajita Plate$6.79
Steak Fajita TacoSingle$2.29
Chicken Fajita Plate$6.39
Chicken Fajita TacoSingle$2.09
Street Taco Plate$6.89
Street Tacos3 Pack$4.49
Chicken Flautas Plate$4.99
Chicken Flautas3 Pack$2.99
Chicken Flautas6 Pack$5.49
Brisket Plate$6.79
Brisket TacoSingle$2.29
Beef or Chicken Plate$5.39
Beef or Chicken TacoSingle$1.69
Carne Guisada Plate$6.79
Carne Guisada TacoSingle$2.39
2 Enchiladas Plate$5.79
3 Enchiladas Plate (Beef or Cheese)$6.89
Cabana Sampler Plate (Cheese Enchilada, Beef Taco & Chicken Flauta)$6.99

Sizzling Fajitas

Includes Rice, Beans, Tortillas, Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream & Guacamole
Steak Fajita1/2 lb.$12.99
Steak Fajita1 lb.$22.99
Chicken Fajita1/2 lb.$11.49
Chicken Fajita1 lb.$19.99
Mixed Fajita1/2 lb.$12.99
Mixed Fajita1 lb.$22.99
Brisket1/2 lb.$12.99
Brisket1 lb.$22.99

Cabana Kid's Meals

Cheese Enchilada$3.59
Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla$3.59


Soft DrinkSmall$1.69
Soft DrinkMedium$1.89
Soft DrinkLarge$1.99
Vitamin Water$2.49
Dasani Water$1.69
Simply Orange Juice$1.99
Milk or Chocolate Milk$1.29


Mexican Rice or BeansSmall$1.19
Mexican Rice or BeansMedium$1.79
Mexican Rice or BeansLarge$2.49

Breakfast Combos

Breakfast Taco$1.09
Breakfast Tacos - Combo$3.39
Steak & Egg Taco$2.59
Steak & Egg Taco - Combo$6.49
Brisket & Egg Taco$2.59
Brisket & Egg Taco - Combo$6.49
Barbacoa or Carne Guisada Taco$2.39
Barbacoa or Carne Guisada Taco - Combo$5.69
Breakfast Burrito$2.19
Breakfast Burrito - Combo$3.39
Brisket or Steak Egg Burrito$5.29
Brisket or Steak Egg Burrito - Combo$6.49

Breakfast Plates

Ranchero Plate$4.89
Mexicana Plate$5.09
Barbacoa & Eggs Plate$5.79
Brisket or Steak & Eggs Plate$5.99

Dozen Breakfast Taco Box

TC's Way$10.99
Your Choice$11.99


Felix Stehling founded the company in September 1978, its first location opening in San Antonio. Taco Cabana’s startup story is a rather interesting one, as Stehling had originally purchased a Dairy Queen property across the street from his family’s bar only for the intention of providing more parking space. However, he eventually decided to open up a taco stand with the vision of serving fresh food instead of premade food.

Due to the existing building already having an open patio concept, Stehling stuck with this option for the opening of his eatery. After the night of his grand opening, he returned the following day to find all of his patio furniture stolen. From then on, he decided the food stand would be open around the clock.

After failed efforts to keep his business owned and operated by family, Stehling appointed Richard Cervera as vice president of the company in 1987. In the same year, the company filed a lawsuit against imitators Two Pesos, claiming they stole restaurant secrets and copied their ideas. Taco Cabana won the case, but Two Pesos continuously appealed the case until the Supreme Court eventually upheld the initial ruling in 1992.

Taco Cabana’s victory in this case contributed to its initial success a great deal. They ended up buying out Two Pesos, acquiring almost 100 restaurant locations under either the Two Pesos or Shortstop Hamburgers name. After selling the burger chain, they easily converted nearly every Two Pesos to their brand. Not without some bumps in the road, the company has experienced continuous success and growth over the years.


One of the standout features of Taco Cabana is the unique atmosphere it creates by offering three different sitting options for dine-in: traditional seating, partially enclosed seating, and patio seating. The establishment’s signature pink-painted buildings also contribute to its eye-catching atmosphere.

Another memorable part of the Taco Cabana experience is the ability to watch the cooks preparing freshly made items such as hand-made tortillas and open-flame fajitas. The open display atmosphere allows guests to feel more confident about the food they are eating and helps get them more involved in the experience.

Diners’ favorite menu items include the freshly made tortillas, flautas, and the Cabana Bowls. Their newest menu item is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Cabana Bowl, released at the beginning of 2016. For a limited time, it is being offered as a meal deal with a drink included for about $5.

Taco Cabana offers an incredible happy hour deal every day between 4 and 7PM. Diners can purchase a personal order of bean and cheese nachos and choose between any domestic beer or a margarita for only $3. The company also offers a generous 20% military discount to those who provide proper identification.


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