Taco Cabana Vegan Menu

Looking for Taco Cabana Vegan menu? You are in luck Taco Cabana has added several new vegan items to their menu by adding Beyond Meat to their menu. We have researched and identified some of the items you can go for.

Let us know in the comments which Taco Cabana vegan options did you go for?

Taco Cabana Vegan Menu

Vegan Main Dishes at Taco Cabana

  • Vegan Beyond-Meat Tacos (Be sure to mention no Cheese)
  • Crispy Beyond Meat Taco\
  • Soft Flour Beyond Meat Taco
  • Soft Corn Beyond Meat Taco
  • Crispy Beyond Meat Taco Plate
  • Beyond Meat Cabana Bowl
  • Rice, Beans, (Corn)Tortillas, Lettuce, and Guacamole Veggie Plate
  • Black Bean Taco (Be sure to mention no Cheese)

I am happy to see the inclusion of Beyond-meat tacos on the menu. It is not not only a good option if you eat exclusively vegan food but it is also a good option for people who eat meat and are looking for something with less saturated fats.

Taco Cabana’s Vegan Side Options

  • Corn Tortilla
  • Chips & Guacamole
  • “Crunch” Bowl
  • Rice Cup
  • Black Beans Cup
  • Seasoned Potatoes (Breakfast Only)

Chips and Guacamole are an easy option. It helps they are delicious and generally not too expensive. If you are there during breakfast hours, be sure to catch the Seasoned potatoes.

Vegan Toppings & Condiments available at Taco Cabana

  • Salsa Roja
  • Salsa Verde
  • Salsa Fuego
  • Pico De Galo
  • Guacamole
  • Onions
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapenos
  • Lettuce
  • Lemon/Lime Wedges

Many of these are included for free in your order, be sure to ask when you order.

Vegan Desserts at Taco Cabana


  • Mango Slushy
  • Strawberry Slushy
  • Dr. Pepper Slushy
  • Cut Strawberries

How To Order Vegan Food at Taco Cabana? Does Taco Cabana Have a Vegan Menu?

It is getting easier to find vegan options these days and Taco Cabana is no different. However, menu items differ from location to location. These are some handy tips to use at Taco Cabana to place a vegan order even if they

See the menu and look for items marked as Vegan

One of the best ways to order vegan at Taco Cabana is to look at the menu and see if any items have been clearly identified as vegan. Typically, they are marked with a “V”.

Ask the server at Taco Cabana

At times, you will find restaurants and food chains that may carry items that are vegan but may not be identified o the menu. IN such cases servers may know of these items and can help you place an order.

Ask for nutritional information to see ingredients

Taco Cabana typically has nutritional information available with them and will show it to you on request. Other than finding how many calories and the macro split, it will also show the ingredients used to prepare the item. You can review the list of ingredients and identify vegan items. You may also be able to do this by visiting Taco Cabana’s website.

Request modification to menu items

If you do not see any existing items on the menu that are vegan, ask the server at Taco Cabana to see if they can make changes to any items to make them Vegan. Many places now carry plant-based meat replacement or can leave out the non-vegan items from the dish to make it vegan compatible.

Look for vegetarian items on the menu at Taco Cabana

If there are no Vegan items, your best bet may be to look at a vegetarian item and ask to leave out any non-vegan items such as any dairy products and eggs. In most cases, vegetarian items are the most easily modified to make them vegan.

Keep in mind the menu options can vary from location to location.

How did you find the vegan options at Taco Caban to be? Were you happy with the range of vegan options on the menu at Taco Cabana? If you saw a vegan option we have not covered, please reach out to us.

For a complete list of vegan menus on our site, see here. You can visit Taco Cabana here. Menu selections can vary by location. Always check with the location before placing an order if the item has any allergens or meets your dietary needs and restrictions. We are not associated with the restaurant.


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