Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu

The Magical Sub Zero Ice Cream – Nitrogen ice cream is a fascinating treat for everyone. You get to explore your gastronomic creativity and watch an unusual way of freezing your ice cream.

Sub Zero ice cream satisfies your sugary cravings with a variety of flavors you can choose and mix from. The best part: the ice cream is smooth and creamy.


Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt1 oz.$0.39

Premium Old Fashion Ice Cream

Ice CreamSingle$2.49
Ice CreamDouble$3.69
Ice CreamTriple$4.79
Ice CreamPint$5.79

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Ice CreamSmall$1.69
Ice CreamLarge$1.99
Waffle Cone$1.00
Energy Boost$0.50

Hand Spun Milkshakes


Refreshing Smoothies





Jerry and Naomi Hancock had the idea of using the concept of customizable food to desserts. The result was the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream.

The couple launched Sub Zero Ice Cream in 2008 and expanded to 16 stores in 2012. Hancock expects to open 400 stores in 10 years.


Kids find the place magical. The flash of liquid nitrogen is entertaining for families, couples, and groups. There is enough seating inside and extra room outside the place for overflows.

You have a choice from a wide range of flavors and “no sugar added” options. You can mix flavors and come up with a unique flavor.

Popular combinations at Sub Zero Ice Cream are chocolate and peanut butter. You do have options for yogurt, low-fat or lactose-free soybeans or milk.

Service is fast and personnel are friendly and welcoming. What is slow is the choosing of flavors, especially for first timers.


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