Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Menu Prices

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Formerly known as Orange Tree Frozen Yogurt, Orange Leaf is an international store chain with over 300 locations, most of them in America, Australia and China. They mainly specialize in selling assorted frozen yogurt and have a self service styled kind of business operation. They fame themselves in creating visually appealing yogurt assortments to keep you coming back for more.

Described as “living rooms that happen to have yogurt dispensers”, Orange Leaf stores not only offer you an extensive variety of tantalizing yogurt delicacies but also provide a bonding hangout joint for you and your family to enjoy. Additionally, the stores are equipped with child-friendly electronics such as iPads for the kids to play games.


Creamy & Delicious Flavors

Chocolate1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Mint1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Raspberry1 oz.$0.49
Cofffee1 oz.$0.49
Peanut Butter1 oz.$0.49
Peppermint1 oz.$0.49
Pumpkin Pie1 oz.$0.49
Vanilla1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Cherry1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Coconut1 oz.$0.49
Strawberry Cheesecake1 oz.$0.49
Hazelnut1 oz.$0.49
English Toffee1 oz.$0.49
Banana1 oz.$0.49
Birthday Cake1 oz.$0.49
Brownie Batter1 oz.$0.49
Salted Caramel1 oz.$0.49
Cheesecake1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Salted Caramel1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Cheesecake1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Peanut Butter1 oz.$0.49
Cookies & Cream1 oz.$0.49
Cotton Candy1 oz.$0.49
Eggnog1 oz.$0.49
Pistachio1 oz.$0.49
Wedding Cake1 oz.$0.49
White Chocolate1 oz.$0.49
White Chocolate Strawberry1 oz.$0.49
Red Velvet1 oz.$0.49
Cookie Cake1 oz.$0.49
White Chocolate Raspberry1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Cake1 oz.$0.49
Toffee Coffee1 oz.$0.49
Pumpkin Spice Latte1 oz.$0.49
White Chocolate Mint1 oz.$0.49
Ghirardelli Chocolate1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Banana1 oz.$0.49
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie1 oz.$0.49
Coconut Cake1 oz.$0.49
Cinnamon Roll1 oz.$0.49
Frozen Hot Chocolate1 oz.$0.49
Iced Coffee1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Cinnamon Roll1 oz.$0.49
Cinnamon Cheesecake1 oz.$0.49
Pumpkin Cheesecake1 oz.$0.49
Cinnamon Roll Latte1 oz.$0.49
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup1 oz.$0.49

Fruity & Fantastic Flavors

Cherry1 oz.$0.49
Coconut1 oz.$0.49
Lemon1 oz.$0.49
Mango1 oz.$0.49
Peach1 oz.$0.49
Pomegranate1 oz.$0.49
Raspberry1 oz.$0.49
Strawberry1 oz.$0.49
Classic Tart1 oz.$0.49
Blueberry Banana1 oz.$0.49
Pink Grapefruit1 oz.$0.49
Raspberry Banana1 oz.$0.49
Raspberry Lemonade1 oz.$0.49
Strawberry Banana1 oz.$0.49
Blueberry1 oz.$0.49
Key Lime Pie1 oz.$0.49
Mango Strawberry Banana1 oz.$0.49
Strawberry Blueberry Raspberry1 oz.$0.49
Blueberry Lemonade1 oz.$0.49
Lemon Bar1 oz.$0.49
Mango Peach1 oz.$0.49
Pomegranate Blueberry1 oz.$0.49
Pomegranate Lemonade1 oz.$0.49
Blackberry Greek1 oz.$0.49
Blackberry1 oz.$0.49
Peach Greek1 oz.$0.49
Strawberry Greek1 oz.$0.49
Greek1 oz.$0.49

No Sugar Added Flavors

Chocolate1 oz.$0.49
Vanilla1 oz.$0.49
Toffee1 oz.$0.49
Chocolate Toffee1 oz.$0.49

Dairy Free Flavors

Pineapple1 oz.$0.49
Orange1 oz.$0.49
Pink Lemonade1 oz.$0.49
Pineapple Strawberry Banana Smoothie1 oz.$0.49
Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie1 oz.$0.49


The company was initially founded in 2008 under the name “Orange Tree Frozen Yogurt ” and was based in California. Mike Liddle observed that a franchise in Edmond, Oklahoma was performing well in business and later bought his own franchise in 2009 before deciding to buy the whole company in 2010.

As the new owner, Liddle changed the company name to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and moved the company headquarters from California to Oklahoma City. He also appointed Reese Travis as the Chief Executive Officer with Geoff Goodman as the company President. By April 2011, the company had stores in 63 locations in the United States.

The company embarked on an expanding process and by September 2011, it had reached 111 store locations all over America. The number of stores locally (that is within the United States) has increased to over 300 locations. On the international front, the company entered the Australian market in 2011; opening the first store in Melbourne , Victoria.

Apart from the more than five stores in Australia, the store chain has also targeted the Asian market, with the first two Orange Leaf stores opening in Shanghai city, China in 2015. From the initial 63 stores in 2011 the chain now has over 300 stores in three different continents.


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt offer one of the most diverse and complete yogurt menus; be it the yogurt flavors or even the yogurt toppings. Some of the most recommended menu items include coconut yogurt, the pistachio, peanut butter yogurt and the wedding cake swirl. The fact that you serve yourself means you are free to be creative and mix up your favorite flavors.

In terms of service, this store chain has some of the most friendly and helpful staff. You also get a loyalty card with which you can redeem accumulated points to enjoy free benefits. When it comes to waiting time, the do it yourself model (self-service) increases your involvement and therefore significantly reduces waiting duration.

On matters of pricing, they offer comparatively favorable prices; usually $0.49 per ounce (although use of a lot of toppings can make it a bit expensive). Plus, they offer different packages like the gigantic soup bowl, the gigantic dog bowl and family packs. The stores’ brightly-colored decor provides a nice ambiance of bright and playful mood which make them generally family-friendly.

When it comes to location, almost every state has more than one store. Not to forget they also offer iPads in the stores so that kids can play games. All in all, the Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt stores are excellent for everyone; be it family outings, meeting with friends or just enjoying your favorite frozen yogurt flavor and toppings all alone.


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