What To Serve With Hash Browns

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If you thought hash browns could only be eaten at breakfast, think again! Hash browns are versatile and make a great addition to any meal.

Traditionally served with eggs and bacon at morning mealtime, the crispy shredded fried potatoes are hearty, salty, crunchy, and downright delicious.

Whether you’re a ‘breakfast all day’ person or not, you’ll find hash browns to be a great way to satisfy your cravings. The recipes we’ve collected will get your creative cooking juices flowing for making a unique and scrumptious meal.


17 Hearty Hash Brown Recipes

Hash browns can be served in more ways than one. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to make this hearty side dish a staple at mealtime. From the traditional to the unusual, we have you covered.

1. Brunch Lasagna

A heaping hunk of lasagna is always welcome at any dinner table. This comfort food is easy to keep and serve, and with a little imagination, hash browns can be a part of this classic meal.

Make your hash brown brunch lasagna the same way you would a traditional lasagna by adding a layer on top of a layer of your favorite breakfast items. For example, French toast, eggs, cheese, sausage, and hash browns. Repeat until you have two, even three, layers.

2. Smoked Salmon Galette

If you’ve never heard of a galette you are in for a treat. This French cuisine is in essence a round crusty pie-like cake that is topped with your choice of ingredients.

To make a shredded hash brown galette you would free form your potatoes into a pie-like shape and fry on the stove until crispy. For a more decadent treat, add smoked salmon, crème Fraiche, and chives to the top of your galette before serving.

3. Hash Brown Soup

We told you there would be some bizarre items on this list. Well, as strange as it sounds, has brown soup is not only delicious, it is filling and will warm your tummy right up on a cold night.

Simply take a bag of frozen hash browns and throw them into a crockpot with your favorite stock and spices. When this is all cooked up, serve with some cheese and bacon bits for a loaded potato-style soup!

4. Buffalo Hash Browns

We have yet to discover anything that doesn’t taste great with buffalo sauce. Hash browns are no exception. With its crispy and soft parts, the shredded potatoes sop up the buffalo sauce in the most delectable way.

Layer chicken breasts with cheese and your favorite Buffalo sauce and top this with hash browns. Add some more cheese and sauce and bake until your mouth waters.

5. Hash Brown Burger

Think of all the things you can put on a hamburger and throw them all out! Try topping your favorite burger with hash browns and ketchup and get a whole lot of deliciousness in every bite.

Think about it, you kind of already eat potatoes (French fries) with your burger simultaneously anyway, so why not go all in and stuff your burger with hash browns.

6. Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Vegetarians can have cheat days too with this cheesy hash brown casserole. Maybe not the most nutritious meal on the menu but definitely a savory indulgence.

Mix your shredded potatoes (a frozen bag of hash browns will do) with cream of chicken soup, butter, and sour cream. Top this with shredded cheese and corn flakes, bake, and satisfy your cravings!

7. Croquette Madam

A croquette Madam is a little different from a croquette monsieur. The madam has a poached or sunny side egg on top.

To make this classic sandwich a little funky, sandwich your ham and cheese with hash browns! Shape your hash browns into your bread shape and pan fry until crispy. Add your sandwich ingredients and top with your favorite egg.

8. Ham and Hash

If you haven’t figured this out already, ham and potatoes taste great together. Chop your ham into small pieces and fry it up with your shredded potatoes for a salty, crispy side to your breakfast.

For those of you who prefer bacon or sausage, don’t be shy, give these meats a try. Serve it all up with some runny eggs for a decadent breakfast.

9. Corned Beef Hash

This is one of our favorite ways to each hash browns, served as corned beef hash! With its roots in the UK, this scrumptious breakfast side has made it to our plates and our hearts.

A classic comfort food that goes well with other homey staples such as grits and pancakes, corned beef hash is a surefire way to keep everyone at the breakfast table happy.

10. Sausage and Hash

Another UK import is bangers and mash. The combination of sausage with potatoes makes for a filling meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time!

If you love bangers and mash, try replacing the mashed potatoes with hash browns. Think about cutting into your sausage and having those savory juices soak into your crispy fried potatoes.

11. Hash Brown Burritos

It’s no wonder Chiptole has seen success since its arrival to the fast-food scene. Burritos are easy to make and fill our tummies with goodness.

A wholesome breakfast burrito starts with scrambled eggs and cheese. A great addition to this is hash browns all wrapped up into the burrito. A filling to write home about for sure!

12. Hash Brown Pizza

Call it a breakfast pizza if you want but we think this pizza could, and should, be eaten any time of the day! Swap out your traditional dough with hash browns for a new and unique way to eat pizza.

Spread the shredded potatoes onto a baking sheet in the shape of a pizza. Drizzle olive oil over the top of this and bake with your favorite toppings! For a breakfast pizza add egg to the top but why not try adding tomatoes or beef for something a little different.

13. Pot Roast and Shredded Potatoes

A good pot roast dinner is never without a side of potatoes. While most people prefer their pot roast with whole potatoes or mashed potatoes, you might be surprised at how well hash browns go with pot roast.

If you’re going for something a little less traditional, try dicing up your pot roast bits and pieces and adding them to your hash browns for a mash-up.

14. Hash Brown Cups

Another interesting way to make your hash browns stand out is to make them into hash brown cups!

Using a muffin tin, take your shredded potatoes and press them into the mold. Bake for the recommended amount of time and then add a cracked egg and bake for a little longer. Top this with your favorite condiments for a quick pick-me-up that’s easy to pick up!

15. Hash Brown Waffles

This is exactly what it sounds like… hash browns shaped like waffles! If you have a waffle iron you’re all set to make this delicious snack.

Combine your favorite spices (salt, pepper, paprika, etc.) with the shredded potatoes and some egg. Press the mixture into your pre-heated and oiled waffle iron.

16. Hash Brown Condiments

Hash Browns are a great way to satisfy hunger and a craving. Having them alone is just perfect but think about some of the condiments that you can put on them to make them really special.

Whether you like things classic or with a little kick, ketchup and hot sauce are wonderful on hash browns. If you are daring try throwing some sriracha, fish sauce, and scallions onto your hash browns.

17. Hash Browns with Coffee and Tea

To finish off this list, we’ve included something you might not have thought of even though it’s a clearly perfect combo!

Have your side of hash browns with some coffee at breakfast or mix things up and have a hash brown snack with some tea or hot chocolate. Simple and easy goodness to keep your belly full and happy.

These delicious recipes are only just the beginning of what you can do with hash browns. Get creative and think up your own special combination today!

Wrap Up

If these hash brown recipes haven’t tempted you enough, think about this… Fried potatoes release a chemical in the body that makes you happy.

That’s right! When you have starchy carbs like shredded potatoes, your body released serotonin. While all foods should be eaten in moderation if a helping of hash browns can do you some good why not grab a plate and have some hash browns today, no matter what time of the day it is!

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