What to Serve With Fettuccini Alfredo

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Fettuccini Alfredo is a staple in Italian cuisine. If you have a steaming pot of pasta you might be wondering what to serve as a side dish with fettuccini Alfredo.

Thick and creamy, fettuccini Alfredo pairs well with a wide range of foods and goes great with side dishes that are loaded with flavor and seasonings.

These 17 appetizing side dishes taste great but are mild enough in flavor as to not overpower the dense Alfredo sauce.  Find out which side is right for you.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Fettuccini Alfredo

1. Chef Salad

Because fettuccini Alfredo is such a heavy food, a chef salad is a perfect complement because it will not bog you down with too many carbs.

If you are looking to cut down on calories, go with a fat-free or light salad dressing. I prefer ranch dressing with my salad because of the mild taste of the dressing.

2. Bread Sticks

The dry texture of the breadsticks is perfect for sopping up the creamy sauce from the Alfredo.  Breadsticks are also easy to make and won’t cause you a lot of time in the kitchen.

If you want to dress up your breadsticks, you can top them with a little butter and parmesan cheese. Shredded cheddar cheese can also be used to top your sticks.

3. Grilled Chicken Breast

Adding a piece of grilled chicken breast to your fettuccini Alfredo is a great way to get some protein without the extra fat.

Marinating your chicken breast in a mesquite rub will pack your breast with loads of flavor without adding in the extra calories.

4. Chicken Fried Steak

Steak-fried chicken is the way to go if you are looking to add some meat and flavor to your Alfredo. The crispiness of the steak offsets the soft pasta noodles.

If you do not like your chicken fried steak dry, and want to add some more cream to it, top your meat with a gravy sauce.

5. Meatballs

If you are looking to spice up your fettuccini Alfredo try adding in some meatballs. This is a flavorful way to add some meat to your meal.

I like to coat my meatballs in barbeque sauce. This gives it a tangy flavor and makes the meatballs super creamy and soft.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is a healthy choice for a side dish if you are looking to add a little green and flavor to your meal. The strong taste of the broccoli stands out in the cream sauce.

To make your florets stand out cook them in a garlic and butter sauce. They can also be added directly to the Alfredo for extra flavor.

7. Snap Peas

Snap peas are a nutritious side to serve with fettuccini Alfredo and the edible pod adds extra flavor and pop.

Snap peas are easy to make and can be cooked in a couple of ways. I like to keep it simple and cook my peas in a little water and then season.

8. Shrimp

Shrimp and pasta Alfredo is a tasty combination like to others. The tender shrimp meshes well with the soft Alfredo noodles.

I like to eat my shrimp Cajun style. The powerful flavor of the Cajun shrimp does not get drowned out in the thick Alfred sauce.

9. Cheesecake

Moist, rich, and creamy, cheesecake makes the ultimate partner for fettuccini Alfredo because both are soft and heavy with flavor.

Served together, this meal will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Top your cheesecake with strawberry sauce for enhanced sweetness.

10. Bacon

Add some crunch to your fettuccini Alfredo with a little bacon on the side. The salty taste of the bacon stands out in the rich sauce.

Since Alfredo is a heavy food, you might want to lighten this meal up a bit by severing turnkey bacon instead of beef or pork. The flavor is the same, but the fat content is not.

11. Buffalo Wings

For an extra boost of spice and a little heat, serve your fettuccini Alfredo with buffalo wings. These spicy wings add a lot of flavor to your meal, not just heat.

To offset the spicy effect of the wings dip them in some ranch or blue cheese dressing. To cut back on fat, go with a low-calorie dressing.

12. Green Beans

Looking for a tasty way to add some veggies to your meal? Go ahead and serve up a side of green beans with your Alfredo.

Deep fry your green beans in oil for a crispy bite. The crispy green beans are packed with flavor and make eating vegetables exciting.

13. Fish

There are many types of fish to choose from and any kind will work as a side to your Alfredo. The strong flavor of the fish complements the mild pasta.

I like to eat blackened fish because it is packed with so many seasonings and flavors. For me, whiting is the best fish to eat because of its mild fishy taste.

14. Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a great way to serve something zesty and cold with your hot fettuccini Alfredo. The spicy salad adds a tangy flair to your noodles.

For extra flavor, and a down-home touch, try adding some bacon or ham to your pasta salad. This is a convenient way to introduce meat to your meal.

15. Steak

A thick juicy steak and fettuccini Alfredo are the perfect combinations for a classic meal. The robust flavor of the steak enhances the taste of the savory sauce.

For me, a T-bone steak is the best way to go. I like to cook my steak in onions and green peppers to enrich the flavor of the meat.

16. Asparagus

Not only does asparagus look good, and adds a bit of color to your meal, they taste great as well. The earthy taste of the stalks compliments the pasta.

For the best tasting asparagus, season your stalks and then drizzle them with some lemon and olive oil and then bake.

17. Fried mushrooms

Fried mushrooms have a meaty texture and are great if you are looking to serve something hearty but want to keep it vegetarian.

Portabella mushrooms are my favorite because of their rich taste and dense texture. For more flavor, I like to dip them in ranch sauce.

Wrap Up

Fettuccini Alfredo is a tasty meal any night of the week. Its rich creamy sauce and unforgettable taste make it a down-home favorite.

If you enjoy fettuccini Alfredo and would like to share some tips or suggestions about this delightful food leave a comment below.

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