What To Serve With Corn Chowder

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Corn chowder is a really simple meal with only a few ingredients, making it a great choice whenever you need something simple. You might be wondering what to serve alongside your next dish of this delicious food; we’ve got you covered right here!

Corn chowder, like any other kind of chowder, is thick and creamy; these are things you need to take into consideration when looking for side dishes to pair with it. This is a dense food; therefore, it’s also going to be filling and will probably work best with lighter sides.

We certainly don’t want you to have an incomplete meal, so make sure you take one of the ideas we’ve got down below to make sure that doesn’t happen!


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Corn Chowder

Let’s not waste any more time getting into our list; we’re sure you’re just as eager as we are to dive into these yummy options!

1. Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is often served alongside some delicious soup or chowder, so why not throw it alongside corn chowder? You can use any mix of cheeses for your grilled cheese, so get creative!

If you need some ideas, we suggest using multiple different kinds of cheese instead of just one. This will give your side dish that extra level of pizzazz!

2. BLT

Having bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich will surely bring your corn chowder to new heights. There are both new textures and flavors to see here, so it’ll add new dimensions to your meal for sure.

The crunchiness of the bacon and the sharpness of the tomatoes will contrast wonderfully with the thick sweetness of typical corn chowder!

3. Salad

Ah yes, salad. We don’t think we would be able to put out a great list of side dish options for corn chowder without including this.

Salad is a very healthy option to have alongside a rather dense food like corn chowder; plus, there are tons of different ways to do the salad. The list of possible ingredients is virtually endless, so don’t worry about running out of room for creativity!

4. Beer-Battered Onion Rings

Let’s flip the tables by going from a really healthy side dish option to one that’s… really not. That doesn’t make it any less worthy of recognition on this list, however!

Beer-battered onion rings will give your corn chowder an amazing texture difference by offering a solid crunch to your meal. Plus, you can dip those onion rings into the corn chowder for a truly unique experience.

5. Sausage

For those relatively unfamiliar with corn chowder, it might sound odd at first to suggest using sausage as part of a side dish.

We understand the lack of faith; but worry not, for this is an amazing option! There are lots of different kinds of sausages out there, and many of them work great with corn chowder. You could even cut up some of the sausages and add them to your chowder if you want!

6. Cornbread

We know, we know. Cornbread with corn chowder? Isn’t that a little too much corn? We might have to agree that it’s a lot of corn- but that doesn’t mean cornbread can’t work as a side dish.

Despite sharing a common main ingredient, cornbread and corn chowder actually taste fairly different. This difference is significant enough that it makes cornbread a perfect side dish to throw into your meal.

7. Cheese Biscuits

In a similar way to how grilled cheese can make your corn chowder even more amazing, cheese biscuits will add brand new flavors and dimensions to your chowder that you never expected.

If you’re not a huge fan of grilled cheese, this is a great alternative. You’ll still get that great taste benefits from the cheese, but in a different way that might be more appealing to you.

8. Quiche

Maybe you’re serving your corn chowder at a family gathering or to friends and want something a bit fancier for a side dish. Look no further!

Quiche works great when paired with corn chowder. Whip out your favorite quiche recipe and we’re sure your guests will be enormously pleased with the array of flavors you’ll cook up!

9. Garlic Bread

Who doesn’t love garlic bread? If you’re going to be serving a crowd and aren’t sure what is and isn’t liked, we can assure you with almost 100% certainty that almost everyone will go for garlic bread.

Plus, you can often buy it in frozen form at the store, so that makes it a super simple side dish to prepare while you focus on making your corn chowder amazing.

10. Ham and Cheese Sandwich

As another alternative to grilled cheese, you can try a ham and cheese sandwich. This is a super simple side dish to make, so it’s great when you’re low on time or just want to keep things easy.

The savory flavors of a ham and cheese sandwich will surely pair in a delicious way with the softer, sweeter flavors of good corn chowder.

11. Steamed Vegetables

This is another really healthy option to serve alongside your corn chowder. We recommend going for broccoli and cauliflower to offer a nice, sharp contrast in flavor.

Of course, you can go with whatever you feel will work best. Throw together your favorite combination of steamed vegetables, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

12. Jalapeno Poppers

Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? We’ve got you! Jalapeno poppers might not be everyone’s go-to side dish for corn chowder, but it definitely should be more popular!

Jalapeno poppers are commonly stuffed with cream cheese, bacon bits, and cheddar, so you can imagine all of the different flavor combinations you’re going to get when you pair this with a good corn chowder. You’ll be amazed, and so will anyone you serve!

13. Breadsticks

Breadsticks are similar to garlic bread in that they’re something that almost everyone loves. We’re sure you’ve heard enough people rave about the breadsticks from Olive Garden!

Breadsticks don’t just work with pasta; they work well with corn chowder, too! You can even use them to dip into the corn chowder- it’ll taste great!

14. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

As our third and final sandwich suggestion, we’ve got a grilled vegetable sandwich. This is a really great way to use a healthy side dish option while also keeping things flavorful and interesting.

Sometimes a salad or steamed vegetables are just too boring or predictable; in those cases, a grilled vegetable sandwich certainly has your back!

15. Dinner Rolls

This is likely the simplest and easiest side dish on our list. But that absolutely does not mean that it’s unworthy of being here!

Sometimes, keeping things simple really is best. Lightly toast your dinner rolls to add an interesting dimension to them. Like with some of the other side dishes on this list, we also suggest dipping these in your corn chowder, too!

16. Quesadillas

Since corn is often used in Mexican cooking, corn chowder lends itself well to being paired with traditional Mexican food.

Quesadillas are incredibly flavorful and full of possibility; we think they’re honestly more intriguing and interesting than sandwiches. And, of course, you can always use them for dipping.

17. Roasted Broccoli

We suggested steaming broccoli up above, but roasting it works great, too! Whether roasted or steamed, broccoli will offer a sharp taste to contrast with the sweeter tastes of corn chowder.

It all really just comes down to preference; if you like roasted broccoli more than steamed broccoli, then go with this! If you like the other more, then go with that!


Okay! There are seventeen yummy side dishes for you to choose from the next time you’re going to whip up some delicious corn chowder! Remember that corn chowder is super thick, so it’s going to fill you up quickly! This is really important when picking out a side dish. If you use any of these ideas for your meal, leave a picture of how it turns out down below!

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