What To Eat With Coffee

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If you are anything like me, coffee is a staple and an absolute must to get the day going.

In America alone, it could be said that upwards of 150 million people drink coffee at least once a day, often up to 3 times a day.

You may enjoy a cup of coffee with breakfast, at lunch, or even after a nice evening meal. Some enjoy coffee as a social treat, a time to relax with friends & family, and as a pick-me-up after a long night.


17 Amazing Coffee Pairings

Coffee alone can really hit the spot sometimes, but if you are wondering what meals, sides, and sweet treats go best with coffee, keep reading.

1. There’s nothing like a donut with coffee.

Call it standard American fare if you will but nothing beats a donut with a hot cup of coffee. Dip it, dunk it or simply pair them together for a sweet anytime treat.

A standard regular brewed pot of coffee will hit the spot with your favorite donut of choice. Try it black to bring out the flavors of the donut even more.

2. Beignets, a fancy donut with some flare.

If you’ve never heard of them, beignets are pretty much a fancy name for a donut without the hole. And as mentioned before, donuts and coffee are simply perfect.

Try coffee with chicory to complement the sweet beignets. It will add bitterness and a bit of New Orleans authenticity to your beignet and coffee treat.

3. Flavor-filled crepes.

Crepes come sweet, savory, or something in between. Whatever your preference is, they go great with a cup of coffee!

Try Nutella filled crepes with a cappuccino or have a savory cheese crepe with a nice cup of Americano. This versatile French pancake goes well with almost anything, hit up your favorite café or try whipping some up at home.

4. Savory sandwiches.

You may never really think of a sandwich going well with coffee but in fact, they’re probably one of the best pairings for a lunchtime pick-me-up.

A grilled cheese sandwich or a foot-long sub are common sandwich choices for those on the go. After a filling “sammie” the caffeine in a cup of coffee will perk you right up for the rest of the workday.

5. Eggs and toast are a classic.

Breakfast is not really the same without a hot pot of coffee within reach. While there are many ways breakfast can be done, the classic eggs and toast are simple and compliment a cup of coffee like no other.

Whether scrambled, fried, or sunny side up coffee compliments eggs and toast all over the world. In Singapore, ‘kopi’ is paired with a very soft boiled egg and toast with kaya spread.

6. Afternoon ice cream treat.

Who doesn’t love ice cream! But did you ever think it could go well with coffee? If you’re in the mood for some cold sweet ice cream, try having a side of hot bitter coffee to balance things out.

Why not try an Italian treat called an affogato otherwise known as an affogato all café. This can be made with a scoop of your favorite vanilla gelato, drowned in a shot of hot espresso.

7. Croissant and coffee.

The French love their croissants and so do we! These flaky pastries are sometimes drizzled with chocolate and sometimes just plain with butter.

A croissant with coffee is a fantastic pairing. Try a sweeter less acidic bean like those from Peru or Columbia, for the best match. The hints of honeycomb and vanilla go perfectly with your croissant.

8. Berries to compliment your coffee.

If you’ve never thought about having berries with your coffee, think again. The pairing is light and satisfying and is sure to delight your senses.

Try coffees from Haiti or Kenya that do not have sour undertones. Jamaican and Yemeni coffees also pair very well with blueberries. If you love the combo, try some other fruits like peaches and apricots with your coffee as well.

9. Everything goes well with cheese.

Cheese please! Cheese goes well with pretty much everything and coffee is no exception. Hard cheeses are especially palatable with coffee so get ready to break out that cheese platter.

Stay away from soft cheeses when pairing coffee with cheese. The flavors of cheeses like Brie are too delicate and will be masked by strong coffee. Try some sharp cheddar or Swiss cheese.

10. Bring on the chocolate!

Chocolate is amazing for its surprisingly pairable flavor. If you are a mocha lover, you already know the appeal of chocolate and coffee together.

All kinds of chocolate go well with coffee. Give some artisan chocolates a try with Latin American blends of coffee or try some dark chocolate with a flavored coffee of your choice.

11. Coffee cake, the name says it all.

This pound cake topped with cinnamon, brown sugar, and pecans is named as such because it pairs perfectly with coffee.

Contrary to what many people believe, this classic American sweet cake does not have coffee in it but is perfect with a hot cup of coffee or a frothy latte.

12. Italian biscuits like Biscotti.

The Italians love their coffee and espresso. Whether at home or al fresco at a café, they love their coffee strong and enjoy it with some delicious cookies.

Biscotti, Italian coffee cookies are served with a shot of espresso, while Italian breakfast cookies made with a bit of vanilla and some sprinkles are great with coffee or milk.

13. Scones and coffee at tea time

The origin of scones is debatable but whether they’re from Scotland, Ireland or England, coffee makes a great accompaniment to the buttery, scrumptious pastry.

Traditionally served with clotted cream and jam during tea time, scones pair exceptionally well with coffee. While tea is commonly had with scones, give a flat white java a try.

14. Cinnamon buns are perfect with coffee.

Cinnamon buns are like coffee cake in that they simply go perfectly with coffee. Morning diners and cinnamon lovers will agree that these super sweet rolls will satisfy your taste buds.

Cinnamon buns are super easy to make. Shape your favorite sweet dough into the shape of a rectangle and cover it with butter. Sprinkle this with a combination of cinnamon and sugar, roll it up lengthwise. Cut into sections and bake at 350 degrees for the perfect homemade coffee pairing. Try a Columbian or Guatamalen blend.

15. Quiche and other Pies.

Another wonderful breakfast idea is quiche with a piping hot cup of coffee. Easy to make yet classy, quiche and coffee are a great go-to when you have guests or if you’re simply enjoying a weekend brunch.

To make this a really sophisticated treat, try a pancetta, spinach cheese quiche with a French press coffee. This contraption is specially designed to give you a strong, clean coffee.

16. Caramel Candies and Toffees

Candy and coffee, why not? You might be thinking this combination is neither filling or calorie-worthy but think again.

If you like toffee or caramel candies, try having them with a sip of unsweetened coffee. Rather than going all out on a specialty coffee that is full of sugar and cream, take your coffee black and have some candy with it!

17. Tiramisu and Other Cakes.

Cakes are especially good with coffee especially as dessert after a fine meal. Pretty much any cake works with coffee.

Tiramisu is flavored with espresso and is a light and creamy dessert that hits the spot. Try this popular dessert with a dark French or Italian roast. If you like something a bit lighter, an American blend works well with the creaminess of the tiramisu.

With so many options to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a delicious pairing for your coffee.

Wrap Up

Coffee is popular all over the world for its full-bodied flavor and powerful effects on our mood. Many of us can’t live without a cup or two a day.

Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the many unique blends found in coffee beans and newbies will appreciate trying coffee in combinations found at big name coffee shops. Coffee can be enjoyed in many ways and pairs with a variety of savory foods, fruits, candies, and desserts.

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