What To Serve With Burritos

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Burritos are a versatile and generally simple food; it’s no wonder that so many people enjoy them every single day. While they’re very often eaten by themselves, you might be interested in pairing a burrito with some kind of side dish to make a more robust meal.

So many different kinds of ingredients, from meats to vegetables to cheese, can go into burritos. You might even be faced with different kinds of sauces! It’s crucial to consider the exact mix of ingredients going into your burrito, since not every kind of side dish will go well with every different kind of burrito recipe.

Considering this, we’re going to give you seventeen ideas for side dishes that could work with a wide range of burritos. We’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this article!


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Burritos

If you’re on the hunt for a great side dish to go with your favorite burrito, look no further. Here are seventeen perfect side dishes to consider the next time you throw together a delicious burrito.

1. Cilantro Lime Rice

Let’s start off with something basic. Burritos are pretty basic themselves, so you might want a side dish that’s just as simple.

Adding cilantro and lime to some rice will give it a nice tanginess that will mix really well with the spiciness usually found with burritos. There’s a reason rice is often served with Mexican food- it’s an absolute staple!

2. Refried Beans

If you’re at all familiar with Mexican food, you probably saw this one coming. Refried beans can be found as a side dish on almost any Mexican restaurant’s menu, and with good reason.

Refried beans have a calm, earthy taste that balances out the sharp, spicy flavors of all your favorite burrito recipes. Not to mention you could pretty easily throw some refried beans into a burrito if you wanted!

3. Chips and Salsa

While usually served as party food or appetizer, chips and salsa can still work just fine as a side dish for your favorite burrito recipe.

Chips and salsa are simple and cheap options to prepare. Just pop open a jar of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips, and you’re good to go! If you want a fast option to have alongside burritos, this is certainly it.

4. Black Bean Soup

If you’re a spicy food aficionado, black bean soup might just be up your alley the next time you’re looking for a great side dish to have with your burrito.

Made with just the right amount of spice and beans that are an essential part of Mexican culinary culture, black bean soup will certainly do nothing to stray from the spicy Mexican theme your burritos have going on! The spices will blend together well, instead of overpowering each other.

5. Mexican Corn Salad

Mexican corn salad is popular street food in Mexico, but you can just as easily bring a slice of Mexico straight into your home by making it served alongside your burritos.

Mexican corn salad is relatively simple, yet delicious. It’s full of spice and cheese, two things that you’ll probably already find in some quantity in your burritos. Mexican corn salad will add a nice, new dimension to your burrito meal.

6. Avocado Tomato Salad

We’ve talked about fast options and spicy options, but what about really healthy options? We’re sure that you’re familiar with avocados and tomatoes, so this is a real gem!

This salad will balance out the heavier aspects of the burritos you’re eating, providing a health-packed option that will be giving you just the right kind of nutrition for bikini season.

7. Chicken Tortilla Soup

If you’re a fan of tortilla chips and soup, this side dish is going to be right up your alley. If you’re enjoying your burritos in the colder months, then this soup becomes even more perfect a choice for you.

The ingredients in this soup provide a great amount of crunch to contrast with generally softer burritos, giving your meal a whole range of textures and a perfect blend of spicy flavor that we’re sure you’ll love.

8. Mexican Baked Beans

Want something that feels less exotic than all the Mexican side dishes on this list so far? Try Mexican baked beans, a different take on a classic American side dish.

Mexican baked beans add different ingredients to introduce a new level of spiciness into the food, so it’ll fit well into your burrito meal. If you’re not a big refried beans fan, this might just be the right alternative for you.

9. Mexican Chipotle Rice

Another rice recipe- if you know Mexican cuisine, you likely saw this coming from a mile away. This one’s a pretty healthy option, too.

Mexican chipotle rice is filled with different kinds of vegetables and just the right amount of chipotle paste, giving you a nutritious and non-fattening option to have alongside your meatier and heavier burritos.

10. Cactus Salad

If you really want to bring Mexico right into your home, then this is absolutely the perfect option for you. Cactus is used in many Mexican dishes, so it’ll fit perfectly with a Mexican staple food like burritos.

Cactus salad is a perfectly healthy option to enjoy alongside your burritos. When paired with peppers and pineapple, along with just the right spices, it’ll certainly be a party in your mouth!

11. Chips and Guacamole

Almost everyone has tried chips and guacamole at some point or other. In fact, we’d bet some money that you might even have some guac in your fridge right now.

If you’re not a chip and salsa fan but want a side dish that’s still simple, quick, and within the same culinary realm as your Mexican burritos, then this is a great option. It’s also fairly healthy, too!

12. Frijoles Borrachos

This might just be one of the unhealthiest options on our list, but hey, you’ve got to have fun sometimes, right?

Frijoles borrachos is made with beans, bacon, and beer, making it a combination of some of America’s favorite food items. If you’re looking to go all out and binge on multiple burritos, might as well complete the fest with this delicious, calorie-packed side dish.

13. Loaded Nachos

If you’re not a dipping kind of person and prefer to preload your tortilla chips, try out some loaded nachos alongside your burritos!

These are fun and relatively simple to make, and can be done with a massive range of ingredients! Loaded nachos give you the ability to experiment with lots of different nacho-burrito combinations, giving you lots of opportunities for fun and delicious matches!

14. Spanish Rice

Alongside refried beans, you’ve probably seen Spanish rice featured as a side dish option at a fair few Mexican restaurants before.

For good reason, too. Spicy, simple, and absolutely delicious, Spanish rice will blend excellently alongside the also-spicy plate of burritos you’ve prepared. Get out your best spices and a pot of rice, and get to work!

15. Mexican Beer

Alright, so maybe it’s not food, but who said every side dish had to be food? Drinks can count, too, especially if you wouldn’t normally drink them on a day-to-day basis!

Introducing Mexican beer. If you’re going to be enjoying Mexican food like burritos, you might as well pair it with a good Mexican beer. If you consider yourself a beer fan, you should always take the opportunity to enjoy beer options from other cultures and countries.

16. Mexican Street Corn Croquettes

This one is only doable if you have an air fryer or some similar appliance. If you do, however, you’re in for a real treat!

Mexican street corn croquettes are basically fried balls of corn, a perfect indulgence food to pair alongside your favorite burritos for a slam-dunk meal that’s sure to make you feel like you’re walking on the streets of Mexico City.

17. Steak Skewers

To finish off this list, if you’re looking for something fancy to serve alongside burritos, try some steak skewers. You can use a nice range of spices to make your steak skewers feel right at home alongside even the spiciest burrito recipe.

These are pretty simple to make, as long as you’re handy with a grill or with a pan. Next time you’re looking to impress with a simple yet delicious side dish for your burritos, try this!


And so we’ve finished our list of seventeen absolutely perfect side dishes to serve alongside your burritos. We hope you found something mouth-watering in this list! Remember to take into consideration the particular ingredients in your burrito before picking out a side dish. If we left out your favorite side dish, leave it down in a comment below!

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