What To Serve With Burgers

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Hamburgers are an all-American staple consisting of a beef patty housed between two hamburger buns.  Over the years, burgers have evolved, with restaurants and recipes offering new and innovative ways to cook them.

But regardless of the type of burger you’re serving-whether slathered in melted cheese or stacked with bacon, lettuce and tomato-the perfect side dish can take your burger up a notch.

Let’s dig in to 17 perfect side dishes to serve with burgers.  From classic staples to a few surprises, you’ll love trying all the options on this list.


17 Side Dishes to Serve with Burgers

1. French Fries

“Would you like fries with that?” is the million-dollar question brought into existence by McDonald’s when serving hamburgers, and they were definitely on to something.

French fries go with burgers like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re serving burgers, you can’t go wrong with classic French fries.  Slice potatoes into long and thin pieces, deep-fry in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and you’re good to go.

2. Onion Rings

Sweet, savory, crispy and crunchy, onion rings are the perfect side dish to pair with burgers.  The sauteed onions and crunchy fried batter pair perfectly with the chewy consistency of the burger meat.

For dinner made easy, grab a bag of onion rings at the grocery store, place them on a baking tray, and slide them into the oven until golden and crispy.

3. Sweet Potato Fries

For a slightly healthier alternative to French fries, slice up a sweet potato into thin, long pieces and bake them in the oven with your favorite spices and seasonings.

The sweet and savory sweet potato fries bring a lower-calorie version of the classic French fry to accompany your burger at the dinner table.

4. Tater Tots

Another satisfying fried treat, tater tots are another alternative fried carbohydrate to French fries that the kids will love.

Just place them on a baking sheet, bake in the oven, and then serve alongside your burgers at the dinner table or cookout.  Dunk them in ketchup and enjoy the crispy texture that goes so well with burgers.

5. Onion Straws

Another delectable carb to serve with burgers, onion straws are thin and crispy fried onions you can serve as a side dish with your burger.

The sweetness of the onions and crunchy straws are a classic pairing with burgers.  You can even serve onion straws on top of your burger patty between the patty and the top bun.

6. Creamed Spinach

To add some vegetables to your meal, serve creamed spinach alongside your burgers.  The combination of cream, spinach, cheese, and butter is delectable and the creamy spinach is a nice contrast to the chewy texture of the burgers.

This is a great way to sneak in some vegetables into your kids’ dinners that they’ll love.

7. Barbeque Baked Beans

Barbequed baked beans bring a smoky flavor to your palate when served alongside burgers.  They are a great option for cookouts and barbeques.

Make your barbeque baked beans with bacon for a side dish that’s a home run when paired with cheeseburgers.  The addition of the bacon pays a perfect complement to the melted cheese on the burger.

8. Fried Pickles

Fried pickles provide that satisfying salty crunch you’ve come to love enjoying with burgers, coupled with the tangy flavor of dill pickles.

Just grab some dill pickle slices, roll them in panko breadcrumbs, and fry on the stovetop.  Dip them in ranch or your favorite choice of dip to perfectly complement your burgers.

9. Fried Mushrooms

Another fried appetizer that pairs so well with burgers, you’ll love the crunchy texture and savory flavor of fried mushrooms.

Grab some baby portabella mushrooms, coat them in panko breadcrumbs, and fry them up.  Dip them in your preferred dipping sauce, and you’ve got yourself a winning side to your burgers.

10. Potato Salad

Are you serving burgers at a barbeque or cookout?  Potato salad is the perfect side dish to serve alongside them.

The potatoes in the salad offer the fulfilling carbohydrate you’ve come to love with your burgers, and the dressing of the salad enhances the flavor of your meal.

11. Pasta Salad

Another staple of barbeques and cookouts, you can’t go wrong with serving up pasta salad alongside your burgers.

With rotini pasta, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, and a Greek dressing with a splash of lemon juice, pasta salad is quick and easy to make and perfect to beat the heat in the summertime.

12. Coleslaw

Coleslaw proves to be another big hit for cookouts and barbeques when served alongside burgers.  The crunchy slaw is satisfying while the mayonnaise dressing enhances the flavor of the burgers.

Chop up cabbage and carrots and mix in mayonnaise, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, then season with salt and pepper, and your coleslaw is ready to serve.

13. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is the comfort food side dish to your burger you’ve been craving that the kids will love.  Perfect for quick weeknight dinners, try serving macaroni and cheese alongside your burgers.

If you’re feeling adventurous, grab some hot dogs, grill them up, and slice them into tiny pieces.  Then, add them to your macaroni and cheese and serve alongside your burgers.

14. Corn on the Cob

A healthier choice, you can’t go wrong with some corn on the cob grilled in your favorite seasonings and slathered in butter.

For a lighter option and a great side dish served at barbeques and cookouts, the sweetness of corn on the cob is satisfying when paired with a juicy burger.

15. Avocado Salad

If you require a lighter dish to serve with your burgers, avocado salad fits the bill.  Slice up a few avocados, onions, and tomatoes and douse in a lime dressing.

This healthy and tangy dish is perfect for summertime barbeques while adding much-needed vegetables to round out your meal.  The smooth and creamy avocado texture contrasts perfectly to the texture of burgers.

16. Fried Zucchini Chips

Fried zucchini chips immerse your dinner table guests in the best of both worlds, pairing the satisfying salty, crunchy fried batter that goes so well with burgers with healthy and nutritious zucchini.

Try fried zucchini chips dipped in ranch or your dipping sauce of choice for a side dish that is healthier than your standard fried fare yet is still deeply satisfying.

17. Quinoa Salad

A lighter choice your guests will love, quinoa salad with broccoli, peppers, your choice of veggies, and red wine vinaigrette introduces new flavors and textures to your meal.

This side dish is great for hot summer cookouts and is filling while still healthy and nutritious versus heavier sides like French fries and baked beans.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what to serve with burgers, it’s time to head to the grocery store and shop for the food ingredients you need to complete your meal.

Whether you’re serving classic side dish staples such as French fries or onion rings, or serving healthier selections such as avocado salad or fried zucchini chips, your dinner table guests will be all smiles.

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