Rock Bottom Menu prices

Looking for a great place where you can relax and have a good time? The Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery is the place to be during times like these.

What’s a night out without a wide variety of beer, juicy burgers, and chicken wings?  There are even steaks, pizza, and other entrees for you to choose from.

Jalapeno Poppersjalapenos stuffed with pulled pork and cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and roasted with fiery passion. more better with beer.$6.95
Grilled Chicken Quesadillagrilled chicken, peppers, corn, black beans, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, grilled in a flour tortilla.$8.95
Mini Street Tacos$9.95
Mini Street Tacosfilled with slow-roasted shredded pork and fresh pineapple salsa.
Mini Street Tacoswith fresh grilled tilapia, tomatillo salsa, crema and crumbled cheese.
Mini Street Tacosstuffed with tequila-lime marinated steak and housemade salsa roja.
Brewery Platterrock bottom wings with buffalo sauce, southwest egg rolls and jalapeno spinach cheese dip.$15.95
Ball Park Pretzelswarm up those taste buds with two giant pretzels and our spicy jalapeno spinach cheese dip.$7.95
Brewery Nachosnachos the rock bottom way: black beans, spicy cheeses, tomatoes, onions and jalapenos.$9.50
Asiago Artichoke And Crab Dipa delicious blend of crab meat and asiago cheese, served with fancy mini-toasts called crostinis.$9.95
Santa Fe Shrimpseasoned shrimp baked in our kolsch beer cream sauce. served with toasted crostinis.$9.95
Veggie Quesadillaloved by carnivores and herbivores alike, you'll love this mouthwatering vegetarian spin on a classic.$8.50
Jalapeno Spinach Cheese Dipspinach and melted pepper jack cheese, served with our crunchy housemade tortilla chips.$8.50
Southwest Egg Rollsfar east meets southwest in this classic, crispy, spicy, hearty chicken appetizer recipe.$9.95
Fried Calamaritender calamari rings dusted in lightly seasoned flour. served with spiced pomodoro sauce.$9.95
Wingsover a pound of crispy chicken wings in our wicked-but-not-too-wicked buffalo sauce.$9.95
Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Tendersclassic, crispy appetizer, served with ranch and our signature bbq sauce so you can get your dip on.$8.50
Made-To-Order Guacamolefresh guacamole, as in we-cut-the-avocado-when-you-order-it fresh. served with housemade tortilla chips.$8.50
Kobe Mini Sliderstender, american-style mini-burgers made with premium kobe beef and topped with crispy onion strings.$10.95
Chicken Waldorf Saladrock bottom's modern take on the classic dinner salad from the waldorf astoria hotel.$11.95
Caesar Saladstraight-up romaine lettuce with housemade caesar dressing and shredded italian cheeses.$9.95
Caesar Salad With Grilled Salmonfresh grilled salmon served on a bed of crisp romaine tossed in our housemade caesar dressing.$11.95
Greenhouse Saladhealthy without being boring. mixed greens and tons of veggies. served with your choice of dressing.$3.75
Brewer's Cobb Saladthe definitive main-dish american dinner salad just hit rock bottom. better loosen that belt.$11.95
Caesar Salad With Grilled Chickendinner portion of our fresh caesar salad topped with sliced grilled chicken breast.$10.95
Classic Wedge Saladbig iceberg wedge, hickory-smoked bacon, blue cheese dressing & crumbles on top.$5.95
Blackened Chicken Saladgrilled chicken salad too tame for you? check out our spicy slant on a dinner salad standard.$10.95
Spinach Saladfresh spinach salad with feta cheese, bacon, egg, red onions, mushrooms with housemade vinaigrette.$9.95
House Favorites
Baby Back Ribsa full rack of hand-rubbed, slow-cooked baby back ribs served with apple coleslaw and french fries.$19.95
Chicken Enchiladasroast chicken, poblanos, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses wrapped in corn tortillas.$12.95
Baby Back Ribs And BBQ Chickenhalf rack of our amazing baby back ribs paired with a juicy barbecue grilled chicken breast.$17.95
Classic Mac 'N Chickenour famous mac 'n cheese loaded with roasted chicken and topped with crunchy parmesan bread crumbs.$13.50
Rock Bottom Veggie Tacoshealthy doesn't have to mean boring. vegetarian-friendly tacos with plenty of flavor and attitude.$11.95
Fish & Chipsgolden-brown tempura-battered cod served with french fries and housemade remoulade.$12.95
Chicken Fried Chickencrispy fried chicken breasts over white cheddar mashed potatoes, all smothered with country gravy.$13.95
Tuscan Chicken Pastaold-country italian dish with grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic and oil tossed with linguini.$13.95
Turkey Meatloafyou think you know meatloaf but you have no idea. wait till you've tasted what we've done.$13.95
Rock Bottom Tacos With Lobster & Shrimpsauteed lobster and shrimp with citrus sauce, wrapped in a crispy blue corn and soft flour tortillas.$15.95
Hazelnut Crusted Chickenchicken breast sauteed in a sun-dried cherry sauce and crusted with hazelnuts. uh, yum.$14.25
Brew House Chickengrilled chicken served over white cheddar mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies.$13.95
Steak & Friesten-ounce grilled sirloin served with seasonal veggies and french fries. perfectly simple.$15.50
Bacon Chicken Mac 'N Cheeseour legendary mac 'n chicken with grilled chicken, hickory-smoked bacon and more.$14.50
Rock Bottom Tacos With Cajun Fishcajun fish with special blackening rub in soft flour tortillas, served with tangy housemade remoulade.$13.95
Lobster & Shrimp Enchiladassauteed lobster and shrimp in blue corn tortillas, served with black beans and red ale rice.$14.95
Creole Jambalayaour version of this classic 'nawlins seafood combo is some sho-nuff, get-down, slap-yo-self good eatin'.$15.75
Bourbon Glazed Salmonfresh salmon, grilled and brushed with a savory woodford reserve bourbon glaze.$18.95
Blackened Shrimp Mac 'N Cheeserock bottom's signature mac 'n cheese with blackened shrimp for a spicy seafood kick.$14.95
From The Grill Steaks
12oz. New York Strip12oz usda choice new york strip steak, grilled to order with choice of three rock bottom seasonings.$19.50
18oz. Bone-In Ribeyethe biggest, juiciest, most flavorful cut of steak we offer. eighteen ounces of grilled perfection.$26.95
14oz. Ribeyefourteen ounces of usda choice ribeye steak, grilled with one of our three house seasonings.$22.50
11oz. Top Sirloineleven perfect ounces of usda choice top sirloin, served with your choice of seasoning and a side.$16.95
Black And Blue Burgerjuicy, grilled-to-order burger with our house blended blackening seasoning, blue cheese and savory, smoky bacon jam.
Laredo Burgerspicy, southwest-inspired burger with pepper jack cheese, housemade guacamole and chipotle mayo.$10.50
Veggie Burgerhousemade veggie patty with a lightly grilled outer crust. topped with even more veggies, cause we crazy.$8.50
Smokehouse BBQ Burgera crowd favorite. topped with cheddar cheese, crispy hickory bacon and our signature bbq sauce.$10.50
Old Time Pub Burgergrilled to order and topped with crispy pickles, mayo and mustard. pure, simple and delicious.$9.95
Classic Burgerthe '57 chevy of burgers: cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and red onion.$9.50
Just Hot Enough Burgertopped with crispy jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo and housemade habanero ketchup.$9.95
Bourbonzola Burgerjuicy, grilled-to-order burger topped with woodford reserve bourbon glaze and gorgonzola crumbles.$10.95
Chicken Spinach Burgerground chicken blended with andouille sausage, spinach and bacon, topped with swiss.$9.50
Southwest Turkey Burgerground turkey blended with peppers, onions and avocado, topped with pepper jack cheese.$8.50
2am Burgertopped with hashbrowns, american cheese, smoked bacon and a sunshiny fried egg.$10.95
Avocado Chicken Sandwichgrilled chicken sandwich topped with avocado, swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.$9.95
Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwichcan't-miss barbecue sandwich loaded with pulled pork, signature bbq sauce and apple coleslaw.$9.75
Reuben Sandwichcorned beef or turkey served on caraway rye with swiss cheese, russian dressing and sauerkraut.$9.95
Brewer's Club Sandwichturkey, ham and bacon on toast with cheddar and swiss, tomato and lettuce with chipotle mayo.$9.95
Hickory Bacon Chicken Sandwichgrilled chicken topped with bacon, cheddar and our signature bbq sauce, served on a soft burger bun.$9.95
Warm Donut Holesdonut holes dusted in cinnamon sugar served warm with caramel dipping sauce.$4.50
Triple Chocolate Browniea warm triple chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce and hot fudge.$5.95
Chocolate Stout Cupcakea rock bottom original covered in chocolate stout fudge and topped with silky cream cheese icing.$5.50
Carrot Cakehuge double-portion of our housemade carrot cake with cream cheese walnut frosting.$6.50
Kid's Menu
Hey Kids, Pick Your Favorite Menu Item! All Come With A Kids Beverage And A Yummy Side Dish.
Lil’ Chicken Tenderschicken breast strips grilled or fried. served with ranch dipping sauce.$5.50
Rocky’s Burgerjuicy burger on a butter toasted bun, with or without cheese.$5.50
Mac-N-Cheesythe perfect kid-sized amount of macaroni and cheese.$5.50
Small-Fry Steaka grilled choice top sirloin. sliced so you don’t have to!$6.75
Buttered Noodlesa bowl of noodles tossed in a buttery sauce.$4.95
Grilled Cheesegolden, cheesy, and oh-so-good!$4.95
Make-Your-Own-Pizzawe’ll give you the dough, cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni, the rest is up to you! (this does not include a side dish.)$5.50
Side Dishes
French Fries
Seasonal Vegetables
White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Dessert $2.50
Make-Your-Own Sundaeyou can build the perfect sundae from two scoops of vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry!
Root Beer Floatour very own root beer poured over vanilla ice cream.
Pepsifree refills on soft drinks only
Diet Pepsifree refills on soft drinks only
Mistfree refills on soft drinks only
Mountain Dewfree refills on soft drinks only
Root Beer
Chocolate Milk
Yeah, We've Got A Brewmaster. And Yeah, We're Crazy About Beer. But You'll Never Hear Us Utter A Bad Word About An Exciting Cocktail Before A Meal Or A Smooth Drink To Cap Off The Night.
Margaritasmexican cocktail featuring tequila, fruit juices and liqueurs, served frozen or on-the-rocks.
Mojitostraditional cuban highball with simple syrup, lime juice, white rum, sparkling water and mint.
Specialty Cocktailssangrias, seasonal spirits and signature cocktails. dare us to surprise you.
Martinisgin and vermouth, shaken (007) or stirred (civilian), finished with an olive or a lemon twist.
Skinny Cocktailswho says healthy eating and great drinks can't coexist? ask about these trim alternates.
Mixed Drinkstake liquor. add not-liquor. if you're looking for a drink that never goes wrong, you'll find it here.
Southwest Lemonadehousemade lemonade with a blast of award-winning, 100% agave tres agaves tequila. try. you will like.
Our Beer
There's Beer, And Then There's Our Beer: Clean, Classic Recipes, Brewed In-House By Your Local Boss Of Beer. Before We Slide The First Pint Glass Down The Bar, Your Rock Bottom Brewmaster Has To Give It The Nod. If It's Not Right, It Never Touches Your Li
Brewmaster's Choiceexpertly crafted, one-of-a-kind beers to elevate your notions of what a great brew can be.
Red Aleflavorful and complex, balancing lightly toasted malt notes with robust and fruity crystal hops.
White Alebrewed with two-row malted barley and wheat, with a hint of orange peel and coriander.
India Pale Alebrewed from hand-selected hops from the pacific northwest, with a bold citrus hop flavor.
Specialty Darka rotating selection of unique stouts, porters and other special dark beers.
Kolschthis golden, straw-colored ale is light in body with subtle fruit flavors and a crisp, floral hop finish.
Spring Lagerour brewmaster just brewed a refreshing spring lager that's sure to put a spring in your step. order. drink. smile.
Wine Selection
You May Have Noticed We're All About Craft Beer At Rock Bottom. But Don't Think For A Second We Don't Appreciate A Great Glass Of Wine With The Right Meal. That's Why We'll Always Have A Selection Of Delicious Reds, Whites, Blends And Special Wines Availa
Alternativesblends and zins, rieslings and malbecs. when you're looking for something a little different.
Merlotthe go-to medium-bodied red wine for grilled meats and seafood. great first red for white wine drinkers.
Cabernet Sauvignonchoose this medium to full-bodied red for a great companion to red meats and strong cheeses.
Pinot Noirrare, versatile, goes-with-everything red wine. particularly great with poultry and creamy sauces.
Chardonnaythe world's #1 white wine variety. great with pork and seafood. ranges from lightly sweet to surprisingly dry.
Sparkling Winecelebrate good times, come on. it's a celebration. make it official with on of our fine selections of bubbly.


This restaurant and brewery first opened its doors back in 1991 at Denver, Colorado. It was founded by the multi-brand restaurant operator CraftWorks Restaurant & Brewery, Inc.

It now has 30 branches scattered around America. Since opening, it has won several awards such as the 2014 Gold World Beer Cup Belgian Strong Pale Ale and the 2016 Gold World Beer Cup American-Belgo-Style Ale to name a few.


This restaurant is really a cool place to let loose. Aside from the classic brewery theme (complete with the tanks and stuff), good music, fantastic beer and grub awaits you.

The food was great, especially the burgers and the steak that were both juicy and tender. I would also recommend you try their massive beer selection.

Try ordering the beer flights, which is a selection of craft beers for you to taste. Also order the Bacon Jalapeño poppers to go with those drinks.

Service was awesome and cheerful enough to make you feel relaxed and festive. But you’ll have to wait around 15 minutes or so to get in.

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