Robeks Menu Prices

Robek’s is a fresh juice and smoothie franchise offering an abundance of fruitful options. They are known for their delicious smoothies and acai bowls as well as their juices.

Those visiting Robek’s like the healthy, tasteful choices; the good benefits they bring; and the fast service of the staff members.

Fan Favorites
Strawnana BerrySmall$3.99
Strawnana BerryMedium$4.99
Strawnana BerryLarge$5.99
The HummingbirdSmall$3.99
The HummingbirdMedium$4.99
The HummingbirdLarge$5.99
Mahalo MangoSmall$3.99
Mahalo MangoMedium$4.99
Mahalo MangoLarge$5.99
Classic Flavors
Malibu PeachSmall$3.99
Malibu PeachMedium$4.99
Malibu PeachLarge$5.99
Big WednesdaySmall$3.99
Big WednesdayMedium$4.99
Big WednesdayLarge$5.99
Polar PineappleSmall$3.99
Polar PineappleMedium$4.99
Polar PineappleLarge$5.99
South Pacific SqueezeSmall$3.99
South Pacific SqueezeMedium$4.99
South Pacific SqueezeLarge$5.99
Pina KooladaSmall$3.99
Pina KooladaMedium$4.99
Pina KooladaLarge$5.99
Berry BrillianceSmall$3.99
Berry BrillianceMedium$4.99
Berry BrillianceLarge$5.99
Passionfruit CoveSmall$3.99
Passionfruit CoveMedium$4.99
Passionfruit CoveLarge$5.99
Raspberry RomanceSmall$3.99
Raspberry RomanceMedium$4.99
Raspberry RomanceLarge$5.99
Infinite OrangeSmall$3.99
Infinite OrangeMedium$4.99
Infinite OrangeLarge$5.99
Acai EnergizerMedium$6.39
Acai EnergizerLarge$7.39
Venice BurnerMedium$6.39
Venice BurnerLarge$7.39
Passionfruit PowerMedium$6.39
Passionfruit PowerLarge$7.39
Age BusterMedium$6.39
Age BusterLarge$7.39
Heart HealthMedium$6.39
Heart HealthLarge$7.39
Berry SlimMedium$6.39
Berry SlimLarge$7.39
Pro ArobekMedium$6.39
Pro ArobekLarge$7.39
DR. RobeksMedium$6.39
DR. RobeksLarge$7.39
The ReplenisherMedium$6.39
The ReplenisherLarge$7.39
Healthy HarmonyMedium$6.39
Healthy HarmonyLarge$7.39
800 LB. GorillaMedium$6.79
800 LB. GorillaLarge$7.79
PB&J DelightSmall$3.89
Strawberry SipperSmall$3.89
Mini MangoSmall$3.89
Pineapple Orange PassionSmall$2.99
Pineapple Orange PassionMedium$3.49
Refreshingly RaspberrySmall$2.99
Refreshingly RaspberryMedium$3.49
Fresh Squeezed Juices
Cool CucumberSmall$5.29
Cool CucumberMedium$6.59
Cool CucumberLarge$7.99
King KaleSmall$5.29
King KaleMedium$6.59
King KaleLarge$7.99
Crazy CarrotSmall$5.29
Crazy CarrotMedium$6.59
Crazy CarrotLarge$7.99
Sweet GreenSmall$5.29
Sweet GreenMedium$6.59
Sweet GreenLarge$7.99
Nature's Best
Awesome AcaiMedium$6.29
Awesome AcaiLarge$7.29
Super GreenMedium$6.29
Super GreenLarge$7.29
Greek Yogurt
Emperor AcaiSmall$5.49
Emperor AcaiMedium$6.49
Emperor AcaiLarge$7.49
Spartan BerrySmall$5.49
Spartan BerryMedium$6.49
Spartan BerryLarge$7.49
Strawberry TempleSmall$5.49
Strawberry TempleMedium$6.49
Strawberry TempleLarge$7.49
Naturally CoffeeSmall$4.39
Naturally CoffeeMedium$5.39
Naturally CoffeeLarge$6.39
Naturally MochaSmall$4.39
Naturally MochaMedium$5.39
Naturally MochaLarge$6.39
Iced MochaSmall$4.39
Iced MochaMedium$5.39
Iced MochaLarge$6.39
Acai Especial Bowl$6.59
Fast Break Bowl$6.59
Split Banana Bowl$6.59
Quick Shoots
Lemon / Ginger Shot2 oz.$3.99
Wheat Grass Shot2 oz.$3.99
Acai / Lemon Shot2 oz.$3.99


This healthy smoothie shop began in 1996 and was created by David Robertson, a CEO and former investment banker. They use the best fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients to produce top quality smoothies and juices.

Currently, Robek’s has 90 locations and plans to open more in the coming year.


When arriving here, you’re whisked into a fun, upbeat environment. There are benches and tables so you and your friends or family can sit and enjoy your fruit of choice.

With an extensive menu, choosing which smoothie or fruit bowl may be a bit of a challenge, however; employees are there to assist and recommend their favorites.

Some of these recommended options are the: strawberry and banana smoothie, hummingbird smoothie, peanut butter smoothie, and the acai bowl.

The employees here at Robek’s are affable and they provide quick service. Find a store near you to enjoy the goodness of a smoothie, acai bowl, or juice!

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