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Pizza Ranch is a private restaurant originating from Hull Iowa. The franchise offers customers a “fast casual” dining experience. There are several dining options available. There is a buffet with pizza, vegetables such as peas and corn, and salads. Other options for food include make your own pizzas, Ranch packs, and various delectable deserts.

The company has had strong growth in the areas of Midwest America. It is a Christian organization, hoping to glorify God by helping the world around them. The chain makes about $155,017 million a year. Employees of the restaurants have been awarded $2,000 by the franchise and the Coca-Cola Company.  Its headquarters is in Orange City Iowa.



Thin, Original or Skillet Crust
Create Your OwnMini$2.99
Create Your OwnSmall$6.00
Create Your OwnMedium$10.00
Create Your OwnLarge$12.00

House Special Pizzas

Thin, Original or Skillet Crust. Hearty Tomato or Alfredo Pizza Sauce.
Bacon CheeseburgerMini$2.99
Bacon CheeseburgerSmall$6.00
Bacon CheeseburgerMedium$10.00
Bacon CheeseburgerLarge$12.00
BBQ ChickenMini$2.99
BBQ ChickenSmall$6.00
BBQ ChickenMedium$10.00
BBQ ChickenLarge$12.00
Bronco (All Meat)Mini$2.99
Bronco (All Meat)Small$6.00
Bronco (All Meat)Medium$10.00
Bronco (All Meat)Large$12.00
Buffalo ChickenMini$2.99
Buffalo ChickenSmall$6.00
Buffalo ChickenMedium$10.00
Buffalo ChickenLarge$12.00
California ChickenMini$2.99
California ChickenSmall$6.00
California ChickenMedium$10.00
California ChickenLarge$12.00
Chicken & Basil SedonaMini$2.99
Chicken & Basil SedonaSmall$6.00
Chicken & Basil SedonaMedium$10.00
Chicken & Basil SedonaLarge$12.00
Chicken Bacon RanchMini$2.99
Chicken Bacon RanchSmall$6.00
Chicken Bacon RanchMedium$10.00
Chicken Bacon RanchLarge$12.00
Chicken Broccoli AlfredoMini$2.99
Chicken Broccoli AlfredoSmall$6.00
Chicken Broccoli AlfredoMedium$10.00
Chicken Broccoli AlfredoLarge$12.00
Mac N CheeseMini$2.99
Mac N CheeseSmall$6.00
Mac N CheeseMedium$10.00
Mac N CheeseLarge$12.00
Prairie (Veggie)Mini$2.99
Prairie (Veggie)Small$6.00
Prairie (Veggie)Medium$10.00
Prairie (Veggie)Large$12.00
Stampede (Everything)Mini$2.99
Stampede (Everything)Small$6.00
Stampede (Everything)Medium$10.00
Stampede (Everything)Large$12.00
Sweet SwineMini$2.99
Sweet SwineSmall$6.00
Sweet SwineMedium$10.00
Sweet SwineLarge$12.00
Texan TacoMini$2.99
Texan TacoSmall$6.00
Texan TacoMedium$10.00
Texan TacoLarge$12.00
Tuscan RomaMini$2.99
Tuscan RomaSmall$6.00
Tuscan RomaMedium$10.00
Tuscan RomaLarge$12..00

Gluten-Free Pizzas

Gluten-Free Create Your Own$10.00
Gluten-Free House Specials$10.00


Garlic Bread - Single4 Pc.$3.49
Garlic Bread - Family$6.49
Garlic Cheese Bread - Single4 Pc.$4.99
Garlic Cheese Bread - Family8 Pc.$7.99
Ranch Stix - Single$3.49
Ranch Stix - Family$4.49
Cheese Ranch Stix - Single$4.99
Cheese Ranch Stix - Family$7.99
Cheese Ranch Stix - Party$9.99
Hot Wings - Single6 Pc.$6.49
Hot Wings - Family12 Pc.$10.49
Hot Wings - Party24 Pc.$18.99
Chicken Fries - Single16 Pc.$4.99
Chicken Fries - Family32 Pc.$6.99


Bacon & Chicken Wrap$6.99
Caesar Wrap$6.99
BBQ Wrap$6.99


Garden Salad$4.49
Chef Salad$5.49
Chicken Fiesta Salad$5.49
Sweet Sunshine Salad$4.99
Taco Salad$6.49


Fruit Dessert PizzaSmall$7.99
Fruit Dessert PizzaMedium$9.99
Fruit Dessert PizzaLarge$11.99
Cactus BreadSmall$5.99
Cactus BreadMedium$7.99
Cactus BreadLarge$9.99

Chicken Boxes

Chicken - Dark Meat8 Pc.$14.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - Dark Meat8 Pc.$16.49
Chicken - White Meat8 Pc.$16.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - White Meat8 Pc.$20.49
Chicken - Dark Meat10 Pc.$15.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - Dark Meat10 Pc.$17.49
Chicken - White Meat10 Pc.$17.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - White Meat10 Pc.$21.49
Chicken - Dark Meat12 Pc.$17.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - Dark Meat12 Pc.$19.49
Chicken - White Meat12 Pc.$20.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - White Meat12 Pc.$24.49
Chicken - Dark Meat16 Pc.$24.49
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - Dark Meat16 Pc.$32.99
Chicken - White Meat16 Pc.$28.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - White Meat16 Pc.$36.99
Chicken - Dark Meat20 Pc.$27.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - Dark Meat20 Pc.$35.99
Chicken - White Meat20 Pc.$32.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken - White Meat20 Pc.$40.99

Chicken Dinners

Includes Potatoes, Cole Slaw & Biscuit
Chicken Dinner2 Pc.$7.49
Chicken Dinner3 Pc.$8.49
Chicken Dinner4 Pc.$9.49


SodaBottle (20 oz.)$1.79
SodaBottle (2 Liter)$2.99
WaterBottle (20 oz.)$1.79


Ranch Wedges8 Pc.$3.99
Ranch Wedges16 Pc.$5.99
Ranch ChipsSingle$2.49
Waffle FriesSingle$3.49
Cole SlawSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Cole SlawFamily (Feeds 4-6)$6.99
Cole SlawParty (Feeds 10-12)$13.99
Potato SaladSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Potato SaladFamily (Feeds 4-6)$9.99
Potato SaladParty (Feeds 10-12)$18.99
Macaroni SaladSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Macaroni SaladFamily (Feeds 4-6)$9.99
Macaroni SaladParty (Feeds 10-12)$18.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravySingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravyFamily (Feeds 4-6)$6.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravyParty (Feeds 10-12)$13.99
CornSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
CornFamily (Feeds 4-6)$5.99
CornParty (Feeds 10-12)$12.99
Green BeansSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Green BeansFamily (Feeds 4-6)$5.99
Green BeansParty (Feeds 10-12)$12.99


Sour Cream$0.25
Biscuit1 Pc.$0.79
Biscuits6 Pc.$3.49


Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 by co-founders Adrie Groeneweg and Lawrence Vander Esch. The first restaurant was opened in 1981, in Hull Iowa. 2 years later the second location was in Orange City Iowa. Mr. Esch was removed from the company’s site’s official history. This is because of issues involving his treatment of employees.

The franchise found success in its Hometown of Hull Iowa. Originally the company offered just five pizza flavors: Hawaiian (Sweet Swine), Taco, deluxe (Roundup), Meat Lover’s (Bronco), Veggie Lover’s (Prairie), and Sagebrush. The chain expanded to include the buffet menu. The buffet was only offered on Tuesday nights.

Soon the afternoon buffet menu was offered. By the chain’s 5th anniversary there were 10 locations. By the 10th anniversary the number of restaurants more than quintupled with 52 locations. More success was found in the year 1996, when by it gained 80 restaurants. Eventually the company’s 100th was opened in the year 2003. As of now there are 165 plus locations in the country.

Pizza Ranch is continuing to grow to this day. A Culinary Research and Development Director was hired in 2009. This new employee helped to give the company new menu items that soon become very popular. The chain moved its headquarters in 2007. The new headquarters changed from Hull to Orange City Iowa. 


The menu of Pizza Ranch has great variety. Their buffet has options ranging from pizzas to fried chicken, mashed potatoes to potato wedges, and soft-serve ice cream to other types of deserts. There are quite a few recommended menu items. The salad bar offers a great many options for dressing up and creating a salad. The chain also serves quite a few types of pizzas, such as the Roundup™ and Taco.

The price of most of the foods of the franchise are in-between expensive and cheap. The lunch buffet option costs around $9.00. While it costs about $10.00 for a dinner and weekend buffet. Other foods include the medium BBQ Chicken for about $14.00, and the medium Steak and Onion for another $14.00.

Several restaurants have hygiene problems. Several customers have had issues ranging from very dirty tables to poor bathroom conditions. As such, the staff is very hit or miss. Some customers have reported problems such as poor waiting while others have had an excellent time with the staff. The ambiance is Western style, with cowboys and various tongue-in-cheek wooden signs.

There are a few locations in the United State. The franchise is concentrated in Midwest America with locations in states such as Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, and Colorado. It is the largest regional pizza company in this area. Wait times will peak around the weekends and nights. The company offers several coupons on its site.


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