Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices

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Mountain Mike’s Pizza is a chain restaurant located along the West Coast of America. The restaurant offers a calm environment suitable for a family set up. Currently, the restaurant has a reputable brand with more than 160 franchises. The franchises are located in California, Oregon and Utah. The restaurant has different food offerings, ranging from pasta, pizza to chicken-wings.

With more than thirty years of experience, Mountain Mike’s Pizza is holding quick to maintain its top-notch services. The franchise does not bargain on quality, and constantly makes the best pizzas in the market! From the start, the goal of the restaurant has been straightforward. It aims to give high caliber of food while utilizing just the best ingredients accessible.



Create Your OwnMini$5.99
Create Your OwnSmall$11.99
Create Your OwnMedium$14.99
Create Your OwnLarge$17.99
Create Your OwnMountain$29.99
Diamond Head or St. HelensMini$6.99
Diamond Head or St. HelensSmall$12.99
Diamond Head or St. HelensMedium16.99
Diamond Head or St. HelensLarge$20.99
Diamond Head or St. HelensMountain$32.99
All Other PizzasMini$8.99
All Other PizzasSmall$14.99
All Other PizzasMedium$21.99
All Other PizzasLarge$25.99
All Other PizzasMountain$39.99


Mountain Hero Sandwich$6.99
Salami Sandwich$6.99
Pastrami Sandwich$6.99
Pizza Sandwich$7.99
Ham Sandwich$6.99
L.A. Hot Sandwich$7.99
Grilled Chicken Breast$7.95




Garlic Sticks$4.99
Buffalo Wings6 Pc.$5.99
Buffalo Wings12 Pc.$9.99
Buffalo Wings24 Pc.$16.99
Mozzarella Sticks8 Pc.$5.99
Garlic Bread$3.99
Garlic Sticks With Cheese$5.99
Garlic Bread With Cheese$4.99
French Fries$2.99
Chicken Tenders5 Pc.$6.99
Onion Rings$4.99


Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Diet Pepsi2 Liter$2.99
Sierra Mist2 Liter$2.99
Root Beer2 Liter$2.99
Dr. Pepper2 Liter$2.99


The restaurant began its operations in 1978, out in the Bay Area, in Palo Alto, California. Humorously enough, it was begun by one of the principals from a West Coast competitor, Round Table Pizza. He wandered off all alone with his beautiful wife and came up with the idea of Mountain Mike’s Pizza.

The pizza restaurant was created to offer what he felt was a superior quality item to his clients. His experience working at Round Table Pizza helped in setting the base of operations. Being an outgoing person, he was able to interact with his clients and grow the restaurant to over 160 franchises.

Once the idea took off back in the Bay Area, the man who began the establishment imagined of an easygoing franchising idea. Franchising the idea was not that easy. He had to conduct huge promoting and PR to get the name and the brand out there. Fortunately for him, the restaurant business took off.

He was great at promoting and setting up a brand-name, and that is truly how he succeeded in setting up the restaurant. Currently, the man who possesses the establishment now is not the first proprietor, but rather has had it for around fifteen to sixteen years.


Mountain Mike’s Pizza offers excellent food products in the market, well prepared for their clients. Their menu offers a variety of items including 8 sorts of sandwiches, such as, Meatball, Mountain-Hero, Salami and Grilled Chicken-Sandwich. In case you’re searching for something extra, they additionally have servings of mixed greens and starters to enjoy from.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza prices are quite similar to those of other neighborhood pizza chains. Their new lunch-buffet is around $ 5 and is accessible from 11a.m -2p.m, Monday to Sunday. They have a supper buffet on Wednesday evenings for around $ 7. They have daily specials and at present, pizzas are offered at a 50% discounts on Tuesdays.

Mountain Mike’s is a pizza parlor with conveyance. It has as of late re branded. In terms of hygiene, the restaurant is spotless. It is well refurbished and has a well disposed staff. The ambiance of the establishment is for the most part calm and easygoing.

The company has around 166 franchises in the West Coast that offers an expansive assortment of pizzas. The proprietors, trusts that you’ll come into the restaurant and see the immense services they offer. They aim to make the restaurant a spot where you visit frequently and hang out with your family and companions.


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