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philly pretzel factory

Philly Pretzel Factory is a chain of restaurants that serves soft pretzels all day. It is a unique restaurant chain specialising in “Philly Style” pretzels that are served fresh and hand-twisted at each location. Philly Pretzel Factory prides itself in selling pretzels that contain 0 fat, trans fat and cholesterol but are a rich source of protein with about 14g per pretzel.

Today the franchise has over 150 locations, making it the largest bakery serving “Philly Style” pretzels. In addition to its famous pretzels, the chain offers a variety of dips and specialty items, including different types of mustards as well as pretzel dogs, cheesesteaks and sausages.


The Pretzels

Real Pretzel1 Pc.$1.25
Real Pretzels3 Pc.$3.00
Real Pretzels5 Pc.$4.00
Real Pretzels10 Pc.$6.00
Real Pretzels20 Pc.$8.00
Real Pretzels25 Pc.$13.00
Real Pretzels50 Pc.$20.00
Real Pretzels100 Pc.$39.00
Mini Pretzels (Row of 5)$2.50
Crowd Pleaser (25 Pretzels & a Bottle of Mustard)$13.00

Specialty Items

Pretzel Hot Dog$2.00
Spicy Pretzel Sausage$2.50
Cheesesteak Pretzel$4.50
Cinnamon Pretzel Twist$2.00
Rivet BoxSmall$3.00
Rivet BoxLarge$7.00
Rivets Shaker$2.50


Soft DrinkSmall$1.50
Soft DrinkLarge$3.00


Super Hot Mustard$0.25
Spicy Brown Mustard$0.25
Yellow Mustard$0.25
Honey Mustard$0.50
Melted Cheddar Cheese$0.50
Philly Cream Cheese$0.50
Buttercreme Dip$0.75
Cinnamon Dip$0.75
Chocolate Dip$0.75

Catering Party Trays

Original Half Size Party Tray – Flavored Pretzel Rods with (2) 8 oz. Dips$21.00
Original Full Size Party Tray – Flavored Pretzel Rods with (3) 8 oz. Dips$30.00
Rivets Half Size Party Tray – Bite Size Pretzels with (2) 8 oz. Dips$21.00
Rivets Full Size Party Tray – Bite Size Pretzels with (3) 8 oz. Dips$30.00
Mini Pretzel Party Tray - with (3) 8 oz. Dips$30.00
Combo Party Tray – Pretzel Dogs & Rivets with (2) 8 oz. Dips$30.00


While Philly Pretzel Factory is now a fully developed restaurant chain that has expanded to hundreds of locations in over 12 states, its beginnings were small. It was founded in 1995 by two college roommates, Dan DiZio and Len Lehman whose main aim was to create a local brand steeped in the city’s pretzel-loving history.

The first Factory opened in the Mayfair area in the Northeastern part of Philadelphia in 1998. The main goal was to offer fresh soft “Philly Style” pretzels to customers all day. The concept ended up being very successful, so much so that by the end of the first year Dan and Len started receiving offers to franchise their restaurant.

In 2004, the plan to franchise the brand was realised with the founding of Soft Pretzel Franchise Systems, Inc. In 2007, around 45 stores opened and the number has continued to grow in spite of the recession. Today, a lot of franchise owners own multiple stores as the model is so profitable.

The number 1 store remains the first one they opened in Mayfair and the menu remains largely in line with the original aim of the business – to sell oven-fresh pretzels with simple ingredients and unique sauces to all customers.


The Philly Pretzel Factory menu centers around traditional pretzels – the regular pretzel, mini pretzel, pretzel twist and the ‘crowd pleaser’ which consists of 25 pieces and a choice of 3 sauces. These pretzels are the most popular items and the ones the restaurant has built its name on. The regular soft pretzel is about $2 for a pack of 4 pretzels, while 25 pretzels cost as little as $9.

Considering that pretzels are a popular snack food that people like to buy for parties and gatherings, the restaurant offers a number of different party trays with pretzels that are bite-size or larger. The large trays, serving between 20 and 25 people cost around $25-30, while the smaller ones intended for 10-12 people can be purchased for $20.

Apart from the traditional pretzels, the Philly Pretzel Factory is famous for its range of free signature sauces, which includes the SuperHot Mustard, Original Yellow Mustard, Honey Mustard, Spicy Brown Mustard as well as the popular Cheese Dip. In addition, customers enjoy the variety of specialty items on offer, such as the Pretzel Cheesesteak, Cinnamon Pretzel Twist as well as the Pepperoni Pretzel Melt.

The franchise is generally clean and offers quick service. The pretzels are served hot and the condiments are free. In general, customers are satisfied with the quality and quantity of food for the given price. However, some customers have suggested that the pretzels are not as fresh as they expected them to be and that the taste is not the same as the traditional Philadelphia street vendor pretzel.


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