Paisano’s Menu prices

Paisano’s Pizza is known to serve more than your regular Italian Pizza. This pizza parlor also has a menu that features burgers, pasta, chicken wings, salads, and more.

In case you or your friends can’t decide where to eat, you know that Paisano’s Pizza may have a thing or two ready for you.

Garlic Bread$3.50
Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.00
Garlic Bruschetta$4.50
Garlic Bruschetta$6.95
Eggplant Rolatini (2)$6.95
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato$6.95
Chicken Tenders (5)$7.95
Buffalo Wings (5)Sauces: mild, medium, hot, sweet BBQ spicy BBQ, paisano spicy$8.25
Fried CalamariServed with hot or sweet marinara. Both sauce add $1.00$9.95
Sausage and Broccoli RabeRed or white$9.95
Mussels Marinara or Fra Diavolo$10.95
Chicken Fingers & French Fries$9.95
Paisano's ComboMozzarella sticks, french fries chicken tenders$10.95
Zuppa Di Clams Red or White$11.95
Broccoli RabeWith garlic and white beans$8.95
Side Salad$3.95
Garden SaladMixed lettuce, chopped tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red onions, green olives, house vinaigrette$7.95
Arugla SaladRed onions, chopped tomatoes, balsamic vinegar with gorgonzola add $1.00$7.95
Caesar SaladRomaine hearts, focaccia croutons, parmesan cheese & creamy dressing$7.95
Paisano's SaladMixed lettuce, chopped tomatoes, green & kalamata olives, red onions, carrots, cucumbers, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, focaccia croutons & balsamic vinaigrette$7.95
Antipasto Salad$8.95
Chef's SaladChicken add $3.00, shrimp add $4.00$8.95
Tuna SaladGarden salad with fresh tuna salad$8.95
Pasta Fagioli$3.50 - $6.25
Minestrone$3.50 - $6.25
Chicken Vegetable$3.50 - $6.25
Soup of the Day$6.95
Substitute fresh veal in any entree for an additional $2.00. Add side garden salad for an additional $0.99 to any dish
Chicken Parimigiana$11.95 - $15.95
Chicken Marsala$11.95 - $15.95
Chicken GorgonzolaCreamy sauce, red onions, chopped tomato, and gorgonzola$12.95 - $16.95
Chicken FranceseEgg batter, white wine, and lemon sauce$11.95 - $15.95
Chicken Della CasaChicken, proscuitto, spinach, sundried tomato, and red onion in a pink sauce$12.95 - $16.95
Linguine Garlic & Oil$10.95 - $12.95
Spaghetti Marinara$10.95 - $12.95
Spaghetti with Meatballs or Sausage$12.95 - $14.95
Fettucine BoscalolaDemi-cream sauce, ground beef, mushrooms, peas, proscuitto & onions$12.95 - $14.95
Fettucine Alfredo$11.95 - $13.95
Linguine PomodoroManinara, onions, & proscuito$9.95 - $11.95
Linguine PuttanescaManinara, capers, anchovies, black olives & basil$11.95 - $13.95
Penne Vodka$11.95 - $13.95
Penne Con PolloPink sauce, onions, chicken, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes & basil$12.95 - $14.95
Penne CapreseSausage, roasted peppers, tomatoes, spinach & garlic sauce$10.95 - $12.95
Rigatoni GorgonzolaCreamy sauce, with onions, chopped tomatoes & gorgonzola$12.95 - $14.95
Rigatoni BologneseVeal meat sauce with touch of cream$12.95 - $14.95
Tortellini PaisanoPink sauce, red onions, mushrooms, ham, peas parmesan cheese$12.95 - $14.95
Tortellini FlorentinaSpinach onions, chicken, chopped tomatoes & pink sauce$10.95 - $12.95
Cavatelli Broccoli$10.95 - $12.95
Cavatelli PrimaveraRoasted garlic, fresh vegetables, roasted peppers, tomatoes, basil & parmesan cheese$12.95 - $14.95
Broccoli & Garlic$11.95 - $13.95
Nonna$12.95 - $14.95
Al Forno Pasta
Ravioli$10.95 - $12.95
Baked Ziti$10.95 - $12.95
Stuffed Shells$11.95 - $13.95
Baked Ziti SicillanoGround beef & eggplant$11.95 - $13.95
LasagnaGround beef & sausage$13.95 - $13.95
Eggplant Rollatini with Pasta$11.95 - $13.95
Eggplant Parmigiana with Pasta$11.95 - $13.95
Manicotti$11.95 - $13.95
Veal Milanese over SaladSauteed cutlets over a bed of mixed greens with dressing & gorgonzola cheese$14.95 - $16.95
Veal Marsala over PastaSauteed cutlets in marsala wine with mushrooms$14.95 - $16.95
Veal Parmigiana over PastaMozzarella cheese & rogue sauce$14.95 - $16.95
Veal Piccata over PastaSauteed cutlets with mushrooms & capers in a white wine lemon sauce$12.95 - $15.95
Hot Subs
ParmigianaChoice of chicken, sausage, eggplant, or meatball$7.95
Chicken Cutlet$7.95
Sausage & Peppers$7.95
CheesesteakToppings extra $0.25$7.95
Grilled Chicken$7.95
Grilled Chicken CheesesteakToppings extra $0.25$7.95
Veal Parmigiana$8.95
Chicken TrentinoChicken cutlet with broccoli rabe, fresh mozzarella & roasted peppers$8.95
Shrimp ParmigianaAdditional toppings $0.25$8.95
Peppers & Eggs$6.95
Potatoes & Eggs$6.95
Cold Subs
Choice of yellow american, swiss, mozzarella & provolone fresh mozzarella add $0.50
Ham and Cheese$6.95
Italian Sub$7.95
Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Pepper & Tomato Sub$7.95
Tuna Lettuce, Tomato & Onion with Oil & Vinegar$6.95
Turkey and Cheese$7.95
Roast Beef and Cheese$7.95
Capicola, Sopresata, Provolone$8.95
Prosciutto, Sopresata, Provolone$8.95
Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato$8.95
Shrimp Francese over PastaEgg batter, white wine, lemon sauce$12.95 - $16.95
Mussels Marinara or Fra Diavolo over Linguine$11.95 - $15.95
Shrimp Vodka over Penne$12.95 - $16.95
Shrimp Scampi over LinguineGarlic white wine sauce with touch of lemon$12.95 - $16.95
Red or White Clam Sauce over Linguine$12.95 - $16.95
Shrimp Della Casa SpaghettiPink sauce, prosciutto, red onion, spinach sundried tomatoes$13.95 - $17.95
Mussels and Shrimp Al Fresco over SpaghettiGarlic, chopped tomatoes, parsley, broth, olive oil$13.95 - $17.95
Seafood Alfredo over FettuccineScallops & shrimp in cream sauce$13.95 - $17.95
Frutti Di Mare over SpaghettiMussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, calamari red or white sauce, spicy or mild. Add side garden salad for an additional $0.99 to any dish$14.95 - $18.95
Sauteed Calimari Marinara over Pasta$11.95 - $15.95
Sauteed Shrimp Marinara over Pasta$12.95 - $16.95
Shrimp Parmigiana over Pasta$13.95 - $17.95
Neapolitan Pizza
Pepperoni$1.00 - $4.00
Sausage$1.00 - $4.00
Mushrooms$1.00 - $4.00
Peppers$1.00 - $4.00
Onions$1.00 - $4.00
Anchovies$1.00 - $4.00
Bacon$1.00 - $4.00
Zucchini$1.00 - $4.00
Eggplant$1.00 - $4.00
Meatball$1.00 - $4.00
Carrots$1.00 - $4.00
Broccoli$1.00 - $4.00
Peas$1.00 - $4.00
Black Olives$1.00 - $4.00
Hot Peppers$1.00 - $4.00
Fresh Mozzarella$1.00 - $4.00
Ricotta Cheese$1.00 - $4.00
Sun-Dried Tomatoes$1.00 - $4.00
Roasted Peppers$1.00 - $4.00
Broccoli Rabe$1.00 - $4.00
Prtobello Mushrooms$1.00 - $4.00
Artichoke Hearts$1.00 - $4.00
Chicken & Shrimp$1.00 - $4.00
Neapolitan Pizza - Gourmet Red
Cheese$7.50 - $18.00
The JimmyExtra thin with extra sauce, light cheese, oregano & fresh garlic$9.00 - $26.00
Ziti Pizza$9.50 - $26.00
Paisano's Works PiePepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green peppers, onions, and anchovies$10.50 - $26.00
MargheritaPlum tomato sauce, olive oil, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella$9.50 - $26.00
Monte CarloPlum tomato sauce, olive oil, fresh basil, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella$11.50 - $26.00
Meat LoversPepperoni, sausage, meatball, ham, bacon and ground beef$11.50 - $26.00
Chicken ParmigianaChicken cutlets, mozzarella, homemade ragu sauce$10.75 - $26.00
Broccoli Rabi & SausageSausage, Broccoli rabe, plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & fresh garlic$10.75 - $26.00
Eggplant ParmigianaBreaded eggplant, ragu sauce, fresh mozzarella$10.75 - $26.00
VeggiePlumb tomato sauce, broccoli, tomato, onions, mushrooms & peppers$9.50 - $26.00
Hawaiian RedHam and pineapple$10.50 - $26.00
GrandmaThin crust sicilian, plumb tomato sauce, fresh basil, fresh garlic & light cheese$18.00
OmarFocaccia sicilian with tomato, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers & basil$20.00
Neapolitan Pizza - Gourmet White
BLTBacon, lettuce, and tomato with mayonnaise$10.00 - $26.00
BlancaMozzarella, ricotta & fresh garlic$9.50 - $20.00
Broccoli or Spinach with Ricotta$10.00 - $26.00
CapriFresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil & olive oil$10.00 - $26.00
HawaiianMozzarella, ricotta, ham & pineapple$10.50 - $26.00
Vodka SaucePink vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, grated cheese & basil$9.50 - $26.00
Shrimp Scampi PizzaMozzarella, garlic & shrimp$11.50 - $26.00
GorgonzolaGorgonzola, chicken, tomatoes, red onion & mozzarella$10.50 - $26.00
Salad PizzaWhite pie w/mixed greens, chopped tomatoes red onions, carrots, fresh mozzarella & balsamic vinaigrette$9.50 - $26.00
Buffalo ChickenChicken breast tossed in homade buffalo sauce, mozzarella$10.50 - $26.00
BBQ ChickenChicken breast tossed in a homemade hickory smoked sauce, mozzarella$10.50 - $26.00
Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken breast, broccoli, fresh tomato$10.50 - $26.00
Stuffed MeatMozarella, meatball, sausage & pepperoni, sauce on side$24.00
Stuffed VegetableMozzarella, broccoli, tomato, onion, peppers & mushrooms, sauce on side$24.00
Baked Specialties
Additional toppings small $1.00, medium $2.00, large $2.00
Calzone Cheese$6.00 - $16.50
Calzone Ham and Cheese$7.00 - $17.50
StromboliChoice of one meat with vegetables with vegetables, mushrooms, peppers and onions$6.00 - $16.50
Sausage RollSausage, mushrooms, peppers and onions$6.00 - $16.50
Chicken RollChicken, mushrooms, peppers and onions$6.00 - $16.50
Side Orders
French Fries$2.95
Meatballs or Sausage (3)$5.95
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe or Broccoli$5.95
Children's Menu
Penne with Meatball$5.95
Macaroni and Cheese$5.95
Ravioli (3) and Meatball (1)$5.95
Chicken Fingers (3) and French Fries$5.95
Kid's ComboChicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, & french fries$6.95


This Italian pizzeria opened its first restaurant back in 1998. They are now also active in the communities that have embraced them through the years, lending a helping hand (or pizza) to the local law enforcement.

Right now, it there are 39 branches in the country. And over the next few months, they will be opening around seven more.


It’s spacious restaurant that has a lovely wooden theme. I liked how wide the pathways were in this restaurant and the spaces between tables. It’s a nice place to bring the kids.

The pizza was delicious! I’m a fan of its dough; it wasn’t too gooey nor was hard. The veggies on it were also fresh, which is a plus. I also liked the amount of cheese and tomato sauce there was on the pizza.

Try their margherita pizza. You’ll surely love that it’s loaded with cheese and just the right amount of tomato sauce. The pasta was good too. Its noodles were cooked to perfection, while the sauce was sweet and tasty.

Service was impressive. Their staff is well trained and can start good conversations. It was a plus that I didn’t have to wait to get a seat inside.

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