New China Menu prices

New China isn’t your ordinary Chinese restaurant. As its name suggest, they offer a modern twist to the traditional Chinese recipes for you to try.

This restaurant is offers more than the usual Chinese joint. You’ll want to keep coming back for its fresh food, friendly staff, and quick service.

American Specialties
Fried Half Chicken$3.25
Fried Half Chickenw/ Fried rice or french fries$4.25
Fried Half Chickenw/ Pork, or chicken fried rice$4.75
Fried Half Chickenw/ Beef or shrimp fried rice$5.65
Fried Chicken Wings$2.65
Fried Chicken Wingsw/ Fried rice or french fries$3.75
Fried Chicken Wingsw/ Pork, or chicken fried rice$4.15
Fried Chicken Wingsw/ Beef or shrimp fried rice$4.85
Fried Fish$3.15
Fried Fishw/ Fried rice or french fries$3.95
Fried Fishw/ Pork, or chicken fried rice$4.65
Fried Fishw/ Beef or shrimp fried rice$5.65
Fried Baby Shrimp$3.75
Fried Baby Shrimpw/ Fried rice or french fries$4.25
Fried Baby Shrimpw/ Pork, or chicken fried rice$4.65
Fried Baby Shrimpw/ Beef or shrimp fried rice$5.65
Fried Spare Rib Tips$4.00
Fried Spare Rib Tipsw/ Fried rice or french fries$4.75
Fried Spare Rib Tipsw/ Pork, or chicken fried rice$4.65
Fried Jumbo Shrimp$5.00
Fried Jumbo Shrimpw/ Fried rice or french fries$5.50
Fried Jumbo Shrimpw/ Pork, or chicken fried rice$6.00
Fried Jumbo Shrimpw/ Beef or shrimp fried rice$6.50
Apple Stick$3.00
1. Egg Drop Soup$1.25 - $2.45
2. Chicken Rice or Noodle Soup$1.30 - $2.50
3. Wonton Soup$1.60 - $2.75
4. Wonton Egg Drop Mixed$1.80 - $3.25
5. Bean Curd Vegetable Soup$3.25
6. Hot & Sour Soup$1.90 - $3.50
7. Country Style Vegetable Soup$1.75 - $3.25
8. Triple Delight Soup$4.50
9. Pork Egg Roll$1.10
10. Vegetable Roll (1)$1.30
11. Shrimp Egg Roll$1.30
12. Crispy Spring Roll$1.30
13. Fried or Steamed Dumpling Pork (8)$4.65
14. Fried or Steamed Dumpling Vegetable (8)$5.25
15. Fried Wonton (10)$2.85
16. Chicken fingers$4.25
17. Teriyaki Beef (2)$3.75
18. Apple Stick (20)$3.00
19. Shrimp Toast (6)$3.65
20. Wonton in Hot Oil (12)$3.65
21. Crab Rangoon (6)$3.99
22. Cold Noodles w/ Sesame Sauce$3.85
23. Boneless Ribs$5.50 - $9.65
24. BBQ Spare Ribs$5.95 - $10.50
25. Pu Pu Platter2 egg rolls, 2 chicken wings, 2 teriyaki beef, 2 jumbo shrimps, 2 bbq ribs, & 10 chicken fingers$10.95
Fried Rice
26. Plain Fried Rice$2.10 - $3.65
27. Roast Pork Fried Rice$3.20 - $5.85
28. White Meat Chicken Fried Rice$3.20 - $5.85
29. Vegetable Fried Rice$3.10 - $5.65
30. Shrimp Fried Rice$3.85 - $6.85
31. Beef Fried Rice$3.85 - $6.85
32. House Special Fried Rice$4.20 - $7.85
33. Lobster Fried Rice$5.00 - $9.00
Chow Mein
w/ White rice & fried noodles
34. Roast Pork Chow Mein$3.20 - $6.10
35. White Meat Chicken Chow Mein$3.20 - $6.10
36. Vegetable Chow Mein$3.20 - $6.10
37. Shrimp Chow Mein$3.75 - $6.75
38. Beef Chow Mein$3.75 - $6.75
39. Subgum Chicken or Shrimp Chow Mein$3.75 - $6.75
40. House Special Chow Mein$4.25 - $7.75
Chop Suey
w/ White rice
41. Roast Pork Chop Suey$3.95 - $7.15
42. Chicken Chop Suey$3.95 - $7.15
43. Shrimp Chop Suey$4.20 - $7.20
44. Beef Chop Suey$4.20 - $7.20
45. Vegetable Chop Suey$3.75 - $6.95
Lo Mein
46. Plain Lo Mein$3.20 - $6.25
47. Roast Pork Lo Mein$3.75 - $6.75
48. Chicken Lo Mein$3.75 - $6.75
49. Vegetable Lo Mein$3.65 - $6.75
50. Shrimp Lo Mein$3.95 - $6.95
51. Beef Lo Mein$3.95 - $6.95
52. House Special Lo Mein$4.75 - $8.75
53. Lobster Lo Mein$4.95 - $9.40
Egg Foo Young
w/ White rice
54. Roast Pork Egg Foo Young$5.95
55. Chicken Egg Foo Young$5.95
56. Shrimp Egg Foo Young$6.75
57. Beef Egg Foo Young$6.75
58. Crabmeat Egg Foo Young$5.95
59. House Special Egg Foo Young$6.95
60. Vegetable Egg Foo Young$5.65
61. Lobster Egg Foo Young$6.95
w/ White rice
62. Beef w/ Black Bean Sauce$4.95 - $8.65
63. Pepper Steak w/ Onion$4.95 - $8.65
64. Beef w/ Mushroom$4.95 - $8.65
65. Beef w/ Broccoli$4.95 - $8.65
66. Beef w/ Snow Peas$5.50 - $9.35
67. Beef w/ Oyster Sauce$8.65
68. Beef Hunan Style$8.65
69. Beef w/ Chinese Vegetable$8.65
70. Beef in Hot Pepper w/ Peanuts$8.65
71. Beef w/ Garlic Sauce$8.65
72. Shredded Beef Szechuan Style$8.65
73. Beef w/ Scallions$8.65
74. Beef w/ Mixed Vegetable$8.65
75. Beef w/ String Beans$8.65
w/ White rice
76. Roast Pork w/ Black Bean Sauce$4.30 - $7.65
77. Roast Pork w/ Mushrooms$4.30 - $7.65
78. Roast Pork w/ Broccoli$4.30 - $7.65
79. Roast Pork w/ Snow Peas$4.30 - $7.65
80. Roast Pork w/ Garliic Sauce$7.65
81. Double Sauteed Sliced Pork$7.65
82. Sliced Pork Sauteed w/ Scallions$7.65
83. Shredded Pork w/ Peking Sauce$7.65
84. Roast Pork w/ Almond Ding$7.65
85. Sliced Pork w/ Mixed Vegetable$7.65
86. Pork w/ String Beans$7.65
87. Pork Hunan Style$7.65
w/ White rice
88. Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce$4.85 - $7.95
89. Moo Goo Gai Pan$4.85 - $7.95
90. Chicken w/ Broccoli$4.85 - $8.15
91. Chicken w/ Oyster or Curry Sauce$4.85 - $7.95
92. Chicken w/ Snow Peas$5.25 - $8.85
93. Chicken Hunan Style$8.35
94. Kung Po Chicken$7.95
95. Chicken w/ Garlic Sauce$7.95
96. Chicken Szechuan Style$7.95
97. Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts$7.95
98. Chicken w/ Chinese Vegetable$7.95
99. Chicken & Shrimp Combination Sauteed$8.85
100. Chicken w/ Almond Ding$7.95
101. Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetable$8.25
102. Chicken w/ String Beans$7.95
w/ White rice
103. Shrimp w/ Black Bean Sauce$5.45 - $9.85
104. Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce$5.45 - $9.85
105. Shrimp w/ Broccoli$5.45 - $9.85
106. Shrimp w/ Snow Peas$5.85 - $9.85
107. Kung Po Shrimp w/ Peanuts$9.85
108. Shrimp w/ Garlic Sauce$9.85
109. Shirmp w/ Szechuan Style$9.85
110. Shrimp w/ Cashew Nuts$9.85
111. Shrimp w/ Chili Sauce$9.85
112. Shrimp w/ Mixed Vegetable$9.95
113. Scallop w/ Garlic Sauce$9.95
114. Shrimp Hunan Style$9.95
Side Order
Steamed Rice$1.00 - $2.00
Brown Rice$1.65 - $3.00
Fortune Cookies$0.60
Fried Crispy Noodles$0.60
Almond Cookies$0.75
Vegetable & Tofu
w/ White rice
115. Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce$6.65
116. Broccoli w/ Mushrooms$6.65
117. Buddha's DelightSauteed mixed vegetables$6.65
118. Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce$6.65
119. Bean Curd Szechuan Stylew/ Meat$6.65
120. Bean Curd w/ Black Bean Sauce$6.65
121. Mixed Vegetable w/ Garlic Sauce$6.65
122. Dry Sauteed String Beans$6.65
123. Bean Curd w/ Broccoli$6.65
124. Broccoli w/ String Beans$6.65
Sweet & Sour
w/ White rice
125. Sweet & Sour Pork$6.50
126. Sweet & Sour Chicken$6.95
127. Sweet & Sour Shrimp$8.75
Moo Shu Dishes
w/ White rice
128. Moo Shu Vegetablew/ 4 pancakes$6.65
129. Moo Shu Porkw/ 4 pancakes$6.65
130. Moo Shu Chickenw/ 4 pancakes$6.65
131. Moo Shu Shrimpw/ 4 pancakes$6.95
132. Moo Shu Beefw/ 4 pancakes$6.95
Chow Mai Fun or Chow Ho Fun
Hong Kong Style, rice vermicelli, flat noodles.
133. Roast Pork$6.15
134. Chicken$6.15
135. Vegetable$6.15
136. Shrimp$6.50
137. Beef$6.50
138. Lobster Meat$8.95
139. Seafood$9.00
140. House Special$7.25
141. Singapore Rice Noodlew/ curry$7.25
Diet Menu
w/ White rice. Served w/o oil, corn starch, sugar, salt. All dishes steamed. Served w/ sm. sauce.
Steamed Mixed Vegetable$4.25 - $6.35
Chicken w/ Broccoli$4.50 - $6.35
Shrimp w/ Snow Peas$5.50 - $9.75
Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables$4.85 - $7.80
Shrimp w/ Broccoli$5.25 - $9.50
Scallop w/ Mixed Vegetable$5.25 - $9.50
Scallop w/ Broccoli$5.25 - $9.50
Shrimp, Scallop, Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetable$10.25
Shrimp w/ Mixed Vegetable$5.50 - $9.75
Chicken w/ Snow Peas$4.70 - $8.85
Steamed String Beans or Broccoli$4.25 - $6.35
Chef's Specialities
w/ White rice
Seafood DelightLobster, king crabmeat, jumbo shrimp, fresh scallop, deliciously sauteed w/ assorted Chinese vegetable in special white wine sauce$12.25
Shanghai ShrimpJumbo shrimp w/ black mushroom, red pepper and mixed vegetable sauteed in house special sauce$9.95
Lake Tung-Ting ShrimpJumbo Shrimp marinated w/ broccoli, mushroom and water chestnuts in white sauce$9.95
Triple DelightBeef, chicken, & shrimp sauteed w/ broccoli, snow peas, bamboo shoots and baby corn w/ chef's special sauce$9.75
Beef w/ Fresh ScallopsBeef and scallops w/ assorted vegetable, served w/ our chef special sauce$9.95
House Special Pan Fried NoodlesShrimp, chicken, pork w/ selected vegetable, on top of pan fried noodles$8.95
Orange Flavor ChickenDeep fried chunk of chicken sauteed in orange sauce$8.50
Golden Sesame Chicken$8.50
Subgum WontonShrimp, roast pork, chicken w/ mixed vegetable & crispy fried wonton on the side$8.95
Four SeasonShrimp, roast pork, sliced beef, white meat chicken and chinese vegetables sauteed w/ chef's special sauce$10.65
Shrimp, Beef Hunan StyleSauteed shrimp w/ chili sauce, beef w/ brown sauce in Hunan style$10.95
General Tso's ChickenChunks chicken lightly fried w/ hot bean sauce. This plate was devised by a private chef of General Tso who was famous in the Szechuan Army. White meat at extra charge$8.50
Orange Flavor BeefTender filets of marinated beef, delicately sauteed and seasoned imported orange peels$9.50
Sesame BeefDeep fried chunks of beef in sesame brown sauce. Served w/ broccoli$9.50
Lemon ChickenFried breaded chicken w/ lemon flavored sauce on the side$8.50
Happy FamilyLobster, beef, chicken, crabmeat, shrimp & roast pork w/ mixed vegetable$12.75
Chicken, Shrimp and Scallop Hunan StyleSauteed mixed veggies w/ brown sauce in Hunan sauce$10.25
Chow Steak KewChoice of sirloin steak cut in cubes w/ mixed vegetable, snow peas$8.95
Seven Stars & a MoonFor 2. Lobster, beef, chicken, crabmeat, roast pork, shrimps w/ fried boneless chicken and served w/ seven jumbo shrimps$20.15
Sesame Shrimp (Orange or General Tso's)Deep fried shrimp sauteed w/ special sauce served w/ steamed broccoli$10.95
Triple Crown w/ Garlic SauceGarden vegetable in sliced chicken, beef, shrimp sauteed in our garlic sauce$9.75
Boneless ChickenDeep fried chicken sauteed w/ special sauce served w/ steamed broccoli$8.95
Jumbo Shrimp & Steak KewJumbo shrimp and choice sirloin steak cut in cube w/ mixed vegetable in house special sauce$9.95
Dragon & PhoenixA special combination of shrimp w/ Chinese vegetable & general tso's chicken$10.95
Kung Pao Three DelightChicken, beef and shrimp w/ diced vegetable & peanuts in house special sauce$9.95
Combination Special Plates
Lunch platter include pork fried rice or white rice & soup or soda, served 11-4pm except sunday and holiday. Dinner platter include pork fried rice or whtie rice and egg roll, served all day
Chow MeinChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.85 - $6.85
Lo MeinChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.85 - $6.85
Chop SueyChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.85 - $6.85
Egg Foo YoungChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
BroccoliChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Chinese VegetableChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Snow PeasChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$5.25 - $7.15
Bean SproutChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.85 - $6.85
Black Bean SauceChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.85 - $6.85
Oyster SauceChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.85 - $6.85
Pepper Steak w/ Onion$4.95 - $6.65
Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce$5.25 - $7.15
Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs or Boneless Ribs$5.35 - $7.25
Mixed Vegetable$4.85 - $6.65
Kung PoChicken or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Garlic SauceChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Hunan StyleChicken, pork, beef or jumbo shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Szechuan StyleChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Cashew NutsChicken or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Sweet & SourPork or chicken$4.75 - $6.85
Chili SauceChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Fried Chicken Wings4 pc.$4.85 - $5.70
General Tso's Chicken or Sesame Chicken$5.85 - $6.95
Curry SauceChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.85 - $6.75
Spare Rib Tips w/ BBQ Honey Sauce$4.85 - $6.75
Moo Goo Gai Pan$4.85 - $6.75
String BeansChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.85 - $6.75
Eight DelightChicken, pork,or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Mixed VegetableChicken, pork, beef or baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85
Two DelightChicken and baby shrimp$4.95 - $6.85


This Chinese restaurant is fairly new in the United States, but has already made its name.

It currently has one branch located in New Jersey and has received tons of positive reviews that you can see on their website.


Love the theme of this place. It looks like a typical Chinese restaurant, however, it ups its game with the red chairs with bird designs, making you feel like you’re sitting in some royal throne.

You’ll get great food at a relatively fair price. I’d say it’s above average Chinese food. If you pass by in New Jersey, this is a restaurant you should stop by.

Try the boneless chicken lunch special with eggroll. Another must try is their soups with crispy noodles and the General Tso’s chicken.

Service here is also above average unlike other Chinese restaurants. The staff is very friendly and at times they even have a little chat with you. This place is huge enough that you’re sure to be seated real quick.

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