Kona Grill Menu Prices


Kona Grill is a unique dining experience that offers a wide selection of delicious foods for both lunch and dinner. The atmosphere at Kona Grill is relaxed, wanting to create an atmosphere which is both casual and at the same time modern and classy. The waitstaff are trained to treat every customer like an extension of family.

The company is a franchise and so each location is individually own and operated locally. Their headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is estimated that it has over 4000 employees in over 30 locations. Originally a sushi restaurant, it still offers sushi, and in addition has expanded the menu to include American classics.


Shaved Ice Cups

Kowabunga and Color Changing Cups Receive $3.00 Refills
CupKing Kona$4.00
Color Changing Cup$5.00

Birthday Package

Birthday Package24 Cups$110.00
Each Cup Over 241 Cup$2.50


Michael McDermott founded a sushi restaurant in 1994. As people requested to have more selection in our menu it eventually became the more diverse menu, officially opening in Scottsdal Arizona in 1998. In 2002 the original sushi restaurant was sold to focus on the more versatile Kona Grill. It started expanding almost immediately in the Phoenix area. Now it is nationwide, and as of 2015, there are more than 24 of these restaurants.

Back in 2005 it had become a publicly traded company. Its’ shares are considered largely appealing because of its’ growth and stability. Just one year prior to that Michael McDermott left, and now Berke Bakay is the president and CEO.

Kona Grill’s mission is “To deliver an outstanding guest experience to every guest, every day, in every restaurant.” This mission statement has really paid off for them as they have more guests returning more frequently than the industry average. Also due to their variety in not only food, but also drinks, their guests on average spend more per visit. As long as history keeps repeating itself Kona Grill will simply keep expanding.

On average each restaurant can seat up to 300 guests. They have elaborately designed dining areas. Every restaurant offers multiple dining areas, so that they can offer variety even in their seating and therefore the individual guests’ dining experience. Everything is focused on giving as many guests as possible exactly what they want.


Kona Grill is focused on absolutely excellent service, and it pays off. Servers have been known to remember names and favorites. They can make recommendations based on this. They are also known to provide fast, accommodating service. Dirty plates removed quickly, and always making sure guests have a full drink.

Everything on the menu is competitively priced with appetizers around $10, and main entrees starting at $15 all the way up to $33. The sushi ranges from $6-$16. They do offer good value for money since their portions are a decent size & all their food is fresh. Beverages are also reasonably priced, and they offer “Wine down Wednesdays” when wine bottles are half priced.

As far as their food is concerned, they put a lot of thought and care into every item on every menu, and you can tell there is a lot of pride in what they offer. Their menus are extensive, including a few specialty menus.They have a kids menu. If guests have certain dietary needs, they have several gluten-free options. They also have quite the selection of vegan or vegetarian items. They continually change the seasonal menu, so guests can continually try new things.

What’s great about eating here is they managed to make it feel casual without it seeming sloppy. These restaurants all have modern elements in them, and offer different dining areas including outdoor patios.This chain prides itself on safe and hygienic practices and has had no complaints or violations. Guests can relax knowing everything is clean and tidy.


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