17 Authentic German Recipes

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German food is hearty and delicious. Paired with a good German beer, you will be uber satisfied after mealtime.

German cuisine is not complex yet is full of flavor and goodness. While Germans typically eat on the heavier side, think whole-grain bread, meats and cheeses, you won’t miss out on any of the food groups when eating German food.

Whether you’re new to this type of fare or if you’re already smitten with German cuisine, you’ll find some traditional and untraditional recipes below that will tickle your tastebuds.


17 Authentic German Recipes

Germans like to eat. Yup. They enjoy hearty mealtimes that keep their energy and spirits up. Try one of these recipes that will get you hooked on German food.

1. German potato noodles

Popular in Germany and Austria, these noodles made from mashed potatoes are a classic side and main dish that can be served with a variety of meats and vegetables.

Potato noodles are made with potatoes, starches, and a pinch of nutmeg. After sauteing them on the pan, they can be served with meat or, our favorite sauerkraut.


2. Beef roulade

This traditional German dish is in essence a beef roll. The thinly laid-out beef is layered with bacon, mustard, onion, and pickles (if you’re so inclined). Rolled up and bake with mushrooms, this main course is sure to delight your guests.

Serve it with potatoes, spaetzle, or your favorite German vegetable side, this gravy-laden, tender cooked roast is the perfect comfort food.


3. Grilled pork chops

When are pork chops not good? Grilled, baked, or fried, pork chops make a great main dish. But have you ever cooked pork chops cooked on a swing?

This West German pork chop, also known as Skwenker, is cooked on a grill of the same name, a type of swing. Lucky for you though cooking it at home is no problem. Juniper berries, paprika, and mustard are just some of the spices that make this uniquely German.


4. Currywurst

Bratwurst is synonymous with Germany and currywurst is the epitome of delicious street food. Grab your favorite sausage and get this recipe on the menu tonight.

A gravy made of ketchup and curry spices elicits a sweet and savory flavor that will knock the socks off your taste buds. Paired with a juicy grilled sausage, you can’t go wrong.


5. Spaetzle

Spaetzle is somewhere in between a dumpling and pasta. Something about spaetzle and the way it soaks up gravies, make it the perfect side in German cuisine.

Although the ingredients are not too tricky to find, you might want to invest in a spaetzle maker to get the textured shape just right.


6. Stuffed cabbage

Stuffed cabbage is popular all over Europe. Germans in particular are fond of the version they call krautwickel.

Meaty and rich with flavors, the inside of your roll is a true treat. The cabbage on the outside holds everything together but also cleans the palate of the strong flavors that have seeped into the ground beef stuffing. They take a bit of time to make but they’re worth it.


7. German fish sandwiches

A helping of cod is always welcome, especially when it comes fried and served in a bun, which is the base of this delicious German sandwich.

The special part about this sandwich besides the flaky cod is the remoulade sauce. If you’ve never made one, this is a mayonnaise-based sauce that incorporates diced pickles, paprika, and other spices is similar to tartar sauce.


8. Schnitzel

If you need something to go with that delicious homemade spaetzle, look no further. Schnitzel, german fried meat is a perfect match.

Schnitzel can be made with veal, pork, chicken, or lamb. The meat is pounded thin, breaded, and fried to make this simple yet delicious protein. Add your favorite sides for a well-rounded German meal.


9. Pickled beets

Beets are a truly unique vegetable. Packed with vitamins and minerals, beets are a colorful accompaniment to any meal.

Pickled beets are a traditional German side dish that spans generations. You’ll find a variety of recipes that use ingredients like caraway seeds and apple cider vinegar. Howeveryou choose to make them, just make them. The tender sweet and slightly bitter taste will keep your palate light and happy.


10. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is always welcome at German mealtime and summer BBQs where hot dogs and sausages abound.

Sauerkraut is thinly sliced cabbage that is fermented in vinegar and spices. It can be served with schnitzel, roulade, currywurst, and more! Make some tonight and add a little sour punch to your meal.


11. Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are not uniquely German and can be found in some form or another across the planet, think hash browns. That being said, this German potato pancake recipe is sure to delight.

Fried to a crisp, potato pancakes are quintessential comfort food. They can be found in homes all over Germany but are also popular street food. For a taste, try this easy and delicious recipe.


12. German bread dumplings

German bread dumplings, also known as Semmelknödel, are exactly as they sound, dumplings made from bread. With the addition of spices and creamy gravy, they make a great meal or afternoon snack.

Take leftover bread or leave fresh bread out to harden. If you have it, use Brötchen, but any roll will do. Chop the bread into chunks and add your moistening ingredients and spices to form the bread into balls before frying.


13. Quark

Quark is sometimes confused with yogurt when in fact its is a cheese-like dairy product. Germans can’t live without it though many don’t know how easy it is to make.

Following a step-by-step process that involves curdling and the use of a cheesecloth, you will end up with your simple yet delicious quark which can be served with fresh fruits, in cheesecakes, as an ingredient in spaetzle, and more.


14. Springerle cookies

The decadent Springerle cookie is a Christmas-time tradition and a favorite amongst cookie connoisseurs. They have both a rich flavor and history that date back 700 years.

The most powerful flavor in this cookie is going to be anise. And the most powerful visual is going to be the intricate designs pressed into the pre-cooked dough. Crispy on the outside, and a bit chewy in the center, who can resist this uniquely German cookie.


15. German muesli

Muesli is a great way to start your morning off right. And Germans know how to do it best. Unlike musli, German Muesli is not sweetened and can easily be made at home.

Nuts, grains, fruits, and seeds are some of the main ingredients in muesli. So much healthier than a breakfast cereal you buy off a shelf, muesli will help you get your health in check.


16. German apple streusel

A streusel is a combination of apples and raisins wrapped in flaky dough. Baked to perfection and then sprinkled with powdered sugar, you have a dessert or breakfast cake that satisfies everyone.

While the ingredients in the filling of a German apple streusel are fairly simple, making your dough will take some time. Wrapping the pastry will also be a little tricky but it will be worth the effort.


17. Mulled wine

Mulled wine or gluhwein, is a traditional spiced wine served during Christmas. Served warm, gluhwein is a welcome addition to any holiday meal.

It’s simple to make too! A couple bottles of red wine, your mulling spices, and a few extras like cinnamon sticks and orange slices, will kick your wine up a notch when hosting a party or simply sharing a cozy night with the family.


Wrap Up

German food is not only delicious, it’s easy to make. Satisfy your tastebuds and your senses with these fabulous recipes.

German food is a must-have if you’ve never tried it before. Besides the savory flavors and tummy-warming ingredients found in German food, you can expect meals that are packed with vitamins and minerals.

The other appealing thing about German food is the way it brings people together. If you are privy to a German mealtime, you will fall in love with the celebratory ways in which this cuisine is enjoyed all around the world.

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