17 Easy Frozen Shrimp Recipes

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Frozen shrimp is a widely available and cheap food item that many people choose to use as part of a wide variety of recipes. Fresh shrimp is something that isn’t always available to many people, especially those that live far away from areas where shrimp farming and fishing occurs.

If you’ve got a bag of frozen shrimp in your freezer, you might be curious about some of the ways that you can make use of it. We’ve got you covered with seventeen hand-picked recipes that incorporate frozen shrimp.

In making this list, we tried to keep the flavors of shrimp in mind while offering a wide variety of recipes, both simple and complex!


17 Easy Frozen Shrimp Recipes

Once you’re ready to make use of that bag of frozen shrimp, take a seat and get right into our list! We’re sure it won’t disappoint.

1. Shrimp Scampi

An absolute staple among pasta lovers and a common inclusion on seafood menus, shrimp scampi is a perfect choice for making use of your frozen shrimp that everyone will love.

You can use any pasta you want with your shrimp scampi, but certain pastas will inevitably work better than others. We recommend sticking with the pasta the recipe recommends if you’re new to making shrimp scampi.


2. Shrimp Tacos

Tacos are a simple yet delicious way to make use of your frozen shrimp. There’s tons of different interpretations of tacos out there; we’ve picked one recipe that we think is great, but there’s plenty of room for creativity!

Seafood tacos are becoming increasingly popular as people stray away from unhealthier red meats like beef. Why not try out a shrimp taco and see if it lives up to expectations?


3. Cajun Shrimp

For those of you out there who have a taste for the spicy, try out cajun shrimp! The spices in this delicious recipe are sure to please; be prepared for plenty of heat!

Cajun shrimp is also fairly simple to make, too; it generally only takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare. So, if you’re in a hurry but still want a really flavorful meal, this is absolutely for you.


4. Shrimp Salad

A lot of people think that the only protein they can stick in their salad is chicken. Shrimp can absolutely be substituted for chicken in any good salad, whether it’s hearty or light!

For those of you looking for a healthier recipe on this list, a good shrimp salad is right up your alley. Plus, it’s a great recipe for those hotter summer months!


5. Grilled Shrimp

A recipe that uses shrimp can be very basic and still be amazing. Grilled shrimp is an absolutely wonderful recipe for seafood lovers, with lots of room for creativity.

We’ve given you a great recipe for fantastic grilled shrimp right here, in case you need somewhere to get started. Use this recipe to inspire you as you go out to make your own unique takes on this amazing use for frozen shrimp!


6. Spanish Garlic Shrimp

This shrimp dish takes everyone’s favorite flavor – garlic – and combines it with some truly amazing spices to make a powerful offering of deliciousness. If you’re looking for a non-traditional way to cook up your frozen shrimp, this is it!

This dish is super fast to cook, so make sure you have all of your ingredients ready from the get-go! This is another great recipe for anyone who is short on time, but who wants an amazing dish nonetheless.


7. Shrimp over Cheesy Grits

If you want a Southern take on shrimp, shrimp over cheesy grits is your jam! This is a dish that’s very common in New Orleans, so it’s a great way to bring a slice of one of the south’s greatest cities into your home.

This recipe uses cayenne pepper to spice up the shrimp; adjust the level of cayenne in your recipe to your liking! We know some people like things spicier than others.


8. Shrimp Kabobs

You might be looking to turn your frozen shrimp into an appetizer. If so, this is a great way to do it. Shrimp kabobs are cheap and simple; it should take you no time at all to whip them up!

Shrimp kabobs can also work as a side dish for certain meals. Whichever use you select for thiem, they are sure to please! Plus, it’ll likely make use of your entire bag of frozen shrimp pretty easily.


9. Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

This is truly a unique dish that is sure to have any guest you serve it to talking long after they’ve set down their fork. This tropical-inspired dish is full of amazing flavors.

If you need a side dish and you’ve got the right ingredients on your hands, you won’t fail with this one. As with many other recipes on this list, the shrimp is given extra flavor with a dash of spice- jalapenos in this case.


10. Brazilian Shrimp Soup

This is a rich, hearty, and creamy soup that will certainly keep you warm in the colder months! Shrimp isn’t just a summer food; it can serve as part of amazing meals any time of the year!

Brazilian shrimp soup is probably closest to tomato soup in terms of flavor and consistency, although it certainly stands on its own! If that sounds amazing to you, check out the recipe we’ve provided!


11. Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry

Stir fries have become incredibly popular in recent years, likely due to the wide variety of stir fries that are available to make. A shrimp and broccoli stir fry is one of these varieties, but it stands out perfectly well!

If you’re looking for a healthier stir fry to use your frozen shrimp in, we think this one will satisfy your desires just fine. It’s a super fast recipe to cook, generally taking no longer than 20 minutes.


12. Fried Shrimp

If you’ve ever been to a seafood restaurant, you’ve probably encountered fried shrimp in some capacity. Fried shrimp is used for a variety of purposes, from an appetizer to a side dish to part of a larger main course.

Its versatility is part of what makes it truly amazing; if you happen to have an air fryer on hand at home, then this is absolutely a must-try. Don’t sleep on fried shrimp!


13. Shrimp Risotto

This is definitely going to take up more time and effort than just buying a risotto in the box from your local grocery store, but we 100% think it’ll be worth it.

Shrimp risotto is very delicious, and is a perfect recipe for those of you looking to use your shrimp in an excellent side dish. Sure, it’s a bit complicated, but it’s not out of this world difficult by any means!


14. Shrimp Soup

This is not the same thing as the soup we suggested above. Shrimp soup is simpler than its Brazilian counterpart, but by no means is it less tasty!

Shrimp soup is a thin soup, making use of broths instead of the coconut milk that helps give Brazilian shrimp soup its creaminess. If creamy soups aren’t your thing, we definitely suggest trying out this simpler shrimp soup recipe instead.


15. Jambalaya

Complex and hearty, jambalaya is a fantastic recipe to bust out when you’ve got people to feed with mighty appetites. There’s plenty of different jambalaya recipes out there to choose from, but we’ve helped you out by picking out one that we think is great.

If you’re looking for a more savory way of using your frozen shrimp than many of the recipes we’ve suggested on this list so far, then jambalaya is right up your alley.


16. Sauteed Shrimp & Spinach

Returning to lighter and healthier meals, we’ve got sauteed shrimp and spinach. Spinach is widely considered one of the healthiest foods out there, so it’s no wonder we’ve chosen to include it on our list!

This is also a pretty simple recipe to make. It’s going to be fairly cheap, especially since you’re using frozen shrimp and not fresh shrimp. Perfect for those busy work nights!


17. Coconut Shrimp Curry

For those of you who are fans of curry, we haven’t forgotten you! Shrimp can be incorporated into many different kinds of curries, but we’ve picked out one that we think is particularly delicious-sounding!

This dish is absolutely gorgeous, so if presenting a dish that is visually appealing is something that matters to you, coconut shrimp curry is perfect for you.



We truly hope we’ve helped you find a perfect use for your frozen shrimp. Remember that frozen shrimp can be used in a wide variety of different recipes- it really comes down to what you’re ultimately looking for in a dish. Good luck!

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