24 Fruits That Start With R

Looking for fruit that starts with the letter R? We’ve put together this list of unique and delicious fruits.

Everyone knows about raspberries, they are often used in jams or even an interesting twist on a smoothie. They are very sweet! But do you know many other fruits that start with the letter R?

Whether you’re looking for something readily available at your local supermarket or something a little more exotic, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of fruits that start with B and see if you can find a new favorite!


Red Mulberry

Red mulberry is the fruit of a shrub of the same name found in China, Japan and Korea. It is used not only to make juice, but also as a

sweet (or sour) flavoring.

Its fruit is similar in shape to a tomato and it has dark red skin with a soft white flesh. The seeds are dark brown, plump and sticky, almost like caramel candy to suck on. I use it in smoothies, on cereal and in some baked goods.


This fruit is native to Northern Europe and Western Asia. Its skin is red with tiny hairs similar to a gooseberry.

There is more than one type of redcurrant, so be sure you know which one you are buying. They are often used in desserts and sauces, but I love them as a snack by themselves. They have a tart taste making them quite interesting to eat alone or on salad greens with homemade dressing.

Raspuri Mango

This fruit is native to the Southwestern United States. Raspuri mangoes are deep red, and their skin turns deep purple when ripe. They are very sweet with a lot of juice, but some people claim they taste like turpentine.

I love to eat them on their own, chopped up for salads and eaten out of hand. They are so juicy! Tasting them fresh right off the tree is a real treat. You can use them in baked goods and desserts, as well.

Red Bayberry

This fruit, native to the Pacific Northwest, is named for its bright red coloring. It is often used as a spice in cooking. I use it a lot in making sauces and jams. The leaves are sprinkled on top of baked goods as well as in tea to make a delicious beverage.

It is used to flavor certain spirits and even to make liqueurs. In fact, some liqueurs are made with berries such as this one. Most people use it in cooking.

Red Delicious Apple

This is one of the most popular apple varieties on the market. Its skin is slightly thicker than that of a Golden Delicious Apple and its flesh is thin, crisp and juicy. This apple produces very little fuzz when compared to other varieties of apples. It grows very well in most areas, except for cooler climates such as in Europe and Alaska.

Apple trees are bred to produce fruit for a long period of time. It takes about four years for these apples to mature and it takes about five years for them to be ready to harvest. It is good to know that the fruit stays fresh for a long time, at least for a year or more. Unripe apples turn into mush after being picked. They are best eaten when they are green and firm (not rotten).

Red Mombin

This fruit is very popular in the Caribbean and parts of central South America. It’s commonly used to make juices, smoothies and cocktails. The fruit is small, but tangy with a bittersweet taste.

The outside of the red mombin is deep red and its flesh is light green. I ate them out of hand as a snack and I even used them to make baby food for my son. He enjoyed them!

Rhobs El Arsa

Rhobs is a fruit found in South America. It is native to Argentina and it has a long, fleshy, bright red skin with black spots. The flesh of this fruit is sweet and juicy. It tastes like a combination of strawberries and bananas.

I eat them whenever I can find them because they are so tasty! They go really well on a salad or as an ice cream topping if you have time to sit down and eat them all by yourself.

Rose Hip

Rose hip is a rose flower that is dried and then crushed and used as a flavoring in various dishes, such as candy, ice cream, baked goods and preserves.

I eat them out of hand when they are in season because they are so delicious. they are grown on bushes, making them easy to pick. Rose hips are also used in many different medicines. It is a very healthy fruit. I use them in fruit salads and soups, as well.

Rocha Pear

This pear comes from Argentina and it is not actually a pear at all. It is shaped like an apple, but it has a taste similar to that of an Asian pear.

Rocha pears are used to make juice, sweets, jams and jellies. They are great in salads. They are very juicy and their flesh is tender and sweet. I use them in smoothies often because they blend well with other fruits such as strawberries and bananas.


This fruit comes from Brazil and it is used in many different dishes. It is commonly used as a sweetener when it’s in season because of its thick flesh.

Rollinia taste like a cross between a peach and an orange and they are usually not that sweet. They are small, but they are very juicy, making them delicious to eat by itself. I buy them whenever I can find them because they only last for about five to seven days.


This fruit is native to South Central Asia and it is often used in sweet desserts. I love to eat them out of hand and I also use them a lot in my smoothies. The outside of a Ramontchi is red with green specks and the inside is fleshy and white. They are small, but they have an interesting flavor.

I usually buy them when they are in season because they are not normally available year-round. If you can find them, buy them by the bunch and eat them up fast! They tend to go bad quickly.


Raisins are dried grapes. Raisins are often used in baked goods, such as breads, muffins and cookies. When I was a child I always ate raisins straight from the jar! They taste good in salads or on a sandwich with cheese and turkey.

I love using them in recipes and I think they are best when they are in season. They are used in many recipes and desserts. It is best to buy them in bulk if you can. You will save a lot of money that way.

Rangpur Lime

This lime is from South East Asia and it has a distinctive intense, sweet and sour flavor. I buy them whenever I can find them because they are so delicious. In fact, they are not normally available year round. I just discovered that they are now sold by the bag in my local co-op grocery store!

I use the juice to make dressings and marinades for fish and chicken dishes. They go well in fruit salads or with grilled fish or chicken.


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The raspberry is both a fruit and a berry. This fruit has a soft, fleshy texture and its skin is us

ually red with some green. They are usually sweet, but they can also have a tart flavor. They are best eaten when they are ripe because they start to lose their taste when they get too old.

Especially if you grow them yourself, you can easily get them to ripen in about ten days or so. I like using raspberries in pies and muffins as well as in jams and jellies. I like to add raspberries to my smoothies because the flavor blends well with other fruits such as strawberries, peaches and bananas.


This fruit is native to Indonesia and it comes in many different colors, such as red, green or yellow. The flesh of this fruit is very firm, but it is sweet and juicy.

I cut them up and use them for salads. They are best eaten when they are ripe because the flesh becomes too soft after a while.

Rajka Apple

This apple is native to Turkey and it is commonly used to make juice, cakes and pies. The outside of a rajka apple looks like other apples but the inside skin is bright red and very hard. The flesh of a rajka apple usually has an intense, sweet flavor. It goes really well with other fruits such as oranges, pears and bananas.

I use them in smoothies or I eat them out of hand when they are in season because they are tasty and juicy.


This fruit is native to Indonesia and it is commonly found in Southeast Asia. They are in season for a relatively short time once every year. It tastes like a cross between a raspberry and an orange.

A rambutan is sticky, sweet and tart. I eat them out of hand or I use them to make fruit salads or jams. You can also blend them into your smoothies for an interesting texture. I use them in a fruit salad with apples, peaches and bananas.

Red Banana

This fruit is native to South Asia and it is one of the many species of plant in the plant family Musaceae. They are native to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and China.

Red bananas are usually found in bunches. They will ripen over a period of about ten days or so. When I was younger I used to eat them all the time! They went well on salads or sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly.

Red Bush Apple

This apple is from the Chinese region of Xinjiang. It is called Wulu when it is in season and it has a bright red skin and a white flesh. The skin of a red bush apple has a mild sour flavor, but the inside flesh is sweet and juicy like that of an apple.

I used to eat this fruit all the time when I was younger. I still use them in recipes because they are great in pies or cakes.

Red Huckleberry

This is a fruit that comes from North America. I usually eat it when it’s in season. It tastes similar to an apricot and has a tart flavor to it. It is not as sweet as the Asian pear, but it is very juicy, which makes it taste good by itself or in salads.

I use them in smoothies and I like using them to make pies at home. I also use them in fruit salads and on sandwiches with cream cheese.


This fruit is from South Africa and it has a dark red skin. It doesn’t look like a raspberry because it has seeds and its flesh is sour, but it taste like one. I usually eat them out of hand when they are ripe because they don’t last that long. It is best to eat them when the skin starts to wrinkle.

I love using them in jam, jellies and jams or in smoothies with other tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes and papayas.


Rockmelon is a summer fruit that grows on vines like a bush. It looks like a melon and it has a bright yellow color. Rockmelons are normally eaten when they are ripe and the inside flesh looks and tastes like an orange. I love to eat them out of hand because they taste good! They will keep for quite some time in the refrigerator afterwards, so you can eat them again when they become soft.

I use them in smoothies, fruit salads and sometimes I use them to make pies at home. I also cut them up into little pieces and add them to salads as well as other dishes, such as omelets or pasta dishes.

Rosigold Mango

This mango is from Thailand. Its skin starts out green, but as it ripens, it turns into a yellowish-orange color. The flesh of this mango is sweet, but the skin is tart to the taste. I cut them up and use them in fruit salads or on sandwiches with cream cheese.

I also use them in pies and when I make jam at home. They are really good when they have a sweet flavor to them!

Rough Lemon

This fruit is native to China. It starts out green and its skin turns into a yellow color as it ripens. This fruit is not used for eating; it is used for making medicine. When you eat this fruit, you will experience a tart taste in your mouth and your lips will also become numb.

I usually use them when I make herbal teas or in herbal medicines or teas when I get a cold or the flu.


This was our comprehensive list for Fruits That Start With R. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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