Does White Wine Vinegar Go Bad? How Long Does White Wine Vinegar Last?

If you have white wine vinegar in your pantry, you may be wondering if it goes bad. Like most kinds of vinegar, it sits in your pantry and is used in a few different dishes, but often it can seem to sit there indefinitely.

Quick Answer

No, white wine vinegar does not go bad. Due to the acidity found in vinegar, it is almost impossible for bacteria to grow in the vinegar. The quality may slowly degrade over time if the bottle is open but should still be good indefinitely. An unopened bottle of vinegar should not degrade in quality and remain its taste indefinitely.


If you know the best way to keep your vinegar from degrading, you will be able to maintain its flavor for years to come. Read on to know all about white wine vinegar and how you store it indefinitely.

Does White Wine Vinegar Go Bad? How Long Does White Wine Vinegar Last?

Since white wine vinegar does not go bad, it can be stored indefinitely. The only thing that can be affected by time is its flavor, but that does not mean it has gone bad.

How Long Does White Wine Vinegar Last Outside?

Just like other vinegar, white wine vinegar needs to be stored in a cool dark place. This will help keep your vinegar away from the light, which can cause it to be ruined.

The pantry or a dark cabinet is the best place to keep your vinegar because of the constant temperature. It will keep the vinegar usable and make sure the flavor does not dissipate quickly.

White wine vinegar should be sealed tightly, and because of this lack of oxygen, getting into the bottle should keep the vinegar taste from changing indefinitely!

How Long Does White Wine Vinegar Last in the Fridge?

It is not required to store white wine vinegar in the fridge. Due to its high level of acidic content, the vinegar is self-regulating, meaning that it will keep itself fresh indefinitely without the refrigerator’s need.

The fridge can be detrimental to the vinegar because of its light source. This can cause the vinegar to lose flavor and possibly become damaged. When storing it in the fridge, it is best to keep it in a container that can help keep the light away.

If you choose to keep the vinegar in the fridge, it will be used indefinitely, just like stored in the pantry or cabinet.

How Long Does White Wine Vinegar Last in the Freezer?

White wine vinegar is not required to be kept in the freezer. The vinegar is acidic enough that it does not need refrigeration because it is self-regulating and is held at room temperature.

If you choose to store the vinegar in the freezer, it will freeze, which can cause there to be some slushy watered-down vinegar. This will dilute the taste and make it more challenging to get the flavor you need.

But just like any other storing method, the freezer will help keep your vinegar indefinitely and allow you to use it; you may need to allow it to thaw before using.


White wine vinegar should be stored in the pantry for its best result due to its self-regulation ability. You can keep vinegar indefinitely as long as the cap is on tight and stored away from light.

How To Tell If White Wine Vinegar Has Gone Bad / How To Know White Wine Vinegar is Fresh?

There are a couple of things to consider when trying to figure out if your vinegar has gone wrong. Since vinegar rarely goes bad, it is best to throw it away if you notice anything abnormal.

The vinegar mother: Vinegar has a mother, quite like the one found in sourdough bread. Suppose you notice discs or cloudy sediment at the bottom of the bottle that is the mother. You can either choose to filter it out or use it, but it is not a sign that your vinegar has gone bad.

Appearance: If you notice the vinegar color has changed, there is a good chance that the vinegar has gone wrong. If you see anything unusual looking inside the bottle that is not the mother, throw it away.

Smell: When smelling the vinegar, if it smells off, it has likely gone bad. The odor of vinegar will be very sharp but should not smell any more than that. Any other scent, and it has probably gone wrong.

How to Store White Wine Vinegar?

The best way to store vinegar is by using the following steps.

Check Bottle: If you have opened the vinegar bottle, make sure the cap is on tight. If it has a loose cap, the flavor could change and cause the vinegar to have the same properties. The lid keeps the flavors from oxidizing and keeps it fresh.

Store: The best place to store vinegar is in the pantry. The pantry is a cool dark place away from sunlight. The self-regulation of the vinegar ensures that the vinegar will not spoil and will be kept indefinitely.

Can You Freeze White Wine Vinegar? How?

It is possible to freeze any kind of vinegar. When freezing vinegar, it is essential to note that it can dilute due to the acidity breaking down over time.

Freezing Temperature: First, make sure your freezer can hit 28 degrees Fahrenheit. 28 degrees is the freezing point of all vinegar and will fully freeze.

Container: When freezing, vinegar does not do so in a bottle. The bottle can break and cause vinegar to leak out. Place it into a rigid airtight container and give it a little room to expand. If it is leftover vinegar, it can be stored in ice cube trays to be used in small doses.

Freeze: Place it in the freezer and make sure it stays at the constant 28 degrees to keep its acidity.

How to Thaw White Wine Vinegar?

If you are using vinegar in cooking, you can just use the frozen vinegar, but you need to thaw it if you are making dips or seasonings.

Overnight: You can thaw white wine vinegar in the fridge overnight, and it will melt in 8 to 12 hours. Also, place a container underneath to keep the condensation from spilling.

Quick Thaw: You can place your container of vinegar in a bowl of tap water. The tap water will slowly warm the vinegar to room temperature and keep the acidity of the vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Wine Vinegar’s Shelf Life

Is it okay to use expired vinegar? Most companies will place an expiration date on the bottle. This expiration date does not mean the vinegar has gone wrong. It is just used to explain that the acidity might be breaking down and causing a change in taste.

Is white vinegar and white wine vinegar the same? No, white vinegar has a higher level of acetic acid and is distilled in water. White wine vinegar is made from allowing white wine to turn into vinegar. It is less sour and has a more complex taste.

Wrap Up

White wine vinegar is best stored in the pantry. The flavor and acidity of white wine vinegar allow it to be usable for an indefinite amount of time! Now that you know the basics of white wine vinegar, you can use it for years to come!

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