Does Gin Go Bad? How Long Does Gin Last?

If you like gin, you may be wondering if it goes bad. Gin can be a good mixer for drinks but can sit around for a long time between uses.

Quick Answer

Gin can last for a long time before going bad if stored unopened gin can stay flavorful indefinitely. But if the bottle has been opened, the gin should be used up within a year. Oxygen will cause the gin to lose its flavor and potency. Opened gin should not be stored for a long time due to the drastic bitter taste of the alcohol oxidizes.


Read on to know how to properly store your gin and keep it useable for years to come.

Does Gin Go Bad? How Long Does Gin Last?

Gin has a shorter shelf life than other spirits once opened because the taste will change dramatically. But if unopened, gin can have an indefinite shelf life.

How Long Does Gin Last Outside?

A gin bottle should be stored in a pantry away from direct sunlight. If a bottle is stored unopened, it can last for an indefinite amount of time. The unopened bottle will keep oxygen from getting into the bottle and causing the flavor to change.

An opened bottle of gin should also be stored in the pantry. The lack of sunlight and moisture will help keep the gin from quickly oxidizing, but if the bottle is open, the oxidization process will begin.

When storing gin or before serving it, make sure the seal has not been broken. If the seal is broken, there is a higher chance of the gin being sour. If opened, it is always wise to taste it before serving to make sure it is still good.

How Long Does Gin Last in the Fridge?

Gin can be stored in the fridge for an extended period. In fact, gin is best served cold. If you place an unopened bottle of gin in the fridge, it will be viable for an indefinite time.

If placed in the fridge, gin will become cool and easier on the palette. The flavors will be more distinct and subtle and easy to enjoy than stored in the pantry and served warm.

If opened, gin should last in the fridge for up to one year. After that, the flavor may change and become very bitter. When storing gin in the fridge, make sure it is capped tightly; if not, oxidization will happen quickly.

How Long Does Gin Last in the Freezer?

Gin can be stored indefinitely in the freezer. The high alcohol content of gin makes it difficult to completely freeze, making it just a cold drink when served. Because gin does not freeze, the bottle will not explode when it is placed in the freezer.

If stored unopened, the bottle will keep the flavor and just allow the gin to get cold. It will not become oxidized and lose taste, but it will give a more subtle flavor upon opening the bottle and make it more easily drinkable.

An opened bottle of gin can also be kept in the freezer indefinitely, but the taste may change over time. It is also essential to keep the bottle tightly closed to eliminate as much of the oxidation process as possible.


Gin is mostly stored in the pantry, and no matter where it is stored unopened, it can last indefinitely. But cold gin can be made more bearable to drink when placed in the fridge or freezer.

How To Tell If Gin Has Gone Bad / How To Know Gin is Fresh?

There are a couple of different ways to tell if gin has gone wrong.

Appearance: If gin has gone bad, you may see some things floating in the gin. There should be no things floating in the gin due to the distilling process of the alcohol. The gin will be fresh if it is evident in color and contains no particles.

Odor: Gin should smell like alcohol. If there is any other scent mixed in, you should not drink it. Since gin is straight distilled alcohol, there should be no different scent but the smell of alcohol.

Taste: If you are unsure, you can always taste the alcohol. If the gin tastes terrible more than likely, it has gone bad. Gin may taste better when mixed with tonic or even if it is served cold. But if it still has a bitter taste, it should be thrown out.

How to Store Gin?

You have a couple of options when choosing to store gin because it can be stored in multiple different places.

Storage area: You have a couple of different places you can store gin. You can keep it in the fridge or the pantry. Both have their benefits, but you need to make sure that you hold your gin in a place away from heat sources and light.

Container: If you have an unopened gin bottle, it can be stored in its container with the lid tightly closed. If you have an opened bottle of gin, it should be stored in a smaller container where there is less air getting into the bottle.

Can You Freeze Gin? How?

Gin does not freeze, but you can store it in the freezer. To keep it, you need to:

Bottle: If the bottle is unopened, it can be stored in the freezer without anything happening to the gin. An opened bottle of gin should be stored in a smaller container and kept tightly closed.

Time: Since the alcohol cannot freeze, the alcohol can be kept in the freezer indefinitely. You only need to take it out when you want a glass of gin.

The taste of cold gin is better than warm due to the subtleties the cold brings out in the drink and makes it bearable to consume.

How to Thaw Gin?

After you make gin out of the freezer, you can let it warm up a little bit to make it more manageable.

Room Temperature: You can place gin out to “thaw’ on the counter, and it will warm up a bit and hit room temperature if you would instead drink it that way. The flavors will remain easier to drink while it is cold.

Refrigerator: You can also place the cold gin in the fridge. It will remain cold but lose some of its icy chills. The gin will stay cold but drinkable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gin’s Shelf Life

Can Old Gin make you sick? Old gin cannot make you ill, but it can have a different taste. There is also a good chance if it has been opened that there will be a lower alcohol content due to the dissipation process.

Why did my gin freeze? The gin will only freeze if it has water in the bottle. The gin will become slushy if the water has frozen. Sometimes water can be mixed into the gin to make it less potent or strong tasting, which can cause it to freeze.

Wrap Up

Gin can be a great drink to have with tonic. Now that you know the best way to store it, you can keep gin fresh and drinkable for years to come!

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