Does Rumchata Go Bad? How Long Does Rumchata Last?

If you like the alcoholic beverage of rumchata, you may be wondering if it goes bad. The unique flavors of alcohol and cream can be a great drink mixer!

Quick Answer

Rumchata does not go bad. Even though the beverage is mixed with cream, it does not go bad easily because of the homogenization process. In fact, rumchata can be stored in a pantry for its entire shelf life. An unopened bottle of rumchata will last a couple of years, while an opened bottle will start to lose its taste after a year.


Read on to determine the best ways to store your rumchata and keep it fresh for years to come!

Does Rumchata Go Bad? How Long Does Rumchata Last?

Rumchata has a long life span due to the homogenization process, but there are opportunities for it to spoil if left opened.

How Long Does Rumchata Last Outside?

Rumchata can be stored in the pantry even if it is opened or unopened. The preservative process ensures the alcohol will remain stable throughout its life.

A pantry or cabinet is the perfect place to keep it at a comfortable temperature. If you are storing your rumchata in the pantry, you need to keep it away from a heat source which can cause it to curdle quite easily.

The rumchata can be stored for years at room temperature when it is unopened. If opened, the bottle can last in the pantry for 12 months without losing flavor. But after these twelve months, the taste may be less robust.

How Long Does Rumchata Last in the Fridge?

Refrigeration for rumchata is unnecessary because it has enough preservatives in it to keep it from going bad. But it can be nice to serve it cold so that you may place it in the fridge.

If you choose to refrigerate your rumchata, it will last the same time as the pantry. An opened bottle can last for up to 12 months without losing taste, and an unopened bottle can last a couple of years.

If you store it in the fridge, make sure it stays at a consistent temperature, so it does not spoil. Any heat or change in temperature can radically affect the taste.

How Long Does Rumchata Last in the Freezer?

Rumchata can be stored in the freezer for an indefinite amount of time. Like any other alcohol, the freezer won’t hurt the drink but can cause some consistency issues.

A good trick for this is to freeze it in ice cube trays. This will keep the rumchata from spilling out of the bottle or being opened continuously to be used, ruining the flavor.

Freezing rumchata can help if you are using it for different things and want to keep it fresh but keeping it in the pantry is the better option to keep it at a constant temperature.


The best way to store your rumchata is in the pantry. The pantry can help keep your rumchata useable for a long time and allow you to try many different drinks!

How To Tell If Rumchata Has Gone Bad / How To Know Rumchata is Fresh?

If you have noticed that you have a bottle of rumchata sitting in your pantry, you may be wondering if it is still good. There are a couple of things you can check to make sure your rumchata is still useable.

Appearance: If the rumchata is a different color or some growth inside the bottle, it has probably gone bad. Opened bottles will go bad quicker than unopened bottles due to the amount of air that can get into an opened bottle.

Smell: If your rumchata has gone bad, it will smell sour. This is a clear sign that your rumchata has gone bad. Rumchata should smell like alcohol and sweetness, which is a unique odor.

Taste: If you notice your rumchata tastes bad, it is more than likely spoiled. The taste will be absolutely horrible compared to the creamy, spicy flavor of rumchata.

Bottle: If the bottle is opened, there is a higher chance that the alcohol has gone bad. But if the bottle is unopened, there is very little chance it has gone bad due to its long shelf life.

How to Store Rumchata?

The proper way to store rumchata is quite like other spirits. These three simple reminders will keep your rumchata good to use!

Place away from heat source: Store your rumchata away from a heat source and in a place with a fairly consistent temperature. This will keep your rumchata from spoiling.

Airtight Lid: Make sure your rumchata’s lid is on tight to keep it from spilling or becoming overly oxidized. Oxidization can cause mold growth in the bottle which will make it unusable.

Store in the pantry: Place your rumchata in the pantry to enjoy for years to come!

Can You Freeze Rumchata? How?

Yes, you can freeze rumchata. There are a few simple steps you can take to help utilize frozen rumchata.

Place in ice cube trays: It is recommended that you not freeze rumchata in the bottle because it can explode and create a mess in your fridge. So you should freeze rumchata in ice cube trays. The ice cube trays will keep the rumchata in small squares you can use for drinks or other recipes.

Freeze: Place the rumchata in the freezer. It can be stored in the freezer for as long as it is kept at a consistent temperature. Make sure you pay attention to freezer burn and possible moisture growth on your ice cubes before using them.

How to Thaw Rumchata?

Thawing rumchata is easy and straightforward using one of these two methods.

Thaw in the fridge: If you are taking rumchata out of the freezer, you can thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. It is important to note that the alcohol will not freeze, so only a small part of the drink will be frozen.

Thaw at room temperature: You can thaw rumchata at room temperature, too, by just placing it in an area away from direct sunlight. It will warm up to room temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rumchata’s Shelf Life

Why is my RumChata curdling? Rumchata will curdle if it is mixed with anything made with acidity. The citric acid found in soda can cause the rumchata to spoil and curdle quickly. The cream does not like citric acid, and it causes dairy things to curdle.

What kind of rum is RumChata? Rumchata is made from fresh dairy cream and five times distilled rum. Spices are also put in the rum, and the homogenization process allows it to remain uncurdled at room temperature.

Wrap Up

Rumchata is a great beverage to drink with something sweet. The shelf-life of rumchata is so long that now that you know how to store it, you can enjoy it for years to come!

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