Does Agave Nectar Go Bad? How Long Does Agave Nectar Last?

As the sweetener depriving from the agave plant Agave nectar, or more accurately, agave syrup used as a substitute for honey. As sweet as it is, you might wonder, does agave nectar go bad?

Quick Answer

For the most part, agave nectar doesn’t go bad as quickly as the best-by date implies as it has an indefinite shelf-life. Even if it’s been opened, it can last for dozens of years before it goes bad. If it succumbs to time after the years go by, it will suffer from mold, a bad taste, a change in color, and a bad smell.


But how would a preservative like agave nectar go bad and what is the right way to store it? Those questions and more will be answered as we dive into the shelf life of agave nectar more.

Does Agave Nectar Go Bad? How Long Does Agave Nectar Last?

If you put agave nectar in the right environment then it should last longer than you. Agave syrup can go bad under the circumstance that you didn’t store it properly.

How Long Does Agave Nectar Last Outside?

One might wonder where the proper place to store agave nectar is so it won’t go bad. It may come as a surprise how long it can last on the outside at room temperature.

Agave nectar can be left at room temperature as long as it’s away from moisture. It is usually stored in pantries since they’re dark and cool and the general place to put syrups.

You must keep it or put it in a closed

container to maintain the quality and keep it away from unwanted external factors.

In fact, as long as it’s away from the heat or sunlight, then your agave syrup should be fine.

How Long Does Agave Nectar Last in the Fridge?

Despite being told that agave syrup lasts indefinitely multiple times, it might pop into your head will agave syrup lasts longer in the refrigerator.

Agave nectar doesn’t have to be stored in the refrigerator but if you desire, putting it in the refrigerator won’t affect the shelf life in any way.

If you prefer your syrup to be on the colder side, then putting it in the refrigerator is the best way to do so.

In fact, putting agave syrup in the refrigerator can be a bit detrimental since it’ll be harder to pour.

How Long Does Agave Nectar Last in the Freezer?

If putting the nectar in the refrigerator won’t make it last longer then what about the freezer? Again, the answer is no.

You can freeze the nectar if you want to, but since it doesn’t affect the shelf life, there’s no real reason to do so.

But if for some reason you want to freeze agave nectar, you will want to freeze it in a container for keepsakes.

So yeah, freezing agave syrup doesn’t really help with preserving it making it sort of pointless unless it’s your personal preference.

How To Tell If Agave Nectar Has Gone Bad

Agave syrup shouldn’t go bad for years upon years but it will just like any other food. If you see or experience any of these signs then your syrup has gone bad.

Mold: Finding mold on your agave nectar is a rare occurrence but can occur nonetheless. If you see white hair-like spots on the bottom of your nectar, then that’s mold and shouldn’t be consumed.

Taste: Agave nectar usually has a sweet taste to it so it should be obvious if it’s gone bad. If agave syrup doesn’t taste sweet or good at all, then its time has come and gone.

Color change: The change in color of the nectar could be a sign of rotten syrup or it could be something completely unrelated.

If agave nectar gets exposed to temperatures that are too hot, then the color could change making it not the most reliable sign of rotten syrup.

Stench: If the looks of the agave nectar don’t catch you at first, the unsweet and off stench of it might. One quick whiff should be more than enough to tell you if the nectar has gone bad or not.

How to Store Agave Nectar?

Now that you know the signs of bad agave syrup, where do you store it? If you’ve been noticing a trend with the syrup, then it’ll be more than obvious where it can go.

Pantry: The pantry is your safest and best bet to put agave syrup as it’s the expected holding place for it. The pantry will provide a cool and dark place away from bugs and moisture making it an ideal spot.

Refrigerator: The refrigerator can be another okay place to put agave nectar to provide protection. It’s not the most common place to put it but if you prefer cold syrup then the refrigerator will suffice.

Anywhere: That’s right since agave syrup is a low maintenance food product, it can go anywhere without going bad. So long as it’s in a container, then it should maintain its quality.

Can You Freeze Agave Nectar? How?

Yes, you can freeze your agave nectar as you can do so if you desire. If you want to know how to do it, then here are the simple ways to do so.

Container if the bottle can’t freeze: Putting agave nectar in any sort of container should do the trick if the bottle isn’t freezer friendly. Even though freezing syrup isn’t common for most people, the bottle will most likely state if you can or can’t freeze the bottle.

Ice tray and container: Another way to freeze agave syrup is to pour it in an ice tray so it’ll come in cubes. It’ll also help to put the ice tray in a plastic bag too just in case.

How to Thaw Agave Nectar?

After you freeze the nectar, you’ll need to thaw it for it to be useful for you. Here are the simple ways to unfreeze frozen agave nectar.

Take it out of the freezer: If it was put in a container, then just take it out and let it sit until it unfreezes. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to thaw but it’ll take a bit longer to get warm.

Take it out of the ice tray: If you went with the ice tray method, then you can take the tray out and let it sit as well. It’s easier to take the tray out then pour the syrup out rather than to take the cubes of syrup out and let it melt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Agave Nectar’s Shelf Life

Although it is known that the shelf life of the syrup should last a lifetime but there are still questions that can be asked about it in general.

What temperature should agave nectar be stored at?

The temperature of the agave nectar can affect the quality of it in the long run. If it gets too hot, it’ll possibly go down in general quality.

If it’s too cold, however, then it’ll be harder to pour out and enjoy. Agave nectar is best at room temperature so it’s at a neutral temperature.

How to Get Ants Away From Agave Nectar

Ants and other bugs can become a problem for agave nectar. You’ll want to prevent the attraction of ants by wiping the surfaces of the container or where it’s being held so no syrup is left outside of the container.

Traps can be made with little samples of agave syrup put out in bowls away from your main source of syrup. Using a mix of baking soda and sugar to either spray the ants or use as a trap is another way to prevent ants without using pesticides.

Wrap Up

For the most part, agave syrup is an easy sweetener to keep from going bad as long as you close the containers. It’s a great syrup to put anywhere and to use for anything you want.

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