Do Raisins Go Bad? How Long Do Raisins Last?

When it comes to satisfying your baking needs, a box of raisins comes to mind. Despite their impeccable features and uses, raisins have their limitations. With that in mind, can raisins go bad?

Quick Answer

Raisins have a long shelf life compared to fresh fruits. That doesn’t mean they can’t go bad. A bag of raisins will last about 3-5 months outside if it’s left open. If the bag seals, the raisins may last up to six months outside. The shelf-life of both the opened and unopened bag of raisins is between 9-12 months in a refrigerator. The bag of raisins will last indefinitely in a freezer. Yet, it may lose taste and flavor in about 18-24 months.


Raisins have a long shelf life depending on how it’s handled and stored. The nutritional snack may need more than a sealed container for preservation. This article will answer all questions you have about raisins.

Do Raisins Go Bad? How Long Do Raisins Last?

Most dried fruits tend to go bad a year after their ‘best by’ date provided you freeze them. Their quality begins to diminish and degrade.  Raisins have different shelf life depending on where it’s stored and how.

How Long Do Raisins Last Outside?

Raisins have a short shelf-life outside. This is because it’s exposed to air, moisture, and warmer temperatures. This reduces its shelf-life. As a result, the raisins will go bad shortly after their printed date.

The shelf-life of an open package of raisins is three to six months after the expiry date outside or in the pantry. The open package allows moisture and air which lowers their shelf-life.

The shelf life of an unopened package of raisins in a pantry or outside is between six to twelve months. The sealed package prevents air or moisture from contaminating the raisins.

How Long Do Raisins Last in the Fridge?

The shelf-life of raisins extends by storing them in a refrigerator. The drying method determines the shelf-life in this case scenario.

In an opened package full of raisins, the shelf-life will be around six to twelve months after the ‘best by’ date. The raisins have moisture and air but the cold temperature keeps the raisins fresh.

In a well-sealed package of raisins, the shelf-life will be around 1-2 years. The air-tight bag keeps moisture away from the raisins.

How Long Do Raisins Last in the Freezer?

Raisins are best stored in a freezer. Their shelf-life extends when they freeze. They remain cool and dry. Raisins may lose their favor if it’s frozen for a long period.

An unopened package of raisins prevents mold growth and regulates moisture. Their shelf-life is indefinite due to the added package bonus.

Raisins stored in an open package can last in a freezer up to a year after the ‘best by’ date. Once the time lapses, the quality of the raisins will begin to degrade.

You should always ensure your raisins are in an airtight container or bag. Store them in a refrigerator or a freezer to extend shelf-life.

How To Tell If Raisins have Gone Bad?

It is easier to spot a rotten banana from a bunch than a bad raisin in a group. Unlike traditional fruits, raisins have unique signs that show they have gone bad.

Odor change: Raisins have a sweetish-tart aroma or fruit-like smell when they are fresh. If they have a rotten or tangy odor smell, it means they have gone bad.

Mold or Organic Growth: Mold can grow on raisins if moisture is present. Raisins can develop molds if kept in a humid environment and thus, unfit for consumption.

Discoloration: If raisins begin to discolor, it means they have begun to spoil and may go bad at any time. Their flavor reduces as a result.

Hardening: The raisins may dry out and harden. This indicates that raisins are going to spoil. They rehydrate by soaking in warm water.

Loss of flavor: This can occur due to discoloration or freezing. If you freeze raisins for a long time, their quality and flavor may begin to diminish.

How To Store Raisins?

Here are some of the tips that will help you store raisins;

Store in a cool, dry, and dark place: Raisins store away from warmer temperatures to prevent them from drying out. They should store in a less humid place to prevent the growth of mold or fuzz. A dark place like the kitchen cabinet will inhibit light from reaching the raisins.

Ensure the left-over raisins are sealed tightly: The seal prevents moisture and air from affecting the shelf-life of the raisins. A plastic wrapping is necessary if you are going to use the raisins within a month.

Can You Freeze Raisins? How?

Yes, you can freeze raisins to extend their shelf-life. It is the best storage option since it rarely changes the texture of raisins. Here is a simple way to freeze raisins;

Spread the raisins out in a single layer: You should first put them in a baking sheet before spreading them out. The spreading will help disintegrate the larger clumps. It will also keep the raisins from clumping. The raisins are now singular.

Freeze the tray: Freeze the tray for an hour with the raisins inside.

Transfer the raisins to an airtight container: They transfer to an airtight container. This will prevent moisture or heat and light from reaching the dried fruits. The cool and dry place created by the airtight container ensures that the raisins do not go bad.

How To Thaw Raisins?

When it is time to bake your favorite cake, you might want to defrost the raisins you kept in the freezer a while ago. Here are some of the ways of doing so;

Transfer from the freezer to the refrigerator: Do so and leave it to thaw overnight. Come back tomorrow to check if it worked out fine.

Countertop method: Look for a container that will accommodate the frozen raisins. Leave the frozen raisins to defrost on your countertop at normal room temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raisin’s Shelf-Life

Many questions come up when the shelf-life of raisins comes to light. Here are some of the questions and answers we managed to capture for you;

How long do raisins last after the best by date?  Raisins will last in the pantry for about six months. Store in an airtight sealed container in a refrigerator to add six more months or freeze them for one month.

Do raisins have a maximum shelf-life? Yes. The maximum shelf-life of raisins is up to one year. The shelf-life can increase to a 2-3 year range if the container is well-sealed to prevent extra humidity from going through.

Wrap Up

Raisins can be stored for a long time if the necessary precautions are taken early. Wasting food is not a fun sight to see. Ensure you follow the tips on raisins to save some before it’s too late.

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