Do Radishes Go Bad? How Long Do Radishes Last?

Radishes are a root vegetable in the same family as turnips. They’re normally bought in bunches. If it’s been a few weeks since you bought them, you may be wondering: do radishes go bad?


Quick Answer

Radishes do go bad. At room temperature, radishes will last about 3 days. In the fridge, radishes will last up to 2 weeks, and in the freezer up to 6 months. Proper storage will extend the life of your radishes. Because of their high moisture content, radishes will begin to grow soft and soggy when they go bad, or turn color.


How long do radishes last? Let’s take a look at varying conditions and how to keep your radishes fresh for longer.

Do Radishes Go Bad? How Long Do Radishes Last?

Like all vegetables, radishes eventually spoil and will need thrown out. Exactly how long will they stay fresh? Where do they stay fresh the longest?

How Long Do Radishes Last Outside?

When left at room temperature, radishes do not last long. At most, they will stay crisp and fresh for about 3 days. At this time, they either need refrigerated or frozen.

The rapid decomposition is due to radishes’ high moisture content. This water evaporates quickly at higher temperatures, leaving the vegetable soft and soggy.

You can extend your radishes’ life outside the fridge by placing them in cold tap water on the counter. The water will keep the radishes moisture at a higher content. Radishes left in damp soil or sand will last even longer.

How Long Do Radishes Last in The Fridge?

Radishes survive longer in cold temperatures. Most fridges are kept at 40°F, which is nearly 30 degrees colder than room temperature. Because of this, radishes tend to last longer in the fridge than at room temperature.

In the fridge, radishes will last up to 2 weeks. The key is preparing the radishes before placing them in the fridge. If not properly stored, this time will go down significantly.

One of the key things is cutting the greens off the radishes before storing them in the fridge. Washing and proper storage container also helps.

How Long Do Radishes Last in The Freezer?

Freezing radishes will give you the longest life for this nutrient-dense vegetable. When properly stored, frozen radishes can last up to 6 months. Proper storage is key.

Because radishes are often bought in bunches, freezing is an excellent way to keep the extra radishes fresh and crisp. You can even cook the radishes first before freezing.

There are a few steps to follow in order to properly store radishes in the freezer. As with refrigeration, it’s important to cut the greens from your radishes before storing them. These greens can also be used in recipes.

Radishes in the fridge will give you a decent shelf life if you plan to use them within two weeks. Otherwise, it’s best to freeze them.

How to Tell If Radishes Have Gone Bad / How to Know Radishes Are Fresh?

Fresh radishes will give you the best taste in your recipes. Here are a few ways to tell if your radish is still fresh, or if it’s time to throw out.

Feel: If your radish feels soft or soggy in any way, it’s a good indication that it has gone bad. A slight soft spot is okay, but the radish will not be as fresh as the first day you brought it home. A firm radish indicates a fresh and crisp vegetable.

Smell: Unlike onions, radishes do not have a very strong smell. If you cut into your radish and notice pungent or strong smells, your radish has probably gone bad. Radishes that do not have a particular smell are fresh.

Visual: Do a visual check of your radish. If there are obvious signs of mold or rot on your radish, it’s time to throw them away. It’s not a good idea to freeze radishes to try to save them at this point. You can also check the color of your vegetable. If the radish is beginning to turn a dark color, it’s starting to go bad.

How to Store Radishes?

Proper storage will give you the longest shelf life for your radishes. Here are a few tips on storing your radishes.

Cut off the greens: When buying radishes, some will come with the greens attached to them, similar to how greens grow on carrots. To store radishes, cut these greens off. Though they are edible, the greens will cause your radishes to spoil quickly.

Store in plastic bag or container: Keeping your radishes in an airtight bag or container will help retain moisture. This will keep radishes crisp, fresh, and ready to eat. Washing radishes before putting them in a container makes prepping easier.

Can You Freeze Radishes? How?

You can easily store radishes in the freezer. They will last up to 6 months, but tend to lose some of their nutrients and taste when frozen.

Wash: Make sure to wash any dirt or grit off your radishes before storing them in the freezer. Allow them to dry before freezing.

Cut: Cut your radishes into 1-inch pieces. This will reduce the nutritional value and taste slightly, but storing whole radishes is not recommended.

Blanch: Blanching has many benefits. It helps loosen the skin of vegetables for easier peeling, slows the enzymes that break down flavor and color, and reduces bitterness. It’s a must-do before freezing vegetables.

Flash Freeze: Place your radishes on a cookie sheet and store in the freezer for at least 4 hours. This will flash freeze them, preparing them to be stored.

Package: Put your flash-frozen radishes in a food storage bag or container in the freezer.

How to Thaw Radishes?

Thawing radishes is important to retain the flavor and texture, as this will be slightly sacrificed when freezing them.

Cold water: Run frozen radishes under cold water to thaw them slowly. They are thawed when there are no longer ice crystals on them.

Cook: It’s best to use frozen radishes in recipes that will cook them. The flavor and texture will be slightly less than fresh radishes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Radish’s Shelf Life

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the nutrient-packed radish.

Is it okay to eat soft radishes? Slightly soft radishes are okay to eat, as long as there is no sign of mold growth. They would best be used in a cooked recipe, not raw. Softness happens when the moisture leaves the vegetable. If they are very soft, it’s best to throw them out.

Should I leave radishes in my garden until I’m ready to eat them? No. Radishes should be picked as soon as they are mature. Otherwise, they will rapidly deteriorate and go rotten. It’s best to pick them, cut the tops and root part off, wash, and store in the fridge.

Wrap Up

Radishes are a nutritional vegetable that packs plenty of essential nutrients. Always store your radishes properly to prolong their shelf life, and discard radishes that have gone bad.

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