17 Best Brunch Recipes

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Saturday or Sunday Brunch is the traditional time to get together with friends and family. It is never fun to be stuck in the kitchen slaving away making food.

These 17 recipes are some of the best brunch recipes out there and they are super easy. Whether you are feeding four or twenty, these recipes make hosting brunch less intimidating.

From sweet to savory these brunch ideas and their recipes are great for parties or a small, intimate family meal. They are easy to customize so everyone can be happy.


17 Best Brunch Recipes

Whether you are looking for sweet or savory, these 17 Brunch Recipes are easy and delicious. If you are making a meal for a lot of people, consider serving at least one Sweet and one Savory dish.

1. Cinnamon Rolls

This sweet brunch recipe is great for a Coffee social style brunch. It also makes a wonderful dessert after a savory brunch item.

Consider making a Brunch Casserole and having cinnamon rolls either as an appetizer or dessert. Cinnamon roll variations include Sticky Buns, Pecan Rolls, and mini cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Rolls

2. Sheet Pan Pancakes

This easy and delicious version of pancakes is great for big groups. Make sure to grease your sheet pan so that the pancakes do not stick.

If you are hosting a brunch party, make a toppings bar and let your guests decide how to top their pancakes. Just grab some fresh berries, syrup, powdered sugar, and any other toppings you think they would like.

Sheet Pan Pancakes

3. French Toast Bake

This Brunch recipe for French toast makes it easy to make ahead. You can make the French toast casserole ahead of time. Just pop it in the oven when it is time to bake it.

This breakfast bake goes great with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. If you are hosting a party, make a couple varieties of the bake.

French Toast Bake

4. Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is a versatile breakfast bake. You can make it sweet or savory. If you are hosting a large brunch party make both a sweet and a savory.

Sweet bread pudding goes well with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit salad. Savory Bread pudding already has eggs and sausage so serve it with bacon and fruit salad.

Easy Sweet Bread Pudding

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great brunch recipe. Baked oatmeal is easy and delicious as is crockpot oatmeal. Oatmeal can be made in large batches and is easily customizable.

Serve it with a variety of topping options from brown sugar to powdered sugar and from fruit to granola. If your guests would like some savory topping options, maple sausage and bacon bits are great.

Crockpot Oatmeal

6. Muffins

Muffins are a versatile Brunch option. You can make sweet or savory muffins or a combination of the two. They can also be the main dish or the side dish.

If you host brunch often, try some seasonal varieties of muffins. Such as Spring Veggie Savory Muffins, Spring Blueberry Muffins, Summer Berry Muffins, Autumn Pecan and Pumpkin muffins, Winter Peppermint Chocolate Muffins.

7. Eggs Benedict Bake

Eggs Benedict is a classic brunch dish. Whether you want to make a classic eggs benedict or are looking for an easier and quicker eggs benedict these recipes are sure to please.

The buttery and lemony hollandaise sauce goes great with asparagus if you are looking for something green to have on the side. Add some chopped shallot, herbs de Provence, and a splash of white wine to turn your hollandaise sauce into bearnaise sauce.

Eggs Benedict

8. Frittata

Frittatas are the easiest and one of the most customizable brunch ideas. You can put whatever vegetables you want in your frittata. Just make sure to follow the egg making directions for your chosen recipe.

Frittatas can be made in an oven safe frying pan, baking dish, or in a muffin tin. Frittatas are great served with guacamole and salsa or aioli on top.

Spring Frittata

9. Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of those warming meals that makes a great brunch. Shakshuka can sometimes be spicy. Great toppings are sour cream, avocado, and guacamole.

Shakshuka is easy to make and all you have to do is pop the eggs in and poach them in the sauce. Alternatively, you can cook the eggs separately and just lay them on top.

Easy Shakshuka and Eggs

10. Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast casseroles are the one dish champion of brunch. Make a whole 9×13-inch pan for a party or just for leftovers. These breakfasts are great leftovers.

Breakfast Casseroles are easy to customize just add or remove ingredients as you wish. They go great with a salad. You can eat them by themselves or pour gravy, hollandaise, or bearnaise sauce on top.

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

11. Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos are another great brunch idea. The best part of breakfast tacos is you can make all the fillings and toppings and let your guests make the actual tacos.

Breakfast tacos are best served with some good old Mexican comfort foods like rice and beans. If you want to make your own salsa and guacamole you can as well. They always taste best when they are fresh.

Bacon, Egg, and Avocado Tacos

12. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles is a great brunch option for fans of Mexican foods. Like tacos, serve them with beans and rice on the side along with topping options.

Chilaquiles can be made in a pan, traditional style, or you can turn it into a casserole if you need something quick and easy.


13. Grits

This brunch style take on southern grits turns your grits into a one dish meal. Whether you are looking for simple egg and cheese grits or something fancier, these grits recipes are wonderful.

Grits are a southern staple so pair your grits dish with green beans, okra, collard greens, or your favorite southern greens.

Cheese Grits Casserole

14. Quiche

This classic brunch recipe is a one dish meal. Make your favorite side salad or try one of the ones below. Quiche is customizable so long as you make sure everything fits in the pie pan.

Crustless Quiche can be moved into a large pan such as a square baking dish or cake pan. If you are making these for a large party, mini quiches are a great way to make small bites for everyone.

Breakfast Quiche

15. Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy is another popular southern brunch idea. Serve them with scrambled eggs, fried eggs, or even poached eggs. You can also add bacon, Canadian bacon, or ham.

There are lots of great sides for this dish. Whether you are looking for something completely southern, like fried green tomatoes, or something healthier, like roasted root vegetables, your veggies are sure to go with your biscuits and gravy.

Southern Buttermilk Biscuit

16. Mimosa

Mimosas are the traditional brunch alcoholic drink. They are easy to make and customize. The key to a mimosa customization is switching out the fruit juice or blending in another fruit with the orange juice.

Serve mimosas at your brunch party with quiche or any of the delicious brunch savory or sweet options above.

Traditional Mimosa

17. Margarita

Margaritas may not be a classic brunch cocktail, but they are delicious if you are making a Mexican-inspired brunch. Margaritas should definitely be an option if you are serving breakfast tacos, chilaquiles or breakfast nachos.

Margaritas can be on the rocks (on ice) or blended. If you are blending your margaritas, you can add any fruit additions you like. Mango, pineapple, and pomegranate are popular flavors.

Traditional Margarita

Wrap Up

There you go, 17 delicious and easy brunch recipes. If you decide to throw a brunch potluck, be sure to share this with your guests. They may need some ideas.

Enjoy experiencing and exploring these 17 recipes. Go ahead and customize them, make them your own. Happy cooking and happy eating!

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