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Brio Tuscan Grille, or simply Brio, is a restaurant chain headquartered in the United States that offers scrumptious and genuine Italian dishes. It caters to all kinds of customers from toddlers to seniors.

Customers particularly love the authenticity of its Italian dishes. They have a separate menu for customers who want gluten-free food. They also have a selection of food for children. Indeed, the place is for everyone.

Pita Chipswith roasted red pepper, fennel and feta dip$5.95
Basil Crusted Shrimp Napoleons, Lemon Remoulade$8.95
Mussels In White Wine, Sage And Mustard Sauceserved with toast points$8.95
Beef Skewers, Chile Marinated, Grilledwith coriander creme$8.95
Rye Chipswith wild mushrooms in sherry herb reductions sauce, grated swiss$5.95
Calamari Marinated And Deep Fried, Marinara Sauce$8.95
Eggplant Strips, Hand-Cut, Deep Friedserved with marinara sauce$7.95
Tempura Chicken Strips, Deep Friedserved with peanut dipping sauce$6.95
Soup De Jour, Daily Chef Creation.$2.95
House Salad Of Mixed Greenswith balsamic dressing$3.95
Caesar Classic Style$5.95
Caesar Classic Styleadd grilled chicken breast$7.95
Grilled Salmon Over Greenswith cucumber dill dressing$9.95
Harvest Salad Of Seasonal Grilled Vegetable Over Greens, Red Wine Vinegrette$7.95
choice of fries or brio cole slaw
Burger, Choice Of Cheese, Your Temperature On A Fresh Rollwith chive aioli$6.50
Burger, Choice Of Cheese, Your Temperature On A Fresh Rolladd bacon$7.25
Chicken Breast Marinated And Grilled On A Fresh Rollwith cucumber creme sauce$7.95
BLT, Toasted On Whole Wheatwith fresh basil and red pepper mayo$6.00
Reuben, A Classic On Hearty Rye, House 1000 Island Dressing$8.25
Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak Tarragon Aioli$9.95
Grilled 4 Cheese On Toasted Whole Wheat, Tomato And Basil$6.95
Pulled Pork Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickle, Mustard Aioli$7.00
(french dough) build with toppings $.75 ea (sausage, tomato, spinach, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, olives, onion)
Toscanogrilled chicken, caramelized onion, bacon , white sauce$11.95
Mushroom4 mushroom blend gorgonzola cheese and basil$10.95
Quatro4 cheese blend and rosemary$9.95
Traditionalitalian sausage, onion, mushroom$10.95
Create Your Own, Basic Cheese$7.95
Grilled Ribeyeoven roasted garlic potato, seasonal veggie and guinness mushroom sauce$24.00
Atlantic Salmon Grilledwith fennel mashed potato seasonal veggie and lavender compound butter$17.00
Braised Chicken Breast In White Wine, Sauteed Leaks And Arugalawith fried gnocchi$14.00
Seafood Pastawith sauteed mussels and shrimp in a pecorino cheese sauce$16.00
Friday Fish Fry
Traditional Deep Fried Cod$10.95
Breaded Lake Perch$12.95
2 Tone Creme Brule$5.95
Flourless Chocolate Cake$5.95
Bread Pudding$5.95
Iced Tea$1.25


Brio was founded in Columbus, Ohio by businesspeople who wanted to provide a different dining experience among Ohio customers. Its parent company is Bravo Brio Restaurant Group which is also based in Ohio.

The restaurant now has several locations worldwide and was once recognized by the Restaurant Business Magazine as one of the Top 500 Restaurant Chains in the United States.


The architectural design and the interiors of Brio are definitely not an ordinary one. Elegantly designed, this restaurant will surely give you an exquisite dining experience. While this is a recommended place for customers of all ages, I particularly recommend this to those going out on dates.

The restaurant is open from breakfast till dinner. They can accommodate walk-in customers but I suggest that you make a reservation one day ahead as the place is usually full.

Many of the foods on their menu are mouth-watering but my favorites are all under the Chef’s Specialties Menu. These include Lamb Chops, Gorgonzola Crusted Beef Medallions, Chicken Limone, and Chicken Milanese.

As mentioned, this place is in demand and is usually full so it is best to call to make reservations.

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