Blimpie Menu Prices


With a history going back for more than four decades, the submarine sandwich franchise chain Blimpie is the third largest in its own category in the United States. As the dictionary picture of the word “blimp” inspired the restaurant’s name years ago, it’s obvious that the menu is all about delicious submarine sandwiches.

You don’t need to know exactly what kind of a sandwich you would enjoy as the restaurant offers a pretty rich selection of ingredients and freshly baked bread. It’s very easy to pick something that would appeal to your taste.


Deli Subs

BLIMPIE BestRegular$5.29
BLIMPIE BestLarge$7.49
Turkey & ProvoloneRegular$5.29
Turkey & ProvoloneLarge$7.49
The ClubRegular$5.29
The ClubLarge$7.49
Ham & SwissRegular$5.29
Ham & SwissLarge$7.49
Roast Beef & ProvoloneRegular$5.29
Roast Beef & ProvoloneLarge$7.49

Deli Subs Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie
BLIMPIE Best ComboRegular$7.49
BLIMPIE Best ComboLarge$9.69
Turkey & Provolone ComboRegular$7.49
Turkey & Provolone ComboLarge$9.69
The Club ComboRegular$7.49
The Club ComboLarge$9.69
Ham & Swiss ComboRegular$7.49
Ham & Swiss ComboLarge$9.69
Roast Beef & Provolone ComboRegular$7.49
Roast Beef & Provolone ComboLarge9.69
Tuna ComboRegular$7.49
Tuna ComboLarge$9.69
BLT ComboRegular$7.49
BLT ComboLarge$9.69


Buffalo Chicken6.49
Chicken Caesar$6.49

Wraps Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie
Southwestern Combo$8.69
Buffalo Chicken Combo$8.69
Chicken Caesar Combo$8.69

Hot Subs

Meatball ParmigianaRegular$5.79
Meatball ParmigianaLarge$9.99
Philly Cheese SteakRegular$5.79
Philly Cheese SteakLarge$9.99
Chicken Cheddar Bacon RanchRegular$5.79
Chicken Cheddar Bacon RanchLarge$9.99

Hot Subs Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie
Meatball Parmigiana ComboRegular$7.99
Meatball Parmigiana ComboLarge$12.19
Philly Cheese Steak ComboRegular$7.99
Philly Cheese Steak ComboLarge$10.99
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch ComboRegular$7.99
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch ComboLarge$12.19
VegiMax ComboRegular$7.99
VegiMax ComboLarge$12.19

Panini Grilled Subs

Turkey, Bacon & CheddarRegular$5.99
Turkey, Bacon & CheddarLarge$10.99
Ultimate ClubRegular$6.49
Ultimate ClubLarge$11.99
Beef, Turkey & CheddarRegular$5.99
Beef, Turkey & CheddarLarge$10.99
Buffalo ChickenRegular$6.49
Buffalo ChickenLarge$11.99

Panini Grilled Subs Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie
Sicilian ComboRegular$8.69
Sicilian ComboLarge$14.19
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar ComboRegular$6.99
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar ComboLarge11.99
Ultimate Club ComboRegular$8.69
Ultimate Club ComboLarge$12.99
Beef, Turkey & Cheddar ComboRegular$8.19
Beef, Turkey & Cheddar ComboLarge$13.19
Buffalo Chicken ComboRegular$8.69
Buffalo Chicken ComboLarge$14.19
Pastrami ComboRegular$8.19
Pastrami ComboLarge$13.19


Grilled Chicken Caesar$7.99
Ultimate Club$7.99

Salads Combos

Includes Regular Drink & Chips or Cookie
Grilled Chicken Caesar Combo$10.19
Ultimate Club Combo$10.19

Kids Meals

Includes Kids Sub, Side & Drink
Turkey & Cheese$5.49
Ham & Cheese$5.49

Drinks & Sides

Bottled Water$1.59


Super Stacked$1.99
Add Bacon$1.99
Extra Cheese0.6


Hoboken HeroRegular$6.99
Turkey ItalianRegular$6.99


Would you ever think the idea of a lifetime would come to you as a result of pure luck? For the three New Jersey boys, Tony Conza, Peter De Carlo and Angelo Baldassere, the entrepreneurial muse blessed them when one of them mentioned sandwiches called “submarines” to his other two friends.

Having tried their luck in different businesses before, the three friends visited a restaurant selling submarine sandwiches in Point Pleasant and ended up with a great idea. Despite their enthusiasm, however, the three founders were short on money and they lacked the experience to manage a restaurant.

None of the setbacks deterred the three partners from chasing their dreams and satisfying their need to venture into something completely new though. The submarine sandwich was a new concept and Conza, De Carlo and Baldassere believed in the idea. Despite having no money, the three young businessmen formed a partnership with a friend and got the money to open the first of a future chain restaurants.

The first restaurant was opened on April 4, 1964 on Washington Street in Hoboken and from then on more and more restaurants were opened. From very humble beginnings the restaurant’s success grew so much and today with hundreds of restaurants in the US, Blimpie continues to serve its many customers.


Although there are many restaurants around the country, the nostalgia and the Blimpie tradition will carry you away when you’re tasting the delicious submarine sandwiches. The menu is what you’d expect from a restaurant of this category but it is definitely the taste of the different sandwiches that’ll keep you coming for more.

The combination of freshly baked bread and ingredients like roast beef, turkey, slow-cured ham and fresh vegetables are what make the difference. You could also enjoy wraps, salads and cookies. However, the selection of a sandwich may not be so simple. The restaurant offers different sub-categories like hot subs, panini grilled subs, deli subs and even if you’re in the mood for a party you may even order one of the party-sized varieties.

If you feel hungry and need fast service, this is the place for you. Your hunger for a yummy sandwich like the Buffalo Chicken Combo or Pastrami will be quenched by the fast and friendly service in any of the cozy restaurants. The prices for regular sandwiches range from $5.00-$9.00 and the large ones range from $7.00-$13.00.

Overall this is one restaurant that you would enjoy with your friends and family. When you’ve got a craving for a really delicious sandwich or a quick and healthy bite, don’t bother looking into the dictionary like the founders did 51 years ago, and just look out for these submarine sandwich experts near you.


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