Best Food Delivery Services

Food is great, but sometimes you’re not always in a position to go to a restaurant and take out food. There are benefits and sometimes, even incentives to order the food that you want to eat. Here are 8 food services that offer the option of taking food from the restaurant, to your living quarters.

1. DoorDash

DoorDash offers a lot of incentives for the average person to use it. For your first month, you will only have to pay a $1 delivery fee on all the orders that you place. The service also partners with restaurants, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

2. Grubhub

Grubhub is one of the best and most convenient delivery services because of who they work with. Not only do they work with regular restaurants, but they also work with fast-food restaurants. They also allow you to order at stores such as KFC, ahead of time so that you won’t have to wait in line.

3. Bitesquad

Like some other delivery services, Bitesquad partners with restaurants so that you can order from your favorite menus. They also make sure to partner with restaurants with 3 stars or more because Bitesquad believes in quality. There are delivery fees, there is no minimum limit of money for orders that you have to spend money on,

4. PaneraBread delivery service

Panera bread offers a lot of customization options for their menus. However, not every store offers a delivery service. The service has a delivery fee depending on how much that you bought. There is also rewards program to get you deals on future orders.

5. Seamless

Seamless is a service that is aimed for a very casual market, where the information that you give them can be generalized. This means that they require no phone calls or names on the menu that you may have to list. This service also offers $10 promo code for your first order.

6. Ubereats

Ubereats allows you to choose from a plethora of restaurants to make the order that you want. Whether it be a fast food restaurant, or takeout from a Chinese restaurant. They also have very simple menus to not over complicate the process and give you the food you want faster.

7. Postmates

Postmates is likely available in your area, operating in over 2,940 cities. This company like to have more a friendly and laid back tone, with deliverers that come on bikes and always come personally to your door. You can also join their membership program, which will give you a gigantic savings bonus when you join.

8. Sun Basket

Sun Basket currently has a promotion that will allow you to receive %50 off your first order. The one major con is that orders usually take a minimum of 30 minutes from the order confirmation to get to your door. However, their emphasis on creating productive meals that are healthy can make up for this.


Out of all these services, DoorDash is likely the best one for new users. If you just want to get food from your favorite restaurants in you area, the benefits are catered towards you. Though each of the other best food delivery services offers something new to the table.


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