Sonny’s BBQ Menu Prices

Sonny’s BBQ

Sonny’s restaurants started its journey in 1968 as a local BBQ joint in Gainesville, Florida and they have continued to stay as a simple local BBQ joint till this date, with the only exception that the localities they serve have increased. They serve one of the most popular BBQ dishes along with some of their own specialties.

With the growing demand of BBQ flavored dishes, Sonny’s is able to meet up the needs of their customers with the extraordinary quality of food they supply along with the fact that the dishes are prepared with great care and hygiene. This is a food company that takes care of the taste and pocket of the people they serve.

Smoked Wings$8.29
BBQ Wings 10 countSweet, sizzlin, smokin or dry rub$9.29
BBQ Wings 20 countSweet, sizzlin, smokin or dry rub$16.49
Corn Nuggets$4.59
Redneck Egg Rolls$6.69
Onion Rings$4.99
Fried Okra$4.99
Garden of Eatin
BBQ Chicken Salad$8.99
Smokin' Chicken Caesar$8.99
Backyard Garden Salad$3.59
Brunswick Stew$3.99
Soup of The Day$3.49
Signature BBQ
Served with two sidekicks and garlic bread or homemade cornbread
BBQ PorkSliced or pulled$11.49
Baby Back Ribs$16.99
St. Louis RibsSweet & smokey or house dry-rubbed$14.39
Half ChickenAll white meat, add $1.00$10.99
Beef BrisketSliced (lean) or chopped (marbled)$14.49
Smoked Turkey$11.99
Rib SamplerOursignature baby back ribs and yourchoice of sweet & smokey orhouse dry-rubbed ribs$16.79
BBQ Sandwiches
Add crinkle-cut fries and a soft drink to any BBQ sandwich for just $3.00
Sweet CarolinaPulled pork topped with homemadecoleslaw and sonny?s signaturecarolina sauce on a bun$6.99
Smokin GunHot links, chopped beef brisket,banana peppers and red oniontopped with a sweet & smokeysauce on a bun$8.99
Beef Brisket$7.39
Smoked Chicken Salad$5.99
Pulled Chicken$6.29
Sliced Pork$5.99
Pulled Pork$5.99
Smoked Turkey$6.49
Pitmaster Picks
Served with two sidekicks and garlic bread or homemade cornbread
Sonnys SamplerPulled pork, sliced brisket, BBQ chicken and sweet & smokey ribs$15.99
Ribs & Chicken$14.49
Chicken & Pork$13.49
Ribs & Smoked Wings$13.99
Pork 3 WaysPulled pork, sliced porkand sweet & smokey ribs$14.99
Family FeastSmoked pork, beef brisket, BBQ chicken and sweet & smokey orhouse dry-rubbed ribs, plus threesidekicks, garlic bread or homemadecornbread and four soft drinks.serves four$43.49
Grilled and Golden
Sonnys SteakburgerServed with crinkle-cut fries$8.99
Chargrilled ChickenServed with two sidekicks andgarlic bread or homemade cornbread$11.69
Golden Fried ShrimpServed with two sidekicks andgarlic bread or homemade cornbread$12.99
Chargrilled Chicken SandwichServed with crinkle-cut fries$8.79
The B.O.M.BBeef brisket on a mac & cheesepatty with onion straws and sweet BBQ sauce on a golden-toasted bun. Served with crinkle-cut fries$10.99
BBQ by the Pound
Beef Brisket$17.49
Pulled Chicken$12.99
Pulled Pork$13.29
Sliced Pork$13.29
Smoked Turkey$12.99
Sweet & Smokey Ribs$14.39
House Dry-Rubbed Ribs$14.39
Baby Back Ribs$14.79
Hot Links$11.99
Vegetables$4.69 - $21.99
Homestyle Mac & Cheese$4.99 - $23.99
Original Recipe BBQ Beans$4.69 - $21.99
Homemade Coleslaw$4.69 - $21.99
Potato Salad$4.69 - $21.99
Original Recipe BBQ Beans$2.39
Crinkle-Cut Fries$2.39
Homemade Coleslaw$2.39
Homestyle Mac & Cheese$2.39
Green Beans$2.39
Baked Sweet Potato$2.39
Corn on The Cob$2.39
Cinnamon Apples$2.39
Baked Potato$2.39
Diet Coke
Orange Fanta
Barqs Root
Coke Zero


Sonny’s Restaurants began its journey in the year 1968 with the owner Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and his wife Lucille. They targeted at serving the extraordinary flavor of slowly smoked BBQ dishes to the people who love the cuisine but find it hard to make them at home. Slowly smoking the food takes great expertise and this is basically the most important thing that the company takes care of.

With the advancement of technology, cooking equipments have evolved greatly and there are appliances which are capable of cooking good and great foods in least possible time. BBQ grills have become compact and easy to operate so that people can make the tasty foods at home. But the taste of BBQ dishes smoked over real oak logs can never be replaced by modern appliances and this is what Sonny’s specialize in.

They make sure that the ancient method of slow smoking over oak is done for every single dish they serve. Taking great care in choosing the ingredients and mouth-watering recipes have always been the USP of the eatery. With the great food and extraordinary cooking method, you are sure to experience the best BBQ dishes here.

Sonny’s have been in the business since long and thus they know the changing trend in food market. They have adapted to the changing demands of the young generations, just keeping the cooking method intact. The super-trained staffs in all their outlets are sure to bring you the food you have been looking for.


Sonny’s restaurants started their journey as a small local food joint and with its increasing popularity and growth in business they have been able to increase the number of outlets all over the country. They make sure that the foods they serve are of superior quality as hygiene is the major thing to concern for in slow cooked foods.

The signature BBQ, Sidekicks, Grilled & Golden and the several popular appetizers available here are popular among the regular visitors. When you are looking for the most homely atmosphere, it is this place where you will feel at home. The service is simply extraordinary and great care is taken by the owners in keeping the prices within the reach of average people.

When you are looking for slow cooked foods like BBQ, it is pretty obvious that you will not get served as fast as fast-food joints. But, that does not either mean that you will place your order and have to wait for hours. They make major part of the cooking beforehand and as the menus are fixed, you can have them on your table in least possible time.

The owners and every staff of Sonny’s work hard to make sure that your eating experience in their place becomes memorable and you feel so enticed that you keep coming back to them whenever you feel the urge to have real BBQ taste from the south or just want to chill out with your friends.

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