What to Serve With Pinto Beans

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Have you ever looked in your pantry and seen a can or two of Pinto Beans? Have you looked at those Pinto Beans and then put them back because you weren’t sure what to eat with them?

Have no fear! Pinto Beans are an easy dish to make and an easy dish to pair with other foods. Pinto beans can be made simple, or you can spice them up with some tomatoes or seasonings.

Pinto Beans are typically served with either Hispanic dishes or Dishes from the Southern United States. However, there are also a few more surprising dishes that go well.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans are a simple and delicious protein. They can be served as a main dish or a side dish. However, you are serving them, here are 17 great dishes to go with them.

1. Rice

Rice is the most common side dish with Pinto Beans. You can do an Italian Pilaf or Risotto, or a Mexican Style Rice. You can even cook them together for a Caribbean Inspired Beans and Rice.

When serving Rice with Pinto Beans you may also want to consider sprinkling some cheese on the beans or serving them with a warmed tortilla or quesadilla.

2. Tortillas

Tortillas are the second most common side for Pinto Beans in Latin America. They can be heated in the microwave on plates or in a pan on the stove.

It is common to add cheese to the tortilla as well as the beans. When served with tortillas, Pinto beans are often paired with salsa, guacamole, or fajita vegetables.

3. Salsa and Chips

If you want a simple meal, Salsa is the way to go. Salsa is the ideal side and topping for Pinto Beans. Just grab a bag of tortilla chips, spoon some salsa on your cooked beans and enjoy.

Alternately, you can lay the chips out on a baking sheet and cover with cheese and make Nachos to go with your Pinto Beans and Salsa.

4. Guacamole and Chips

Guacamole is another popular topping for Pinto Beans. Especially if you like Avocados. If you don’t feel like making Guacamole, and don’t have any premade in the fridge you can slice an avocado on top.

A popular pairing of Guacamole, Salsa, Chips, Pinto Beans, and Rice can be seen on many tables on taco night. Similar to #3 Salsa and Chips, Guacamole and Pinto Beans can be served on top of or beside Nachos.

5. Cornbread

For a popular Southern side look no further than simple Cornbread. Pinto Beans can be served beside the Cornbread, on top of the Cornbread, and even inside the Cornbread.

You can top Cornbread and Pinto beans with Salsa and Guacamole. Or for a more southern meal, pair them with Barbecue meat.

6. Ham or Bacon

Ham, Bacon, or Canadian Bacon are some popular meat choices to go with beans. Don’t have a spiral ham? No problem. You can use Ham Sandwich Meat.

Eat them beside your beans or put your beans in a bowl and tear the ham or bacon up on top. You can even cook the beans with ham in them.

7. Meatloaf

For that homestyle feel add Meatloaf as a side to your Pinto Beans. Or Alternatively Meatloaf Balls. This side dish also pairs well with Mashed potatoes.

When serving Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes with Pinto Beans the most popular sauce is Gravy. You can also add a biscuit or slice of Cornbread.

8. Chicken

Chicken is a very versatile option. Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken and Chicken in Salsa all go well with Pinto Beans. Like Ham, Lunch Chicken or Leftover Chicken can be torn up and tossed into the Pinto Beans for a One Pot Meal.

Pair Fried Chicken and Pinto Beans with Fried Okra and Mashed or Roasted Potatoes. Pair Grilled Chicken and Pinto Beans with Rice and Salad. Pair Chicken in Salsa and Pinto Beans with Rice, Tortillas, Guacamole, and Fajita Vegetables.

9. Barbecue Ribs

Pinto Beans are often served Cowboy style with Barbecue Meats and Cornbread. For a Southern Barbecue you can add Cornbread and Mashed Potatoes.

Barbecue Ribs, Barbecue Pork, Barbecue Chicken, they all go well with Pinto Beans. You can even smother your Pinto Beans in Barbecue Sauce and make Barbecue Baked Beans.

10. Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork as a side for Pinto Beans can be prepared in several ways. You can go with Barbecue Pulled Pork and add Cornbread, Fried Okra, and Mashed Potatoes.

You can go with Pork in Salsa, there are a number of different versions from Latin America, and pair it with Rice, Tortillas, Guacamole, and Fajita Vegetables.

11. Taco Meat

Taco Meat is an easy addition to any Pinto Bean meal. Whether you look up a recipe online or grab a seasoning packet from the store this side is simple and delicious.

Taco Meat and Pinto Beans go best with Fajita Vegetables, Tortillas, Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole, and Chips. You can also add Sour Cream, Radishes, lettuce or chopped cabbage, and sliced avocado or diced tomato.

12. Okra

Fried Okra is a common side dish in American Southern food and is often found included in meals that also feature Barbecue and Pinto Beans.

Okra can be cooked in the pinto beans with some diced tomatoes, peppers, and ham. Okra can be roasted and placed on top of the beans. Or it can be Deep fried and served beside the beans.

13. Fajita Vegetables

Fajita Vegetables are a popular side when serving Latin American Pinto Beans. Fajita vegetables are usually a mix of onions and peppers that have been sauteed or grilled.

Serve Fajita Vegetables and Pinto Beans with Taco Meat or Pork or Chicken in Salsa, Rice, Tortillas, Guacamole, Chips, and whatever other toppings you like. For a vegetarian option leave the meat out.

14. Salad

Salad is a good side for vegetarians or anyone who is health conscious. Serve a bowl of Pinto beans beside a plate of Salad or rinse the beans and put them on top.

For a non-Vegetarian Option make a Taco Salad by adding taco Meat, Salsa, corn, and avocado ranch dressing. Or you can make a Barbecue Salad and add Barbecue Meat on top of the salad.

15. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes are a popular side dish, along with Pinto Beans, at most Barbecues. You can serve them with Gravy or Barbecue Sauce.

Another less common option is putting the cooked beans on top of cooked Mashed Potatoes. If you like gravy, make the beans plain and pour gravy on top of it all. If you prefer barbecue sauce, you can make barbecue baked beans and serve them beside or on top of the Mashed Potatoes.

16. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is another side you can make with Pinto Beans. It might seem strange but beans and pasta both go good with cheese. Since pasta is often very mild in flavor it doesn’t compete at all with the Pinto Beans.

Serve your Pinto Beans on the side of your Macaroni and Cheese or serve the beans on top. Both options are surprisingly delicious.

17. Grilled Cheese

Another Cheesy side option is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. You can eat your sandwich beside your beans, or you can dip your sandwich in your beans.

For a southern inspired Grilled Cheese add green chiles to the cheese or use cornbread. If you use cornbread, it is best to make the Grilled Cheese into a Baked Cheese. Pouring your Pinto Beans on top is fabulous.

Wrap Up

There you have it. 17 delicious sides to serve with Pinto Beans. Whether you are eating alone or hosting a party there is plenty to go around.

Have fun mixing and matching these 17 side dishes. And remember, these are not the only options. If you read this and are inspired to mix it up, go ahead. Happy Cooking!

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