What to Serve With Acorn Squash

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Acorn squash is a dinner-time must-do. This entre is a delight all by its self but paired with a satisfying side dish, this meal is an A-plus. You might wonder what to serve with acorn squash? Read on to find out.

Because of its mild taste, acorn squash can be paired with a mix of foods for a medley of flavors.  Meats, vegetables, and bread go well with this veggie.

A vegetarian’s dream food, this colorful squash is filling and packs a lot of flavors. I like my acorn squash sprinkled with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. It’s so sweet there’s no need for dessert.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Acorn Squash

1. Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

Spaghetti is a meal all by itself but paired with acorn squash, it is a healthy grand slam your whole family will enjoy.

Adding this vegetable to your pasta is a healthy way to get a balanced diet without compromising your taste buds.

2. Pulled Pork

The sweetness of the pulled pork, combined with the mild flavor of the acorn squash, makes a tasty collaboration.

I like my pulled pork with a little barbeque sauce for added tang and flavor. For extra zest, top your pork with teriyaki sauce. Pared with the squash this is a foodie’s dream.

3. Lamb Chops

Juicy lamb chops are a classic delight. Teamed with acorn squash this is a match made in heaven. The tender texture of the lamb chops compliments the squash.

I would say that mashed acorn squash, sprinkled with butter and cinnamon, is the best way to devour this meal.

4. Spanish Rice

For a little spice and flavor, add some Spanish rice to your acorn squash meal. Together this equals a combination that even the children will enjoy.

You can cook your squash in a variety of ways. You can sauté in butter and garlic for home-style squash; for a sweeter result, bake in brown sugar and butter.

5. Baked chicken

Baked chicken and acorn squash are a healthy combo that also tastes-bud friendly. Watching your weight, no problem, this meal is easy on the scale.

I like my baked chicken topped with barbeque sauce for extra flavor. To cut back on calories, bake your chicken in chicken broth and skip the sauce.

6. Beef Stew

Adding some acorn squash cubes is a great way to perk up your beef stew. The sweet flavor of the squash makes this pairing a yummy choice.

Beef stew is the ultimate comfort food. Update this traditional meal with some squash for a transforming taste.

7. Zucchini Bread

There’s no better meal than my childhood favorite of acorn squash and zucchini bread. The moist texture combined with the sweet flavor makes this veggie bread a must-try.

Want to add a little crunch to your bread. Try adding a little pecan to your zucchini bread. You will surely go for seconds with this appetizing pair.

8. Fried chicken

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like fried chicken? It’s the perfect combination of crunchy and tender. Paired with acorn squash and you have the ideal meal.

I prefer baked acorn squash when I’m having fried chicken. The soft texture complements the crispy coating of the chicken.

9. Prime rib

This meaty favorite is a great go-along with squash night. Prime rib is so juicy it doesn’t need any dressings.

Mash up your acorn squash for a creamy texture. Plated next to prime rib, this soothing meal will sure to bring you back for seconds.

10. Tilapia

Tilapia is my favorite fish. It can be dressed up with citrus, butter, and garlic for Caribbean flavor or fried for a more home-style approach.

Served with acorn squash, tilapia is the right mix of flavors. Try frying your squash for something a little different.

11. Baked Salmon

When it comes to seafood, salmon is a must-have on the list. Its meaty texture and strong flavor make salmon a great complement to acorn squash.

I like to add lemon to my bake salon for more flavors. Lime can also be used to spice up your fish.

12. Scallops

Scallops and acorn squash are the perfect pair. High in flavor, and nutrients, scallops and squash are an enticing combo indeed.

Try cooking the scallops and the squash together for a surprisingly succulent dish. Merged, this is a healthy way to get your family around the dinner table.

13. Green Beans and Bacon

Green Beans and bacon make a marvelous pair for acorn squash. The salty flavor of the bacon brings a delicious addition to the tender beans.

For a healthy alternative, use turkey bacon instead of beef or pork. Substituting pork for turkey bacon cuts down on the calories without compromising the flavor.

14. Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell pepper is a simple recipe that produces super results. Filling and tasty, these peppers are a great addition to squash night.

I like to chop up some acorn squash for added flavor.  Top with cheese, and you have a savory meal in no time.

15. Steak

A thick juicy cut of steak and a side of acorn squash makes a mouth-watering meal any night of the week.

Garlic and herb acorn squash is a down-home kitchen favorite. Top your steak with your favorite condiment and enjoy this tantalizing dish.

16. Brisket

Brisket lovers will love this pairing. Team your acorn squash with a slice of brisket for a family-friendly meal.

For a new twist to this traditional meal. Try stuffed acorn squash and brisket. The creamy texture of the mashed squash is a nice union with the brisket.

17. Sausage

Whether it’s pork, beef, or turkey, sausage is a delicious unification with acorn squash. The salty taste of the sausage mixes well with the mild flavor of the squash.

There are many recipes to try with this tasty combo. I like to sauté my squash and garlic and butter and then add in the sausage.

Wrap up

Acorn squash is a savory health-conscious food. Paired with these 17 appetizing foods you have a meal worth recipe swapping.

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