SaladWorks Menu Prices


Saladworks is a fast casual type of restaurant with the franchise concept. It has a variety of foods such as entre salads, soups, wraps, and sandwiches. The company promotes its list of foods as a healthy substitute for what is offered in fast foods. This is the place to be if you want to be fit.

The franchise is now operating around 110 eatery locations in 15 different states. The international location development is ongoing too. The eatery is in progress to grow tremendously due to its effective unit development tactics. It has around 1500 employees with Patrick H. Sugrue as their current president and CEO. Their focus is serving fresh salads every day.



Buffalo Chicken Panini$8.79
Caprese Panini$8.75
Chicken Parmesan Panini$8.99
Turkey Melt Panini$8.99


Farmhouse Salad$8.99
Turkey Club Salad$8.59
Fire Roasted Cabo Jack Salad$8.75
Bently Salad$8.59
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.59
Mandarin Chicken Salad$8.75
Thai Chicken Salad$8.99
Mediterranean Salad$8.99
Tivoli Salad$8.99
Buffalo Bleu Salad$8.79
Greek Salad$8.49
Nuevo Nicoise Salad$8.79
Cobb Salad$8.79
Sophie's Salad$8.99
Create Your Own Salad$8.89


Turkey Club Wrap$8.99
Fire Roasted Cabo Jack Wrap$8.99
Bently Wrap$8.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$8.75
Mandarin Chicken Wrap$8.99
Mediterranean Wrap$8.99
Farmhouse Wrap$8.99
Tivoli Wrap$8.99
Buffalo Bleu Wrap$8.89
Greek Wrap$8.75
Nuevo Nicoise Wrap$8.99
Cobb Wrap$8.75
Sophie's Wrap$8.99

Pick Two

Any Half Sandwich & Half Salad$8.79
Any Half Panini & Half Salad$8.79


Dasani WaterBottle$1.99
Honest Tea Green & Honest Tea PeachBottle$1.99
Powerade Fruit PunchBottle$1.99


Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.79
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.79
White Macadamie Nut Cookie$1.79


Pinwheel Wrap Trays
Ham & Swiss Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Chicken Caesar Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Veggie Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Turkey Monterey Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Buffalo Chicken Pinwheel Tray$49.99


King Salads
King Turkey ClubMedium$44.99
King Turkey ClubLarge$74.99
King Autumn HarvestMedium$44.99
King Autumn HarvestLarge$74.99
King BentlyMedium$44.99
King BentlyLarge$74.99
King TivoliMedium$44.99
King TivoliLarge$74.99
King Buffalo BleuMedium$44.99
King Buffalo BleuLarge$74.99
King Garden DeluxeMedium$44.99
King Garden DeluxeLarge$74.99
King Chicken CaesarMedium$44.99
King Chicken CaesarLarge$74.99
King Fire Roasted Cabo JackMedium$44.99
King Fire Roasted Cabo JackLarge$74.99
King Mandarin ChickenMedium$44.99
King Mandarin ChickenLarge$74.99
King GreekMedium$44.99
King GreekLarge$74.99
King Nuevo NicoiseMedium$44.99
King Nuevo NicoiseLarge$74.99
King CobbMedium$44.99
King CobbLarge$74.99
King Sophie'sMedium$44.99
King Sophie'sLarge$74.99


Signature Wrap Trays
Garden Deluxe Signature Wrap$59.99
Cobb Signature Wrap$59.99
Bently Signature Wrap$59.99
Turkey Club Signature Wrap$59.99
Chicken Caesar Signature Wrap$59.99
Mandarin Chicken Signature Wrap$59.99
Autumn Harvest Signature Wrap$59.99
Tivoli Signature Wrap$59.99
Buffalo Bleu Signature Wrap$59.99
Fire Roasted Cabo Jack Signature Wrap$59.99
Greek Signature Wrap$59.99
Nuevo Nicoise Signature Wrap$59.99
Sophie's Signature Wrap$59.99


Dessert Trays
Cookie Dessert Tray$19.99
Brownie Dessert Tray$19.99
Combo Dessert Tray$19.99


Party Additions
ChipsSingle Serving$11.99
Bulk Chips$0.99


Saladworks was started by John Scardapane back in 1986. He served as the CEO of the company until 2015. The first restaurant was launched at Cherry Hill Mall. It proved successful, and it succeeded. This led to the birth of 12 more locations, mainly in New Jersey and some parts of Pennsylvania.

SaladWorks started franchising in back in 2001, and by the time it reached 2007, it had about 88 locations in eight states, comprising New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Maryland and Illinois. Currently, the franchise is operating more than 100 restaurant locations in 14 states. It has shown plans to grow into new markets both internationally and the United States.

In the year 2015 on February 17th, Saladworks declared bankrupt, and they filed a bankruptcy request for Chapter 11 and listed Metro Bank and Commerce Bank founder Vernon Hill, the principal creditor. The filing stated that the establishment was searching for a venture capitalist. Partners of Centre Lane acquired the eatery in June 2015.

Paul Steck began as the president of the franchise, and he was later promoted to CEO, substituting John Scardapane, the founder. Saladworks started a chief branding adjustment in 2008, launching a unique prototype design. The restaurant also unveiled its signature series in the same year. It entailed four popular chefs making recurrent line salads.


The menu of Salad Works is customary for the type of eatery it is. There is some variety of salads, the Bentley, Buffalo Bleu, Cobb, Chicken Caesar, Fire Roasted Cabo, Greek, Sophie’s Salad, Tivoli, Turkey Club and many more others. The salads are always served fresh from the finest growers. This is why they take pride in the superior taste.

The price for all the types of salads ranges from $8.40 to $8.99 per head. The desserts price is the same at $1.79 each. For catering the prices are $19.99 for dessert trays, $49.99 to & $79.99 king salads. The food is served from lunchtime hours that is around 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Dinner is around 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The ambience of the franchise is slightly busy and relaxing. They have classy looking tables and chairs that are comfortable. The hygienic condition of the eatery has received some positive reviews. Most of the customers have said that they love their fresh food and cleanness of the place. The staff is fast and properly organized.

The franchises are found mostly in the United States. The major one is located in New Jersey while others are located in the neighbouring states. Waiting time for the restaurant is minimal. However, the waiting changes with the flow of customers in the restaurant. Weekdays are the perfect time to enjoy a fresh taste of the salads in a relaxing environment.


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