17 Easy Pinwheel Recipes

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Pinwheels can be made in so many different ways, making them perfect for any get together or party. They’re an easy bite-sized appetizer and full of flavor.

Pinwheels may look complicated and time consuming, but it doesn’t take all that much to put them together. Practice always makes perfect, and the mistakes will still be delicious.

If you’re new to making pinwheels, we’ve put together 17 easy recipes for you to try. These are sure to be a hit at any get together.


17 Easy Pinwheel Recipes

Here are 17 easy pinwheel recipes that are great for beginners.

1. BLT Pinwheels

Pinwheels are great snack options, but they can also be a full-blown lunch. Take your BLT sandwich and spruce it up by making it into a pinwheel.

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and cut into bite-sized pieces. Yum! Here is an easy recipe with only 6 ingredients.

2. Italian Pinwheels

Italian sandwiches are full of flavor and pack the meat. With pepperoni, salami, and ham all swirled up in a tortilla with cream cheese, what more could you want?

Some recipes call for baked Italian pinwheels, but this particular recipe is for cold pinwheels. Feel free to make in advance and chill in the fridge.

3. Veggie Pizza Pinwheels

The best part about pinwheels is that they’re so versatile. Whether you’re looking for a chicken, beef, or vegetarian meal, you can make a pinwheel out of it.

This veggie pizza pinwheel combines all of your favorite veggie pizza toppings and rolls it up into a tortilla. Here’s an easy recipe to try.

4. Mexican Pinwheels

These Mexican-style pinwheels are more of a Tex-Mex pinwheel, but they still pack tons of south of the border flavor and spice with each bite.

Made with cream cheese and southwest sausage, these pinwheels need to be chilled after making for about 4 hours, so be prepared. Here’s the recipe.

5. Cranberry Feta Pinwheels

Cranberry feta pinwheels are a great appetizer or finger food for holiday parties. The red and green colored ingredients make them perfect for Christmas parties.

With only 5 ingredients, these pinwheels are super easy to make. Once they are chilled for about an hour, they are ready to eat. Here’s the recipe.

6. Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pinwheels

Cheddar, bacon, and ranch: what better combination could there possibly be? These pinwheels are super cheesy and take just a few minutes to put together.

Unlike most pinwheels, these can be enjoyed as soon as they are made: no need to refrigerate! This recipe uses just six ingredients and takes only 10 minutes.

7. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Pinwheels

If you’re tired of meat-packed pinwheels, try this alternative roasted red pepper hummus pin wheel instead. It uses turkey or ham instead of heavier meats.

If you’d rather have a completely vegetarian pinwheel, you can always leave out the turkey and just use veggies. Here’s an easy recipe to try.

8. Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Buffalo chicken pinwheels are a great appetizer or finger food at parties and gatherings. They’re full of spicy flavor and cool, soothing cream cheese filling.

After making, the pinwheels will need to chill for about 30 minutes to an hour before serving. But the wait is so worth it! Here’s the recipe.

9. Hawaiian Tortilla Pinwheels

Ham and pineapples combine to make this delicious pinwheel recipe. You may not like it on pizza, but rolled up in a tortilla it’s too good to resist.

This easy 5 ingredient recipe will come together in no time and can either be served immediately or stored in the fridge until ready. Here’s the recipe.

10. Chicken Avocado Pinwheels

Avocados are a popular topping for almost any sandwich that has bacon. These pinwheels are no different, combining avocado, chicken, and bacon for ultimate deliciousness.

Because these are made with avocado, they won’t last as long as other pinwheels. Make sure to eat them within a day. Here’s the recipe.

11. Philly Cheese Steak Pinwheels

Even though Philly is located on the east coast, Philly cheese steak is known throughout the entire United States as a flavorful, meaty, cheesy, sandwich.

So why not wrap all that flavor into a pinwheel and make it snack sized? This particular recipe actually uses pizza dough instead of tortillas! Here’s the recipe.

12. Chicken Caesar Salad Pinwheels

These chicken Caesar salad pinwheels are served cold with creamy Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese. Perfect for a crisp and refreshing snack at your next party.

To keep these packed pinwheels together, try sticking a toothpick through them to hold them in place. Here’s a recipe that uses only 4 ingredients.

13. Ham And Pimento Cheese Pinwheels

Ham and cheese can get a little boring, so spicing it up with pimento cheese makes these pinwheels more flavorful and exciting for your lunch snack.

This recipe has a little more ingredients than your typical pinwheel, but they’re still easy to make and take only about 15 minutes to prepare. Here’s the recipe.

14. Tomato Basil Pinwheels

This vegetarian pinwheel is made with fresh ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes and spinach to give you a healthy and flavorful appetizer. Plus, they’re simple to make!

You can also make this recipe completely vegan by choosing vegan cream cheese and parmesan cheese. This recipe takes about 15 minutes to put together.

15. Monte Cristo Pinwheels

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous about your pinwheel making abilities, try these amazing, sweet and savory Monte Cristo pinwheels. They’re worth the time.

This recipe comes in four parts: the tortilla ingredients, the batter, the glue that holds the tortilla together, and the dipping sauce. Optional powdered sugar for garnishing.

16. Pizza Pinwheels

The most exciting part about pizza pinwheels is that they’re made with a homemade dough instead of your typical tortillas. It gives them amazing flavor.

You can fill them with whatever your favorite pizza toppings are and use marinara sauce for dipping these delicious doughy pinwheels. Here’s a tasty recipe.

17. Spinach Dip Pinwheels

Who doesn’t love a good spinach drip with warm chips or pita bread? How about wrapping all those ingredients in a tortilla wrap? Yes please!

This recipe takes about 20 minutes to put together. Instead of chilling them in the fridge, it makes use of the freezer so they’re ready to serve almost immediately!

Wrap Up

Pinwheels are easy to make and can usually be put together in less than 30 minutes. They’re great appetizers or finger foods for parties and gatherings.

Use this list to find a delicious pinwheel recipe you can try for your next party. Pinwheels are incredibly versatile and can be made to fit any party theme or occasion.

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