Pieology Menu Prices


Pieology is a fast casual kind of restaurant chain. It offers a wide variety of pizzas that is their main food. They make all types and flavors of pizza you desire. It includes several varieties such as chocolate chip pizza, Rustic Veggie, Bacon Halo, Alfredo pizza and much more. Come and be a “pielogist” as the CEO refers to his customers.

The restaurant has about 60 units found in 11 states. Research shows that it is the fastest expanding chain currently in America. The company is determined to double its unit’s number by the end of this year. The founder of the company is Carl Chang, who claims he started the restaurant to create solutions to the pizza industry.



Your Creation (Any Toppings)$7.35
Easy Cheesy$6.00
Mad to Meat You$7.35
Hickory BBQ Chicken$7.35
Alfredos Alfredo$7.35
Classic Margherita$7.35
Rustic Veggie$7.35
Smokin Buffalo Chicken$7.35



Strips and Sweets

Savory Herb Butter Strips$2.95
Cinnamon Sugar Strips$2.95


Fountain Drink$1.60
Apple Juice$2.10
Chocolate Milk$2.10
Bottled Water$1.75


Carl Chang, who is also the CEO, established Pieology in 2011. The first location for the Pizzeria was the Miami outpost in Florida. Rancho Margarita in California is where the launch was held back in 2011. The cafeteria kind, quick-casual pizza place expanded to now been a franchised chain.

The franchise has grown to over 100 locations. It is alleged that the second location in Florida around the Jacksonville region is going to be opened the coming winter. Additionally, the company revealed its fourth eatery in Alabama and the first one in Hawaii. The franchise has been expanding very fast that the Panda Express bought a minor stake in January.

Recently it was announced that Bob Baker the industry veteran is the new president of the company. He joins forces together with founder and CEO Carl Chang in marketing and managing the expansion of Pieology. Currently, the restaurant has 23 units in California, Oregon, and Colorado. Future planned locations are Texas, Ohio, and Minnesota.

The main basis of Chang’s achievement is the element of always having a bigger vision. The basis of why he opened Pieology was that he wanted something he can share with his family, friends, plus the community at large. He believes that you will lose purpose and mean very quickly if you only focus on making more money as you undoubtedly can.


The menu of Pieology is filled with popular types of pizzas, and you can customize your pizza as you like it. There are several favorite pizzas like Easy cheesy, mad to meat you, Hickory BBQ Chicken, Alfredo’s Alfredo, Classic Margherita, Rustic Veggie and much more. They also serve fresh salads like the classic, side, and Caesar salad.

The prices at the eatery are a little different compared to the usual pizza eateries. This is because they serve their pizza only in one size that is 11.5 inches. A customized pizza goes for $8. The price of the rest pizzas ranges from $6.25 to $7.65. The salads price vary from $3.05 to 7.65.

Pieology is opened daily from 10.00AM to 11.00PM. The ambiance of the franchise is very busy, but it changes with time. They have classic looking chairs and tables that are comfortable. The hygienic state is perfect with positive reviews from piologists. The employees are neat in their branded uniforms and organized.

The franchise is mostly positioned in the United States. The most significant one is in Miami, Florida. The waiting time for the restaurant is short because it only takes less than 5 minutes to make a pizza. The environment of the eatery is friendly and inspiring. It is truly the place to let your pizza wishes come to life.


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