Mission BBQ is an American fast food restaurant that serves sandwiches, ribs and many more. It is known for its patriotic theme that got the attention of most people.

Customers love the restaurant not just only because of the food but also because of its passion. Mission BBQ honors those who fought in the war and those who continue to serve the country.

Garden GreensCrispy iceberg, romaine & fresh veggies. Plus meat chicken, turkey, pork add $3.00.$4.99 - $2.19
BrisketSliced to order$8.29
Chopped BrisketMarinated in memphis belle$7.99
Pulled PorkTraditional or nc style$6.79
TurkeyDarn good$6.99
Pulled ChickenTasty & tender, piled high$6.49
Meat Market
BrisketTexas inspired, oak smoked$8.79
Pulled PorkSlow smoked, hand pulled$7.29
TurkeySliced, lean & mean$7.49
Pulled ChickenFresh chicken, moist & flavorful$6.99
ChickenChicken half a yard bird, winner winner$8.49
SausageJalapeno & chz or classic 41$5.99
Market Sampler$8.99 - $13.49
Black Plate Special
Bay-B-Back RibsFall off the bone, tender$2.39 - $18.99
Spare RibsSt. Louis style$2.19 - $17.99
Make it a Combo
For meat market, racks & sandwiches
Xl ComboAdd one side & drink$3.00
XXL ComboAdd two sides & drinks$4.00
Maggie's Mac-N-Cheese$2.09 - $9.99
Baked Beans w/ Brisket$2.04 - $8.99
Green Beans & Bacon$1.99 - $8.49
Cold Slaw$1.89 - $6.99
Fresh Cut Fries$1.99
Seasonal Sides & Sweets
Kids Menu
Comes with kid's cup & one side
Jr Ribs$5.99
SliderChicken, pork, turkey: Kid sized$4.99
Kid MacA kid's classic, done the mission way$3.99
Iced Cold Bottled SodaAmerican classics. Each$2.59
Fountain SodaOne size free refills$1.99
Kettle Brewed Iced TeaKettle brewed iced tea handmade, sweet and unsweetened$1.99
Summertime Lemonade$1.99
The American Heroes CupThis special cup is yours to keep and sized to handle any thirst. $2.00 Will be donated to support the meaningful work of this outstanding organization. Refills $0.99.$3.99


Bill Krauss and Steve Newton started the fast food restaurant in September 11, 2011. They put up the business because they were inspired by the brave men and women who became heroes of today.

Mission BBQ has over 50 locations across America. The founders also received the EY Entrepreneur of the year, which made the restaurant even more popular.


The restaurant displays memorabilia of people who are considered as heroes of the nation. Photos of police, firefighters, service members and soldiers are all over the walls.

They serve dry-smoked meat with homemade sauce. I find their briskets a bit salty, but tender. The vegetables have perfect crunch, too. They also cook the chicken in chicken broth to add extra flavor.

Their Baby Back Ribs, which is marinated in Memphis Belle, is a must-try dish. In addition, Maggie’s Mac-n-Cheese has a unique flavor that will suit your taste.

The servers are friendly. They always wear genuine smiles and keep on checking each table. They anticipate what a guest would need before they ask for it.

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