Lemongrass Menu Prices

Lemon Grass is known for its Viet-Thai cuisine. Unlike most restaurants, this restaurant allows guests to bring their own wine or liquor to enjoy with their meal.

People enjoy this restaurant for their mix of two popular cuisines, paired with exceptional service and great values. They come to this restaurant to enjoy this amazing cuisine with their families.

Single Dish Meals
Kao Pad -Fried Ricestir fried rice with egg and vegetables garnished with cucumber. (vegetarian substitution with tofu). (chicken)$6.95
Kao Pad -Fried Ricestir fried rice with egg and vegetables garnished with cucumber.,(shrimp)$8.95
Pad Thaifavorite authentic rice noodle dish pan-fried with chicken, egg, bean sprout, crushed chile, fried tofu and chives topped with ground peanut. medium (chicken) (vegetarian substitution with tofu)$8.95
Pad Thaifavorite ruthentic rice noodle dish pan-fried with chicken, egg, bean sprout, crushed chile, fried totu and chives topped with ground peanut.(v), medium (shrimp)$10.95
Side Dishes
Peanut Sauce$1.95
Cucumber Relish$1.25
Streamed Rice(per person)$1.25
Sweet Chile Sauce$0.75
Tamarind Sauce$0.75
Salad Of The Day$0.99
Salad With Spring Roll$1.95
beer and wine available. please ask your server
Fresh Young Coconut$3.25
Thai Iced Tea$1.95
Thai Iced Coffee$1.95
Shirley Temple Or Fountain Soda$1.50
Gourmet Coffee$1.50
Sparkling Ruby(thai soda)$1.50
Emerald Cream Soda(thai soda)$1.50
Iced Tea$1.50
Hot Tea- Jasmine$1.50
Hot Tea- Lemongrass$1.50
Sticky Rice With Mango(seasonal)$5.25
Homemade Cheese Cake$3.95
Thai Custard In Thai Pumpkin(seasonal)$3.95
Homemade Coconut Ice Cream$3.25
Homemade Sorbel$3.95
Carrol Cake$3.25
Signature Dish - House Specialties
we do not use msg in our cooking.
Vegetarian Substitution With Torumild, medium, hot
Mieng Kum-Leaf Wrapped Savoriesrare thai hors d'ocuvre combined with roasted fresh coconut, olivers, shallots, ginger, lime, peanuts and sun dried baby shrimp on spinach leaves, topped with chutney like sauce.$6.45
Paw Pia Tod - Spring Rollsgolden fried wheat flour crepe stuffed with ground chicken, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, egg and crystal noodles, served with sweet chile sauce.$4.95
Peak Gai Tod-Garlio Wingsgolden fried marinated chicken wings in garlic pepper sauce. served with sweet chile sauce.$4.25
Green Chile Egg Rollszeaty crispy fried green chile egg rolls served with sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard.(mild)$3.75
Tao Hou Tod-Golden Trianglestofu delicately fried to golden brown served with tamarind sauce and ground peanut.$4.95
Tom Yum Goong-Lemongrass Soupthe famous thai hot and sour shrimp soup with mushrooms, spiced with lemongrass, lime juice, galanga, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, scallion and roasted chile paste. mild (vegetarian substitution wi$6.95
Tom Kah Gai-Chicken Coconut Soupspicy coconut soup combining chicken with mushroom. accepted with galanga, kaffir limes leaves, lemongrass, scallion and coriander. mild (vegetarian substitution with tofu)$5.95
served with a spring roll, salad of the day and steamed rice
Pad Broccoli-Broccoli Delightsauteed chicken with onions, carrots, and broccoli in light brown sauce.$5.95
Gai Salay - Chicken Sataymarinated chicken strips in curry powder, coconut milk and exotic herbs grilled on bambooo skewers. served with cucumber relish topped with ground peanut. mild$7.95
Prcow Wan Gai - Sweet And Sour Chickenthis dish is from grandma's kitchen, an old traditional dish of stir-fried chicken, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, tomato and pineapple in cinnamon sweet and sour sauce. (vegetarian substitution with$6.95
Gang Dang Gai - Red Curryred chile curry simmered with coconut milk combining chicken, thai egg plant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, and basil.(vegetarian substitution with tofu) medium$7.95
Gai Pad Med Mamoung Himapan - Cashew Chickenmarinated chicken sauteed with garlic, onion, pineapple, bell pepper, celery, dried chile, scallion and cashew nuts.$7.95
Gai Gra Prow - Basil Chickenground chicken sauteed with basil, onion, bell pepper, thai egg plant, bamboo shoot and chile sauce. (vegetarian substitution with tofu) hot$7.95
Prik Khing Moo - Sweet Curry Porkstir-fried sliced pork, green beana and bell pepper in prik khing curry sauce. (hot)$7.95
Goong Gratiem - Siam Shrimp Scampishrimp sauteed with garlic and black pepper sauce, onion, bell pepper and scallion, coriander added for fresh aroma.$8.95
Nuer Pad Pak Ben Ja Roung - Pentacon Gardensauteed beef tenderloin with five vegetables. spinach, mushroom, broccoli, carrot and green cabbage in brown sauce. (vegetarian substitution with tofu)$6.95
Yam Kaer - Spicy Beef Salad(available only on friday) sliced charbroiled beef tossed with chile and lime sauce mixed with tomato, onion, romain, spinach, coriander, scallion and cucumber. (vegetarian substitution with tofu) me$8.95


Lemon Grass first opened twenty-five years ago. At that time, they went to the farmer’s market every weekend to stock up on their important Vietnamese and Asian ingredients.

This restaurant has been awarded the 2015 Critics Choice Award, for excellent cuisine and service. It does appear, however, that this is its only location, in New Jersey.


Lemon Grass is the perfect representation of Vietnam and Thai cuisine. The restaurant is immaculately decorated to support the theme and experience of the restaurant.

Lemon Grass prides itself on using the best Asian ingredients for their dishes, creating these dishes uses the best value possible.

This restaurant’s most popular menu item is the shaken beef watercrest salad. This salad comes with filet mignon, tomatoes, red onions, fresh watercrests and vinaigrette.

The service is exactly what you would want from any restaurant—professional, yet personable with a familiarity that makes this restaurant successful and family friendly.

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