17 Hawaiian Side Dishes

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Hawaiian food is a tropical explosion of flavor that can be enjoyed any night of the week. If you are serving Hawaiian food, you might wonder, what to serve as a side dish?

Hawaiian food has become a part of our everyday lives. From punch to cake, Hawaiian foods are enjoyed all over the world.


17 Hawaiian Side Dishes

1. Hawaiian Fried Rice

Hawaiian style rice makes a great side dish to serve with just about any food you choose. Typical Hawaiian rice is veggies, protein and eggs.

Spam is the main source of protein in fried rice; however, beef, chicken or pork can be used in leu of spam.

How to Make Hawaiian Local Style – Fried Rice – ‘Ono Hawaiian Recipes

2. Hawaiian Coleslaw

Hawaiian coleslaw is the perfect complement to your Hawaiian dinner. The pineapple and mango sweeten up this tangy treat.

The best thing about Hawaiian coleslaw is that is can be made up to 1 day in advance. If you are pressed for time, use premade coleslaw cabbage mix.

Hawaiian Cole Slaw | Aloha Dreams

3. Lomi-lomi Salmon

Lomi-lomi salmon has been a favorite in Hawaii for some time. The salted salmon adds intense flavor to your Hawaiian meal.

It is best to prepare the salmon a day in advance. Salt the salmon and place in saran wrap for at least 8 hours before use.

Hawaiian “Lomi Lomi” Salmon {Recipe} | The Good Hearted Woman

4. Pipi Kuala

This salted beef jerky makes a chewy side that pairs well with your Hawaiian meal. It can be frozen and served later.

Making Pipi Kuala is simple, all you need is some flank steak, aloha shoyu, sugar, garlic and ginger. After you combine ingredient marinate steak overnight.

PIPIKAULA • Cooking Hawaiian Style

5. Hawaiian Poi

This soupy mixture may look like yogurt, but it is in fact it is a classic Hawaiian side dish. Slightly sweet, Hawaiian Poi is a delicious side.

Hawaiian Poi can be made with just 6 ingredients. Just mix up some water, sauerkraut juice, sea salt, lard, coconut oil, and taro root.

Traditional Hawaiian Poi Recipe- TheFoodXP

6. Hawaiian Vegetables

Hawaiian vegetables are a great go-to when looking for a nutritious and tasty side dish to serve with your meal. The pineapple really sweetens up this dish.

You can use frozen or canned vegetables for this recipe. Also, other vegetables can be used such as squash or zucchini.

Hawaiian Roasted Vegetables – Pinch of Wellness

7. Hawaiian-Style Poke

Who ever knew eating raw fish could taste so good? Hawaiian Poke uses traditional ingredients to flavor different fish.

The key to mouth-watering poke is to use quality fish. It does not matter if the fish you use is fresh or frozen just as long as it is sashimi-grade.

Sheldon Simeon’s Hawaiian-Style Ahi Poke Recipe | Kitchn (thekitchn.com)

8. Hawaiian Potato Salad

Hawaiian potato salad has the best of both worlds, potatoes and pasta. This hearty side does well when you want something cold.

It is best to make your Hawaiian potato salad a day in advance to give the ingredients time to marinate. You can also sprinkle on a little paprika for taste.

The Best-Ever Hawaiian Potato Salad Recipe – HubPages

9. Hawaiian Coconut Custard Mochi

This sweet treat makes the perfect desert to serve with your Hawaiian meal. The zest coconut pairs well with any entre.

Because of it is so chewy and dense, it is recommended to cut your Hawaiian Mochi into small squares before serving.

Delicious Hawaiian Coconut Custard Mochi – Travelffeine

10. Pineapple Rice

Pineapple rice is a utopic blend of sweet and spicy flavors. This contrast in flavors makes this a versatile side dish.

For this recipe it is suggested to use canned crushed pineapple instead of fresh pineapple. Also cane sugar is best to use instead of granulated sugar.

Pineapple Rice (Hawaiian Rice) – Little Broken

11. Tropical Pretzel Rods

If you are looking for the perfect finger food to serve as a Hawaiian side, then go with Hawaiian pretzel rods.

When making your rods, avoid moisture. Do not use a wooden utensil because the wood will retain moisture.

Make These Tropical Pretzel Rods For a Hawaiian Luau Party! (thepurplepumpkinblog.co.uk)

12. Hawaiian Baked Beans

Packed with protein and robust taste, Hawaiian baked beans are a nutritious way to satisfy your taste buds.

It is best to use a slow cooker with this recipe, however, the beans can be cooked on the stove-top at low heat for a few hours.

Hawaiian Baked Beans Recipe – 3 Boys and a Dog

13. Pineapple Salad

This desert boasts a rainbow of sweet ingredients that are sure to tempt your tastebuds. This salad is so diverse you use any fruit you like.

You can substitute ingredients in your salad, such as, using vanilla yogurt, or sweetened sour cream, instead of pudding.

Pineapple Fluff Fruit Salad – Easy Summer Side Dish or Dessert (hip2save.com)

14. Pineapple Upside down Cake

This dish was first popularized by the Hawaiian Pineapple company, currently known as dole, in the 1920’s and is still popular today.

Pineapple upside down cake is one of the easiest deserts to make. All you need are some eggs, cake mix, oil, pineapple, butter, and brown sugar.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake | HI COOKERY

15. Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Hawaiian sweet rolls make the perfect side dish to serve with your Hawaiian meal because of their sweet taste and soft texture.

Hawaiian sweet rolls made from scratch are delicious, but if you are pressed for time, you can use store bought rolls instead.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake | HI COOKERY

16. Hawaiian Punch

No meal is complete without a refreshing beverage to wash it down. This non-alcoholic drink can be enjoyed by everyone.

Hawaiian punch taste great with passion fruit, but if you do not have any on hand, do not worry, this punch can be made without it.

Homemade Hawaiian Punch Recipe – House of Nash Eats

17. Roasted Pineapple

Pineapple taste great on meat or in a dessert, but it is just as tasty alone. Serve up some roasted pineapple as your next Hawaiian side.

Roasted pineapple is super easy to make and only requires three ingredients: brown sugar butter and cinnamon.

Brown Sugar Roasted Pineapple – Mirlandra’s Kitchen (mirlandraskitchen.com)

Wrap Up

These 17 side dishes are a compliment, of spicy and sweet flavors that puts them in a category all by themselves.

If you enjoy Hawaiian food and would like to share any ideas or suggestions about any of these delicious sides, leave a comment below.

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