17 Easy Greek Dessert Ideas with Recipes

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The only thing better than a sweet treat after a big meal is a sweet treat that’s Greek!

Greek desserts are not only scrumptious, and filling, they often contain some wonderfully nutritious ingredients such as honey and nuts. You’ll find some “naughty” ingredients as well that will make your mouth water before you even taste them.

In addition to this, Greek desserts are fairly easy to make. You’ll find Greek desserts are full of sweetness and flavor that everyone will want more of.


17 Easy Greek Dessert Ideas with Recipes

There’s nothing more satisfying than a dessert that melts in your mouth the way many of these Greek desserts do. Grab an easy recipe from below and have a really special treat tonight.

1. Honey pie (Melopita)

There’s nothing like the distinct flavor of honey to sweeten your day. If you are a fan, don’t forgo trying this Greek honey pie.

Made with honey and served with honey, this cheesecake-like custard pie will go down easy after a big Greek meal. Like any cake, the flavors of the melopita will be exactly what you put into it so choose your honey with care. This particular recipe uses wild blossom.


2. Baklava

If you like the sound of phyllo layered with syrup and spice-infused nuts well you’re in luck. Probably one of the most well-known Greek desserts out there, baklava, is easy to make or find at your local supermarket or bakery.

Walnuts chopped finely and simple syrup that’s been gently cooked with a cinnamon stick, cloves, and orange peel, make for a spectacular and impressive dessert the whole family will love.


3. Saint Fanourios Cake

Saint Fanourios is known as the patron saint of lost things. This cake was made to honor him and is true comfort food to Greeks around the world.

Infused with spices and the aroma of oranges, this humble nut and spice cake brings a sense of awe to the table when you serve it with a little prayer for finding all the little things we’ve lost along the way.


4. Revani Cake

The basic ingredients of cake come together to make this Revani cake sensational. This cake is easy to put together and then fancied up by something that packs a flavor punch, the syrup!

After your cake is baked, you’ll poke holes in it with a toothpick. Then pour an amazing citrusy syrup over the hot cake, cool, and enjoy!


5. Apple Spice Cake (Milopita)

Spice and everything nice, Greek desserts are anything but bland. This particular Milopita (apple cake) recipe we found is made with apples, olive oil, and yogurt to make it really unique.

A dessert that works for breakfast, lunch, and as an afternoon snack, milopita can be made in several ways depending on how you like your cake. Whether you like your apples mixed in with the batter or cooked like an upside-down cake, you and your guests will delight in this decadent dessert.


6. Yiaoutorpita Cake

Greek desserts are rich with the aroma of lemons and oranges. This traditional cake is no exception. If you enjoy something full-bodied this is the dessert for you.

Moist and slightly dense, yiaoutorpita cake is a yogurt cake that’s topped with a cognac-infused syrup. It is the perfect celebratory treat.


7. Orange Semolina cake

Easy, delicious, and beautiful, what else could you ask for in a cake. Impress your guests with this orange semolina cake that is a classic in Greek homes around the world.

Dairy free and made with semolina flour which gives your cake a bit of bite, this cake is topped with slices of orange for visual appeal and orange syrup for an amazing flavor appeal!


8. Lemon bougatsa

Think of this, not as a dessert but an anytime treat that will soothe your tastebuds and your soul. A lemon bougatsa, and the ricotta variety we’ve included a recipe for, is a crispy, sweet pastry made with all your favorite Greek dessert ingredients.

Honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice round out the taste. Served with syrup, berries, and a dollop of Greek yogurt, you have a seriously delicious and nutritious dessert on your hands.


9. Greek donuts (Loukomades)

Who doesn’t love an upside-down day where breakfast is dinner! End your brekky dinner with a dessert worthy of a Sunday morning with these Greek donuts, also known as loukoumades.

When made right, these fluffy balls of fried dough smothered in hot syrup and sprinkled with finely chopped pistachios will explode with flavor in your mouth.


10. Filo and butter pull apart

Pull apart desserts and pastries are simply perfect when you have hungry mouths to feed. Easy to put together and just a delight to have lying around the kitchen, this Greek filo pull apart is no exception.

Phyllo (also known as filo) dough is shaped into rose-like bulbs and baked in a pan to create one large cake of goodness.


11. Almond cookies

Cookies are always welcome in any home so if you didn’t think a Greek cookie would ever make it into the mouths of your diners, think again!

This delicious cookie can be made with just 5 ingredients. Also known as amygdalota, these scrumptious cookies are great with a hot cup of coffee.


12. Koulourakia cookies

If dunking a crisp yet chewy biscuit into a hot cup of Greek coffee sounds right up your alley, you are in for a treat with koulourakia.

This biscotti-like Greek cookie is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Lightly sweetened and specially twisted into a unique shape, you won’t be able to stop eating these wonderful cookies.


13. Easter bread (Tsoureki)

Bread for dessert? Well, this Greek Easter bread is much more than you’re regular wonderbread. Tsoureki is a traditional sweet yeast bread served at Easter time in Greece.

Because of its adaptable flavors, this bread can be served with virtually anything, whether it be meats or sweets. To make it traditional, add dyed red eggs to the dough.


14. Christmas cookies (Melomakarona)

Traditions at Christmas time are what make the holiday special for the whole family. All over the world, once a year cookies are made to celebrate the joy of this special time.

For Greeks, melomakarona, rich in honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This crisp and crunchie cookie smells of the comforts of home.


15. Jam tarts

Jam tarts are a favorite in Greece. Perfect for dessert or any time of the day, these delectable lattice tarts are made with a variety of fruit jams that are common to the area.

Apricot jam is a go-to for this tart but if you’re looking for something slightly more inspired, pick up some plum, tangerine, or fig jam. This will really get your diners curious about the unique taste of your tarts.


16. Milk custard pudding

Greek milk custard pudding is thick, creamy, and to die for. Paired with flaky phyllo dough, this pudding pie is a special treat that is easy to put together when you’re looking for something special to bring to a party or a friend’s house.

With its uniquely citrusy flavor, a slice of this decadent pie will have everyone coming back for seconds.


17. Almond syrup pastries (kataifi)

If you’ve ever been to a Greek bakery, you may have seen these somewhat unusual-looking pastries in the display window. Looking something like shredded wheat squares but tasting more like heaven, this classic Greek dessert is definitely worth a try.

Soaked in honey and packed with a mix of nuts, this dessert is a lot easier to make than it looks.


Wrap Up

Whether you are having a Greek-inspired meal tonight or not, having a Greek dessert might just be what gets everyone talking about dinner at your place.

Try one of the recipes above or combine some of the classic Greek dessert ingredients into your own dessert recipe today. You can’t go wrong with Greek!

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