Does Sriracha Go Bad? How Long Does Sriracha Last?

Sriracha is a staple for adding spice to many Mexican dishes, begging the question of does sriracha go bad? There are a few different ways to help answer that question.

Quick Answer

Sriracha has a fairly long shelf life. But, it keeps best in two ways.

  • Outside or at room temperature, it can last for two or more years after the best by date if unopened, and six to nine months after opening.
  • In the fridge, it can last two or more years after being opened.
  • It is not recommended to freeze sriracha.


Knowing and following the guidelines for the shelf life of sriracha can keep your sriracha tasting great and avoid an upset stomach. Read on to determine the factors in defining how long macaroni and cheese can remain good.

Does Sriracha Go Bad? How Long Does Sriracha Last?

Sriracha is one of those staple condiments in homes and restaurants that don’t go bad, but may not retain the best quality or flavor over time. Read on to see how long it can last in different environments.

How Long Does Sriracha Last Outside?

Sriracha, like seen in many restaurants, can last just fine at room temperature without going bad for long periods of time.

If the sriracha is unopened, it can remain at it’s best quality for up to two years past it’s best by date. This is possible because of the sriracha’s high vinegar content. Like in many cases with preservative-full consumable items, the best by date is not an expiration date.

However, opened sriracha – while high in vinegar content – can still lose quality quickly over time. Opened sriracha is good for six to nine months. The lid being kept on tight, and being kept away from direct heat and light will allow you to take full advantage of this time.

How Long Does Sriracha Last in the Fridge?

Sriracha will be able to last even longer in the fridge than it will be able to last sitting at room temperature. If you are not using it as often as you think you are, fridge storage is the best way to go.

The shelf life in the fridge for opened sriracha is 2 years. You won’t need to worry too much about your sriracha going bad in the fridge as the cold and stable temperature can help it retain its flavor.

It’s not necessary to store unopened sriracha in the fridge, unless you just want it to be cold when you use it – if you use it as a dipping sauce or a topping for your dishes.

How Long Does Sriracha Last in the Freezer?

There is no use to freezing sriracha. It will not prolong it’s shelf life, nor allow it to retain it’s best quality nor allow for easy use.

While freezing can slow the growth of bacteria, sriracha is already so full of preservatives like vinegar that there is typically little to no bacteria growth within it as it is. Not to mention, keeping sriracha in its original container rather than moving it into a freezer safe container will protect it from gathering bacteria or other foreign products that can ruin the sauce.

Freezing the sriracha does not allow it to be used easily, nor does it add anything to freezing it. Instead, it degrades the taste and texture as cold and spicy aren’t a great combination when you want a spicy topping in or on a hot dish.


Sriracha can last a long time, especially when stored properly. It lasts longest in the fridge, but either fridge or room temperature will not cause food borne illness.

How To Tell If Sriracha Has Gone Bad?

After storing sriracha for extended periods of time, you may need to check to make sure it is still good quality. Knowing if sriracha is always at its best quality, you can check a few things.

Smell: If sriracha has gone bad it will smell foul and sour. This smell will not be the savory spicy smell it normally has – maybe even smell originally a tad vinegary. The scent may be the biggest indicator for those smell sensitive.

Appearance: When looking at sriracha, if you notice white spots or mold upon the sauce, it is no longer good. Sriracha should maintain a similar consistency. Typically, it is liquid with no lumps of spice or ingredients in it. If it begins to clump, or become grainy or you just notice a change in it’s texture, it is bad and should be tossed. Sometimes, you may notice the coloring of sriracha becoming a darker red. This is not a sign of it being expired. Chili peppers, as the main ingredient in sriracha, often become darker with time.

How to Store Sriracha?

After you open or buy your sriracha, there are many points to adhere to when storing it to maintain its quality.

Airtight Container: After opening the sriracha, ensure you keep the lid on tight. This is especially important when storing in the pantry or in the kitchen. Make sure the container is airtight because if not, moisture and air can seep in and cause it to spoil more quickly by growing bacteria. However, if being stored in a squeeze bottle, make sure to keep the tip of the bottle clean. You can use a wet cloth to clean the tip, just make sure to dry it off after.

Reduce Heat and Sunlight: Keep the sriracha away from direct heat and sunlight. Heat and light promote bacteria growth, and degrades quality of the sauce over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sriracha’s Shelf Life

Can expired sriracha be consumed?

Lucky for you, sriracha is one of those sauces that rarely expires – you are more likely to toss it out due to an extreme loss of quality and flavor over time rather than truly being spoiled. However, on the off chance your sriracha is expired, it won’t make you deathly ill, it may cause an upset stomach and leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

Does sriracha lose flavor and heat?

Sriracha is an interesting bottle of spice in the way it’s flavor changes over time. The main ingredient in sriracha is chili peppers. Chili peppers naturally grow darker with age (so the longer the chili pepper is waited to harvest the darker it gets.) Interestingly, the darker the chili pepper gets, the spicier it becomes, so your sriracha will get spicier as it ages rather than less potent.

Wrap Up

Sriracha is a standard part of many dishes for spice lovers. Upon now having learned how to store and retain sriracha’s quality, you can enjoy the spice for many months, if not years.


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