Does Cornstarch Go Bad? How Long Does Cornstarch Last?

Cornstarch can be sitting in your pantry for months/years in between uses. You may wonder if cornstarch does go bad? And what are some ways to extend its life?

Quick Answer

Cornstarch has an indefinite shelf life if it is stored properly. To ensure it has a long life, you need to keep it in a cool dark space. There is usually a best by date printed on the packaging, but that does not mean the cornstarch has gone bad. As long as you follow proper storage guidelines, it will last longer than the best by date.


Read on to learn about the different ways to store cornstarch and to keep it from spoiling.

Does Cornstarch Go Bad? How Long Does Cornstarch Last?

Cornstarch can be stored indefinitely in a cool, dark, and dry place. The storage process will help keep your cornstarch usable and ensure it does not spoil.

How Long Does Cornstarch Last Outside

Cornstarch should be stored in the pantry or a cabinet to keep it fresh the longest. When stored in the pantry, the coolness does not allow moisture and will keep the bacteria growth away.

Cornstarch should be stored with the lid closed tightly on the container. Moisture will have a less likely chance of getting into the container. This will help keep it fresh indefinitely.

If you notice moisture on the box or the box has been exposed to heat, throw the cornstarch away. Cornstarch that comes into contact with these things will not be kept indefinitely. Cornstarch appropriately stored can last for years in the pantry or cabinet.

How Long Does Cornstarch Last in the Fridge

It is not necessary to store cornstarch in the fridge. The fridge will not help or hurt the shelf life of the cornstarch. This means if stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container, cornstarch will have an indefinite life span.

The fridge will keep the cornstarch cold and usable. But the only problem with the refrigerator is that there is a higher chance of moisture entering the product due to other items in the fridge or the refrigerator’s temperature forming moisture.

When storing cornstarch in the fridge, it is essential to pay attention to the cornstarch and check it before using it for moisture.

How Long Does Cornstarch Last in the Freezer

Just like the fridge, cornstarch does not need to be stored in the freezer. The coldness of the freezer does not extend the shelf life of the cornstarch. Storing cornstarch in the freezer can cause moisture and organic growth in your product.

When storing cornstarch in the freezer, you need to make sure that the product’s lid is placed firmly on the product. Due to the cold, moisture can build up quickly if it is not air-tight.

Cornstarch can last indefinitely in the freezer as long as it is stored in an airtight container. The moisture will be kept out and keep the product from spoiling.


It is best to store cornstarch in the pantry or cabinet. The cool dark place will keep moisture from growing and allow you to use your cornstarch for years to come.

How To Tell If Cornstarch Has Gone Bad / How To Know Cornstarch is Fresh?

There are a couple of ways to tell if your cornstarch has gone bad.

Appearance: If cornstarch has gone wrong, you will notice dots of mold, and when added to a product, it may not thicken properly. Cornstarch should be a white powder without any discoloration; if you notice any discoloration, you should throw it out immediately.

Smell: If moisture has gotten into your box, you will notice it has a damp smell. The water will cause the product to smell musty and should not be used.

Taste: Since moisture is the only way cornstarch will go wrong if moisture has been put in the box, it will taste sour when added to any recipe.

How to Store Cornstarch?

Cornstarch needs to be appropriately stored for it to be used indefinitely.

Container: If cornstarch is stored in a container, it needs to be sealed tightly from moisture. If the container is ruined, move the cornstarch to an airtight container to keep away moisture.

Location: Place the cornstarch in a cool, damp, dark area. The best place to store this is in the pantry or the cabinet. It will keep it away from the moisture.

Can You Freeze Cornstarch? How?

Cornstarch can be stored in the freezer, but it will not completely freeze.

Container: Place the cornstarch in a freezer bag and make sure it is sealed tightly. It will keep the moisture out and keep it from freezing. If moisture is introduced, it will freeze.

Freezer: Cornstarch does not require a specific temperature to freeze. It can be placed in a normal freezer and will not freeze unless moisture is introduced.

Time: Cornstarch can be placed in the freezer for an indefinite period. It will remain frozen and cold. Just make sure it does not get moisture and ruin.

How to Thaw Cornstarch?

If you have placed your cornstarch in the freezer, it will not need to be thawed.

On Counter: If you have placed your cornstarch in the freezer, you can make sure it is not frozen and clumpy by placing it on the counter for a little while. It will lose moisture, but it can also be ruined, so be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cornstarch’s Shelf Life

When mixed with cold water, my cornstarch does not thicken. Does that mean it is ruined? Cornstarch requires warm water to be used as a thickening agent. When placed in cold water, it will sink to the bottom and create a murky bottom. It does not mean it has gone bad. It just does not react in that liquid.

How long is Cornstarch suitable for when prepared in a dish? Cornstarch will last for as long as the shortest-lasting ingredient. Pay attention to the expiration dates for all components and when they should be thrown out.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to store cornstarch, you can use it indefinitely. You will be able to use it to thicken various recipes and ensure it does not get exposed to moisture.

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