Does Coconut Water Go Bad? How Long Does Coconut Water Last?

Coconut water can be tasty when prepared in a ton of different ways! The liquid is a healthy way to stay hydrated, a key component in many beverages, and a useful ingredient in a number of recipes. But you may be wondering: does it ever go bad? Depending on how you store your coconut water, you may be able to enjoy it for months to come!

Quick Answer

Coconut water will eventually go bad, but you can keep it in an unopened container for up to 12 months if it is stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Opened coconut water should be sealed and kept in the fridge, where it will still be good for 3-5 days. Freezing leftover coconut water will change its taste and texture, but it is possible to do so. Frozen coconut water will last for about 12 months as well.


Coconut water comes from the store in sealed container designed to make it stay good for as long as possible. You do not have to take any special steps when storing coconut water in general; just keep it out of the sun and somewhere cool and dry!

Does Coconut Water Go Bad? How Long Does Coconut Water Last?

Coconut water will take up to 12 months to go bad, but after this period, it will certainly start to change. You can prolong the shelf life of your coconut water by keeping it unopened and stored somewhere undisturbed.

How Long Does Coconut Water Last Outside

Coconut water will not last for long if you keep it outside, especially if you live somewhere warm. The best place to store your coconut water is indoors.

Coconut water is sensitive to heat, so allowing it to be stored in direct sunlight or next to another heat source will cause it to spoil very quickly.

Coconut water left outside will only be good for a few hours at most. Do not drink coconut water that has been sitting in the sun for long periods of time.

How Long Does Coconut Water Last in the Fridge

Coconut water does not need to be refrigerated unless it has been opened. Unopened coconut water can last for a very long time if you keep it somewhere cool and dry. But if you do decide to open your coconut water, you should store it in the fridge in a sealed container.

Leftover coconut water from a bottle or carton should be sealed back up and kept in the fridge for best results. In these cases, it will still be good for between 3-5 days. If you prefer your coconut water to not be chilled when you drink it, you can always remove the container from the fridge about 30 minutes before you start drinking.

If you are opening a coconut to get the coconut water directly from the source, the same rules apply. Seal the coconut water in a container that is kept in the fridge and it will last up to five days from when you opened the coconut.

How Long Does Coconut Water Last in the Freezer

Coconut water comes in packaging that will naturally preserve it for a very long time- up to a year. This means that freezing your coconut water to keep it fresh is not usually necessary.

By freezing your coconut water, you will notice that it will not taste or look the same once you thaw it. However, this is not much of a concern for some people. In these cases, you can certainly freeze your coconut water.

Frozen coconut water will last for up to 12 months in the freezer. After this amount of time, it will no longer taste good or have much appeal.

The best way to store coconut water is to keep it unopened until it is time for use. Keep the bottles, cartons, or tetra packs in a cool and dry space in your kitchen, out of direct sunlight and your coconut water will still be good months later.

How To Tell If Coconut Water Has Gone Bad

There is nothing worse than taking a sip of coconut water only to realize that it has gone bad. Spoiled coconut water can spoil your whole day, but you can double check its freshness by looking for the following indicators.

Transparency: Coconut water that is still good will be clear. Pour a glass of your coconut water before tasting it to check for any kind of discoloration. However, you should know that some brands of coconut water will actually turn pink when they are opened. This kind of color change is harmless.

Smell: A classic way to tell if any food has gone bad is the smell that it gives off. Coconut water is no exception. Coconut water is not supposed to have a very strong odor. Powerful smells of any kind from your coconut water may indicate it has begun to spoil.

Texture: Coconut water ideally should be clear, thin liquid with no lumps or carbonation. If your coconut water seems sticky or dense, it is a sign that it has gone bad. Carbonation may indicate the presence of bacteria in your coconut water, in which case you should throw it out immediately.

Taste: While this should not be your first step when checking a food item, taste is still an indicator of coconut water’s freshness. It should be sweet and taste like a coconut. Sour coconut water is unsafe to drink.

How to Store Coconut Water?

Storing coconut water is very easy. Often, you do not even have to keep it in your fridge for it to stay fresh for months on end if the packages remain unopened. By following these tips, you can ensure that your coconut water will stay delicious and fresh for as long as possible.

Avoid heat: The biggest killer of coconut water is heat. Do not store your coconut water near heat sources like the oven and keep them out of direct sunlight. Room temperature is fine for storing coconut water, but any warmer temperatures run the risk of spoiling it.

Keep it in packages: The sealed bottles, tetra packs, or cartons that your coconut water comes in from the store are designed to keep it good. Don’t break their seals until you are ready to use the coconut water.

Refrigerate leftovers: Any coconut water you do not use immediately should be put in another kind of sealed container and kept in the fridge. Use leftovers within 3 days to make sure they do not go bad.

Can You Freeze Coconut Water? How?

You can freeze coconut water if you are left with excess after opening a coconut water package. However, it is important that you understand the frozen coconut water will not be the same taste or consistency as it was before the freezing process. If you are just adding it to a frozen smoothie or another recipe where this is not a concern, go ahead with the freezing!

Use an ice tray: An easy way to freeze your coconut water is to utilize a regular ice cube tray. Just pour your coconut water into the tray, freeze, and enjoy!

Use a Ziploc Bag: If you are freezing a larger amount of coconut water, you can use a large Ziploc bag to freeze it. The bags should not be thicker than two inches at the most for consistent freezing.

Watch for expansion: Coconut water will natural expand during the freezing process. Leave room in your container of choice to avoid any issues. Coconut water will also take longer than regular water to freeze, so give it a little extra time to reach fully frozen status.

Use a specialty tray: If you are making a fun drink or want your frozen coconut water in some kind of special shape, you can use a specialty ice tray. You can create spheres, rods, or any other shape you desire!

How to Thaw Coconut Water?

Thawing coconut water is the same as thawing regular pieces of ice. Your thawed coconut water will noticeably taste different, but if you just want the nutritional value of the coconut water, this does not matter.

Use the fridge: Coconut water will defrost safely over time in the fridge. Just put your coconut water ice in a bowl and leave it in a covered bowl in the fridge for best results!

Thaw with water: If you need your coconut water thawed as quickly as possible, put it in a sealed Ziploc bag. Place the bag in lukewarm water. Do not put it in hot water! This will thaw the ice quickly.

Coocnut water may take longer to thaw completely than normal water. The coconut water may not taste the same, but it will still be a perfect addition to many dishes and drinks!

Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Water’s Shelf Life

Can you just freeze a coconut?

You may be tempted to just chuck a coconut into the freezer instead of going through the process of draining the water and scraping the flesh out. However, this is not a good idea. Any kind of imperfection in the coconut like a crack or hole will compromise the entire coconut. Just drain the water and freeze it. If you want to preserve the flesh of the coconut, cut it into manageable pieces that fit into a sealed Ziploc or Tupperware before putting it in the freezer.

What if you drink expired coconut water?

Coconut water from the store will come with a “best by” date on the label. This label usually does not indicate how long the water will still be safe to drink; it is just the period of time that the coconut water will be at absolute peak freshness. Coconut water will still be good for roughly six months from this date. However, if you consume coconut water that has spoiled, you may notice symptoms of food poisoning. If you are experiencing a health issue, consult a doctor or emergency room.

Wrap Up

Coconut water is delicious and easy to store. Keeping it in the package is your best bet for being able to enjoy your coconut water months after purchase. Always make sure that you refrigerate or freeze any leftover coconut water to keep it from going bad!


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