Do Strawberries Go Bad? How Long Do Strawberries Last?

Strawberries are a delight to spice up any dessert or fruit salad. Their natural sweetness makes them a great stand-alone snack or can be added to your favorite treat. Strawberries don’t have a long shelf life and can spoil quickly if not stored properly. You may be wondering how long your fresh batch of strawberries is going to last in your pantry. Read on to find out more.

Quick Answer

A container of strawberries does not have a long shelf life and should not be eaten after its expiration date.  Strawberries will last only 5 days if stored in a pantry. Strawberries will last a full seven days in the fridge. Freezer storage will allow the strawberries to remain edible for up to 6 months.


How long your strawberries last depends on your storage techniques. We will discuss the proper ways to store your strawberries.

Do Strawberries go bad? How Long do Strawberries Last?

Strawberries do not last a long time (merely a day if stored at room temperature). The life of the strawberries can be prolonged if stored properly. Here’s how to tell if your strawberries have more time on the shelf or if they are ready to be thrown out.

How Long do Strawberries Last Outside?

Strawberries do not last long if they are not immediately refrigerated. Storing your strawberries outside for a short time is fine, however long periods of outdoor storage are not recommended. Here are a few tips on outdoor storage.

Storing strawberries in direct sunlight is not good for the berries because the sunlight will cause the berries to wilt and spoil faster. When storing strawberries outside store in a shady location such as under a tree. Also, remember to allow the strawberries to breathe. Placing the berries in a container with holes helps to keep moisture out and retain freshness longer.

Remember that heat is bad for strawberries so do not store the fruit outside on a hot day. Heat causes the strawberries to wither and mold faster than if stored in a cool location. On a hot day make sure strawberries are kept on ice or in the fridge.

Also do not store strawberries outside if it is raining. Moisture causes the berries to spoil faster. Keep strawberries in a dry location to preserve their freshness.

How Long do Strawberries Last in the Fridge.

Refrigerating strawberries is a great way to keep them fresh longer. Refrigerators offer a cool dry location that helps to contain the quality of the strawberries longer than if kept at room temperature. Here’s some information on the refrigeration storage of strawberries.

When storing the strawberries in the refrigerator, remember to place them in a container that allows for the passage of air. The original packaging the strawberries came in will suffice. If you decided to store the strawberries in a container other than their original packaging, chose a container that has a vent for airflow.

Remember to date the packaging before you place it in the fridge. Usually, strawberries do not come with an expiration date. If that is so, write the refrigeration date on the container and do not keep strawberries longer than one week in the fridge.

Watch for signs of mold and spoilage, such as dark color or spots on the strawberry.  Discoloration on the strawberry is a sign your berry is not safe to eat.

How Long do Strawberries Last in the Freezer?

Strawberries perform well when frozen and can last for months in the freezer if stored properly. Follow these suggestions when keeping your strawberries in the freezer.

To avoid freezer burn, store strawberries in a zip lock freezer bag. Placing your strawberries in a freezer bag will prevent air from getting to your strawberries. Air will cause your strawberries to develop freezer burn.

Remember to place a date frozen on the freezer bag. Strawberries can last up to six months if frozen. To make sure you do not keep your strawberries in the freezer longer than the recommended time, date the freezer bag.

In addition to placing strawberries in a freezer bag, use an airtight container. After you have placed the strawberries in a freezer bag with a date, put them in an airtight container or Tupper Ware. This is will keep ice and moisture out while your berries are kept in the freezer.

How to Tell if Your Strawberries has Gone bad?/ How to Know if  Strawberries is Fresh?

There are several ways to tell if your strawberries are safe to eat. A simple visual check is usually all it takes. Here’s how to tell if your strawberries are safe for consumption.

Appearance:  The appearance of your strawberry is a strong indicator of whether it has gone bad or not. Strawberries should appear bright red and be free from blemishes. If your strawberries are burgundy in color, that is a strong sign they are not safe for consumption.

Taste:  It is easy to tell if your berries are safe to eat based on the taste. Strawberries have a sweet flavor and should never be tart or bitter. Sour strawberries are a sure sign they are not safe to use.

Smell:  Strawberries should never have a foul smell. If your strawberries have strong rancid odor chances are they have spoiled. Do not eat if your strawberries smell bad.

Mold:  Mold is dangerous and should never be consumed. If your strawberries have spots on them they should be discarded immediately. Mold is harmful if consumed and can cause you to fall ill. Do not eat moldy strawberries.

Firmness:  It is easy to tell if strawberries are fresh and ripe by the texture of the berry. Strawberries should be semi-firm and not soggy. Mushy strawberries are a sign the berries are over-ripe.

Pests:  Strawberries that are contaminated with pests should not be consumed. Eating fruit that has been visited by bugs is not good for your health. Insects leave behind droppings and eggs that are harmful if digested.

How to Store Strawberries?

If stored properly strawberries can be kept fresh for some time. However, if not properly stored strawberries will go bad within a day or two.  Here are some tips to store your strawberries.

Do not store in extreme heat or direct sunlight:  Heat and direct sunlight are bad for strawberries because they cause the berries to wilt and rot fast. When storing your strawberries keep in a cool location such as the fridge. Strawberries kept at room temperature must be consumed quickly.

Avoid moisture:  A dry location is best for keeping your strawberries fresh. Moisture will cause the strawberry to ferment and grow mold. Do not store strawberries in a location prone to moisture, such as a basement. Instead, opt for a dry spot such as the fridge or countertop.

Air:  Remember strawberries need air to help them stay fresh. Store strawberries in a well-ventilated container to help them last longer.

Can you Freeze Strawberries?

Strawberries can be frozen and last the longest in the freezer. Freezing strawberries is not complicated and can be done quickly.  Take this advice when freezing your berries.

Use a freezer bag:  Freezer bags are great for keeping moisture and air from ruining food. Storing your strawberries in a freezer bag will help prevent ice and freezer burn from damaging your fruit. Using a freezer bag will also prevent the fruit from absorbing the flavor and smells of other foods in the freezer. Remember to remove excess air from the freezer bag before storing it. Do this by pressing out the excess air before sealing the bag.

Use wax paper:  To avoid your strawberries getting stuck on the side of the freezer bag, use wax paper to line the freezer bag before filling it with the strawberries. This makes removing the berries from the bag simple. Place a piece of wax paper in the freezer bag before placing the strawberries in the bag.

Date the freezer bag:  Dating the freezer bag helps to prevent the strawberries from staying in the freezer too long. Frozen strawberries can last up to six months before going bag.

How to Thaw Strawberries?

Strawberries and be thawed and consumed safely. The best way to thaw strawberries is at room temperature, but there are other ways as well. Here are a few ways to that strawberries.

Room temperature is the best way to thaw strawberries although it takes the longest. After the berries have been removed from the freezer place them on a plate or another dry container and sit them on the counter. Strawberries should be thawed after about five hours. If berries are still frozen, continue to thaw at room temperature until ready for use.

A faster way to thaw berries is to place the berries in a bowl of warm water. Make sure the berries are still in their protective packaging as the water can cause the berries to spoil. Keep berries in the warm water for about two hours or until thawed. Be careful not to get the berries wet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strawberries Shelf Life

What to do if there are spots on my strawberries?

Spots on the strawberries are a sign that the berries are rotten or moldy. Ripe berries should be free from any spots or bruises. Strawberries should not be eaten even if only one berry in the container shows signs of mold. Mold is harmful if consumed and should never be eaten.

Can I eat mush strawberries?

Strawberries that are ripe and fresh are firm to the touch and never mushy. If your strawberries are soggy or mushy that is a sign that they have spoiled. Also, strawberries should not leak juice. If your strawberries are mushy, do not eat them. That is a sign they have gone bad.

Wrap Up

The natural sugar in strawberries makes them a great go-to treat. If you love strawberries and have any tips or advice you want to share about this natural sweetener leave a comment below.

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