17 Easy Breakfast Recipes

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Have you ever woken up and not known what you will eat for breakfast? No problem! Here are 17 delicious recipes that are easy and customizable.

Make them over the weekend or the night before. Or throw them together quickly before you start your day. These meals are good for solo dining, but they are also easily adaptable for family meals or even brunch with friends.

Whether you are on the go or sitting down for a relaxing breakfast you can find the right meal for you.


17 Easy Breakfast Recipes

Here are 17 delicious and easy breakfast ideas. Whether you are a fan of the one bowl meal, eggs, or bread, there is something here for everyone.

1. Egg Bites

If you are looking for a quick make ahead breakfast look no further. Egg bites are quick, easy and you can make a whole bunch on Saturday or Sunday and have them all week.

These easy and healthy breakfast items are versatile. Try Spinach and Feta Egg bites or Bacon and Cheddar Egg Bites. Go south of the border with Chorizo Egg Bites.

Vegetarian Egg Bites

2. Breakfast Tacos

If you love Mexican food, or even if you just like it, Breakfast Tacos are simple and easy. If you want to save time, make the rice and beans ahead of time and keep them in the fridge. That way, all you have to do the day of, is make the eggs. *Rice and beans are optional but recommended. *

Breakfast Tacos are packed full of protein and have been a healthy staple of Mexican cuisine (as well as in many other Central and South American Countries).

Easy Breakfast Tacos

3. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are an easy, versatile, and classic breakfast food. Keep it simple or add vegetables and cheese. Add some toast with either sausage or bacon to complete the dish.

To save time, pre-chop any vegetables the night before. Eat your scrambled eggs beside your toast, on your toast or with tortillas.

Simple Scrambled Eggs

4. Toast

Toast is about as versatile as you can go. You can put anything on toast. Have it plain and simple with butter. Slather it with peanut butter and jelly. Smear cream cheese and add capers and smoked salmon.

Squash up some avocado on top for Avocado Toast. If it is berry season grab some fresh berries and slice or squish them on to your toast. Like avocado, banana makes a great topping for toast. Stick slices of banana on with nut butter or squish them on like avocado.

Avocado Toast

5. Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are quick, easy, and delicious. You can toast your bread or leave it untoasted. Use sandwich bread, a bagel, or an English muffin. You can put just about anything inside.

How about a good old fashioned PB & J (peanut Butter and Jelly). Try a BASE (Bacon, Avocado, Scrambled Eggs). Or How about a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato).

Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich

6. Frittata

Frittatas are another easy, make-ahead breakfast egg dish. You can put just about anything in a frittata. If you like some variety in your weekly breakfasts make two different kinds.

Try a Greek Frittata with kalamata olives, spinach, feta, and red onion. Or a Nacho Frittata with chorizo, Pico de Gallo, queso fresco, and tortilla chips.

Roasted Sweet Potato and kale Frittata

7. Breakfast Casserole

A Breakfast Casserole is an easy, make-ahead meal for families. It is easy to customize a Breakfast casserole and substitute the ingredients that you enjoy.

Try a sweet and delicious French Toast Casserole. Looking for something savory? Try Breakfast in One (bacon or sausage with eggs and biscuits, vegetables and cheese are optional and delicious additions).

Breakfast Casserole

8. Chilaquiles Casserole

If you love Mexican food, I recommend this Mexican-inspired breakfast casserole. Mix it up with your favorite Mexican meats, salsas, cheeses, and more! Top it with avocado slices, guacamole, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, and whatever else you like.

Try the Chilaquiles Casserole with Chorizo, machaca style or Primavera Style (Vegetarian). You can make it as spicy or as mild as you want. The best part is you can prepare all the ingredients the night before and make it the morning of or make it all the night before and just reheat the next morning.

Vegetarian Chilaquiles Casserole

9. Salsa poached eggs

This is the simplest of egg dishes. It goes best on a bed of rice or rice & beans. Pair it with a delicious cheesy quesadilla. Poaching an egg in salsa is quick, it only takes a few minutes, and you are ready.

To save time make the beans and rice ahead of time. If you have time, consider adding some nice fajita vegetables or a sliced avocado to go with this delicious dish.

Salsa Poached Eggs and Cheesy Grits

10. Breakfast Tostada

Looking for a little crunch in your brunch? Try a Breakfast Tostada or Breakfast Nachos. All you need are tostada shells or tortilla chips, cheese, eggs, chorizo or bacon, Pico de Gallo, and any other toppings you like.

Need to make enough for the whole family? Bake the nachos on a cookie sheet! You can fry the eggs and put them on right at the end or scramble them and cook them with the cheese and tortilla chips.

Breakfast Tostada

11. Corn Pudding

Corn pudding is simple and easy. Bake it in the oven and get a nice crispy outside. You can eat it plain or with any toppings you choose. This dish is actually more of a casserole than a pudding.

Want to spice it up? Add shop diced green chiles mild, medium, or spicy. Or add some Pico de Gallo and mix it in.

Vegan Corn Pudding

12. Sweet Potato and Turkey Hash

This delicious breakfast dish is quick, easy, and can be made with leftovers from Thanksgiving! It tastes especially good if made with either home-roasted turkey or Dickey’s smoked Turkey.

There are all sorts of toppings that go with this meal. If you want Huevos Rancheros just add salsa on top when you put it on the plate. Or add Hollandaise sauce if that is your favorite sauce.

Sweet Potato & Turkey Hash

13. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is easy, delicious, and customizable. If you are in a hurry, quick cooking oats are the best option. If you are a planner, consider overnight oatmeal. If you have the time, try steel-cut oatmeal or Scottish Oat Porridge.

Top your oatmeal with a dash of brown sugar or a splash of maple syrup. If you like dried fruit, toss in some of your favorites. Fans of nuts go ahead and add those nuts. Want a quick, tasty, and crunchy topping? Keep some granola on hand.

Easy Oatmeal

14. Yogurt with Granola

A simple, yet delicious, breakfast option. This breakfast requires no cooking at all. It is easy to grab and go. If you are looking for high protein, go with a Greek yogurt and pair it with a Granola that has nuts.

Additional toppings can include fresh fruit or dried fruit. If you are using unsweetened yogurt and what to sweeten it a little add the fruit first and only add sugar once you have the fruit in. This way you will not over sweeten the yogurt.

Yogurt and Granola Bowl

15. Baked French Toast

This simple recipe can be made ahead or popped in the oven the morning of your breakfast. Customize it by adding your favorite seasonings. Such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin pie spice, or any other flavor you like with toast.

On the go? Cut yourself a slice, cover it, and put it in the fridge. Do you have time to sit down? Top your French Toast Casserole with syrup, butter, nut butter, jam, whip cream, or fruit.

French Toast Casserole

16. Rice Porridge (Rice Breakfast Pudding)

Rice Porridge or Rice pudding is a simple, delicious, make-ahead dish. You can make as much or as little as you want. You can eat it hot or cold.

Try Horchata Rice Pudding. Or top your rice pudding with slices of fresh fruit. Add your favorite “sweet” spices or add some chopped nuts and dried fruit.

Coconut Rice Pudding

Classic Rice Pudding

17. Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are a classic Brazilian breakfast meal. Healthy and delicious they make a great quick meal option. You can make your acai bowl the night before or the morning you plan to eat it. Acai bowls are also easily customizable.

Top your acai with fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, seeds, chia, toasted or raw coconut, milk (or nut milk), granola, or chocolate.

Acai Bowl

Wrap Up

Enjoy these 17 delicious and easy Breakfast recipes. Have some fun and customize them to your preferred tastes. Try something new. Explore all the wonderful options and recipes available out there.

Whether you like to plan ahead or grab something last minute, these recipes have something for everyone. Happy cooking and Happy eating!

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